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Apple scrubs old Leopards of Flashback Trojan infections

Nell Hansen

Lion was updated last week

Currently running 10.7.4. Or was the article referring to a future update, 10.7.5 maybe? 10.8?

Prosecutor calls poker site 'global Ponzi scheme'

Nell Hansen

... and of course in Washington ...

some Republican fool is screaming that there needs to be LESS regulation in the online-gaming business.

Security watchers question supposed Facebook hack

Nell Hansen
Black Helicopters


You don't announce an attack on a target ahead of time, unless it's to distract to the real target of the attack.

...or maybe you do announce it to bluff the real target into thinking that someone else is the real target, because no one is crazy enough to announce an attack THAT far ahead.

... or maybe it's just someone inside of Facebook stirring up publicity. Anyone up for a good old-fashioned false-flag op?

Facial recognition tech proves Randi AND Mark are the same Zuck

Nell Hansen

The author's name ...

... should have been a dead-giveaway.

Swede cuffed for cooking nuclear reactor on kitchen stovetop

Nell Hansen

Open-source reactoring?

Americium 241, the isotope found in smoke-detectors, is NOT FISSIBLE. In other words, you can't make a bomb or a reactor of it.

The 242m isomer is theoretically fissible, but so difficult that no working reactor uses it as fuel.

They do have search engines in Sweden, right?

Hackers dump secret info for thousands of cops

Nell Hansen

Which is the Greater threat?

If this information is available for the scriptsters to find that easily, doesn't this show that even vaguely-organized criminal enterprises also had access to this information?

If anyone is going to put a "bullet through the head" of the scriptsters, it's more likely the organized criminals that regularly trawlled the database for information who are now going to have find a new way to get the data they want. Signing people's death warrants because you can't be bothered to secure a database is not justification to execute those who showed these sheriff/emperors had no clothes, unless you are also associated with the organized criminals who are now going to have to work harder.

The arrogance of the police to believe they don't need to encrypt their own data is a greater threat to society than the whisle-blowers. And if politicians are going to successfully alter the law to make anonymity on the Net impossible, they're going to have to start being a lot smarter than they clearly and repeatedly shown themselves to be in the past.

Sherlock sarcastically because it shouldn't take a genius to figure this out.


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