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Expect the Note 8 to break the bank (and your wallet)


Note 4

Sorry, but at that price point, it's just starting to get a little too rich for my blood.

I've got the Note 4, and it's a good phone. Does everything I need it to, and it's damn quick about doing them as well.

From the basic info that I have, I can't see anything in there that is the "must-have" feature that I'm currently missing in my life.

So unless it can drive me to work and let me kip in the back seat, or predict the lottery numbers, I think it's time to enjoy a nice big glass of stick with what I've got.

IRS boss on XP migration: 'Classic fix the airplane while you're flying it attempt'


Good on CR.

I hope she can help make Dropbox bigger and better.

I use it, and am glad she's on-board. The guys obviously thought she can bring good things to the table. Hopefully she'll do so.

Whatever she got up to in the past, I couldn't care less. I use the product, like how it works, and hope it gets better.

UK economy to lose £198m if BBC and pals lose EPG slots - Ministry of Fun


Why can't I alter the lineup of channels myself?

That way I can have all my channels in the order that I want them in, and not dictated to me by the provider.

HD Stuff first, Sport next, Porn after. Done. Shopping and foreign shit can stay up the arse end of the guide where I will never visit.

Who's a Siri boy, then? Apple hoards your voices for TWO years


What did you expect?

Apple, Google, Microsoft etc will do anything they can to hold onto any data you give them, and they'll have their excuses as to why they need that data, be it genuine or not. Haven't people learned by now that this is the norm these days. Quite frankly, if you're worried that someone's gonna find out about a boil on your bollock, then perhaps siri isn't the best thing to be asking about it.

Personally, I've already learnt that they will grab all sorts of data out of my phone unless I go very much out of my way to disable such things, but then that makes a few apps and functions not work.

So what if they know where I am, or what I've asked siri, or even what I've photographed. It's been known that they can do these things, and people need to wise up to this, and either accept it, or go back to your nokia 8210.

President Obama declares VICTORY over JUSTIN BIEBER


My thoughts about Beber or however you spell his name.....

Kill, Kill it with FIRE!!!!!

Police mistake reveals plan for Assange's Embassy capture

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I'd love to him to all of a sudden appear on ecuador television while everyone thinks he's inside the embassy still.

Slipped out, got on a jet and buggered off there right under their noses.

Flash Player to vanish from Android store on Wednesday




Savior of the universe.

Need we say more.

Skype launches in-call ads


Find that man

Find him. The man that went into the boardroom and said "hey, I've got a great idea of what we can do with Skype"

I want to hurt him.

Apple Store staff outnumber queues as new iPad goes on sale


It's just another tablet, just like their phone is just another phone.

Will there be the same media coverage of stores when the Samsung S3 goes on sale?

Somehow, I think not.

Go back to the future with Red Dwarf


What made this series so brilliant in the first place was it's cheapness, and the quality of the writing to make it what it was.

Then they decided to go all widescreen and super special effects and stuff it so full of bells and whistles, that it just wasn't funny. They tried too desperately hard on gags that just didn't fit, it was almost embarrasing to watch.

Given the fact that it's gone back to a studio audience at least gives it some form of dignity again. I hope they go back to the good old ways of cheapness because at least with that, it worked.

Save your big bucks for the movies. This thing was made out of old hoover parts and egg boxes, and that's how I loved it.

Music biz presses BT to block The Pirate Bay


let em have their way and block all what they want.

In these times of instant messaging, it'll be blocked on friday, and the ways to get around it will be available to the masses by the following monday. It's a futile attempt, but whatever makes them happy I suppose.

If there's something I want, usually I'll grab a torrent to check it out. However, I regularly purchase albums from Itunes, and actually have a sense of satisfaction that I've purchased it. Torrent deleted. I always used to buy cds. But these take up way too much space these days, so buying a digital copy is no different. I just have a huge tv where the cds used to be.

Norton blocks Facebook as 'phishing site'


I wonder how many users complained that the "internet isn't working" just because facebook wasn't available.

More than you might think in all honesty.

Microsoft whips Apple with global Xbox TV deals

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Well, if Iplayer is finally coming to xbox, then I for one will be one happy customer.

On the Wii, the quality is awful. I'd certainly be interested to know if they plan on using the HD streaming that you currently get with the pc version.

I couldn't give two hoots about weather it's for gold or silver members or not. I'm a gold subscriber, and plan on doing so for the lifetime that I use my xbox, so any news of BBC coming to xbox is welcomed by me.

Murdoch muscles BBC out of Formula One driving seat


Watch it on the internet

There's no way I'm paying for this. It's simply outrageous. Did they not think there would be a huge public backlash about this?

I'm not forking out the money for sky sports, it's a ripoff anyway as i don't watch half of it.

I, like many others, will be using the wonderful world of the internet and streaming sites to watch it online for free, like it's always been, and sticking two fingers up to murdoch and bernie.

Yes, it's cheating, but i'm pretty sure my license fee increased last time i checked. It's not my fault if aunty wants to spend all their cash on other ventures that no-one's interested in. F1 is a major draw for viewers, but they'd rather save money.

Hey guess what, so do I. License cancelled.


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