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Single? Thrill-seeking? Love selling? I've got a top job just for YOU

Mick 2

My ideal job

I have worked for some time at a reseller, and thoroughly enjoyed my time looking after my target market. Key notes are that People buy from People!! If you remember that and don't sell like your just fresh from phones4me you will have a ball of a time.

Word of caution, HR in these places typically are from the lower levels of hell that they share with independent financial analysts. I got a verbal warning for joking with a customer what I actually do at the company. All I said was "I sell useless stuff to stupid people, yourself excepted of course" Amazing what constitutes a verbal warning at some of these places.

Now I am in the lucky role where I get CVs from HR bods so I pull them in just for fun when I am having a rubbish day :) Don't they half spout some stuff that makes the roses grow!

Have fun with your new roles, but remember people buy from people and people like to buy, but hate being sold to and if you can master that, you have a gold plated career ahead!

Mmm, what's that smell: Coffee or sweat? How to avoid a crap IT job

Mick 2

HR Dept. I diagree but offer the more insightful definition of the Dept. functions

Human Resources is a misnomer

A Resource in business language parlance is an another word for an "Asset".

Assets appear on the Balance sheet, things like Goodwill, buildings, etc.

However here comes the big but....

My salary as a wage slave::

My salary appears on the Profit and Loss account.

Its under the category of "Cost of Sales" which is not a resource or Asset!

Therefore I conculde that HR are in fact there to manage to keep my salary as low as possible while generating sales for the company whch increases their cash flow inwards.

Therefore the term "Human Resources" is a bare faced lie and why I have refused to engage once employed in any meaningful conversation with them once employed.

Human Resource people are the most scariest people you can meet outside of the workplace as they are about as personable and friendly as a neon sign outside a place where ladies of the night ply their trade to incoming punters.

TERROR in SEATTLE: Gang of violent LEPRECHAUNS on the loose

Mick 2

And If i feckin hear "Southern Ireland"...............

or that the dopey yanks think that we all go round saying "top o' the mornin to yeah" or some such horsemuck....

OR the clowns who think stonehenge is in Ireland, and that Ireland is still part of the UK...

OR the morons who think that Ulster IS Northern Ireland.....

AND that its LondonDerry not Derry City....

I am going to start funding ET, Al Queda, The Pope, Ian Paisley, whoever it takes to wipe a whole continent clean and start with a cleaner genetic profile.

And having spend a time in Southern Ca. "working/remunerted for my employment" you would be surprised at the stupid things people believe there, or to Quote the Edge from U2 "You know your strange when you stop finding L.A. strange"

Well here's to the People's Republic of Cork!!


It's official: IE users are dumb as a bag of hammers

Mick 2

And related to this is this news article, have to laugh though!




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