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Soon-to-be Facebook intern wins UK Cyber Security Challenge

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That's my normal concentration look ;) .... and so yes that is me.

Getting it right on the second attempt: Sony Xperia Z1

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Re: Never buying SONY again

Yes, fair point. In my defense it WAS a Monday! ;)

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Never buying SONY again

I will never buy another SONY product for one reason. The customer service is appauling. I have an Xperia Z, and I use the term 'have' loosely, as it is STILL being repaired by a company called SBE LTD who SONY use as their repair provider. It has been with SBE for 5 MONTHS! I first had a two month battle with SONY to admit the screen/battery on the Xperia Z was faulty as it cracked on its own (the phone was sat on my desk as the screen cracked) This has been well documented online (just google it!). So after a two month battle trying to get them to admit they were at fault it's now been another 3 months that apparently they have been waiting for parts that aren't available in the UK. For this reason I will never purchase another phone from SONY. It's just not been worth the hassle.

UK punters happy to pay £3 to top up e-wallets

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And if you would be so kind as to vote this up and share it so we have a larger percentage of survey takers I would be most grateful.

Google plan to kill Javascript with Dart, fight off Apple

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Stop over inflating the BS and read the E-Mail

'Developers using Dash tooling will be able to use a cross-compiler to target Javascript for browsers that do not support Dash natively.' - Taken from email.

Google are not trying to kill off javascript they are merely creating a language that suits their needs. What's the big issue? Use it, or don't use it ... it's your choice, all it will mean is a bit of learning, but hey 'Welcome to the world of software development!' It's what we do, it's what we excel at, it's why we get paid.

Hey dumbo, Facebook isn't sharing telephone numbers

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They have been harvesting for at least 2 years

About two years ago I had a blackberry that I let sync with facebook, this was under the understanding that it would only PULL contact info from my FB account and link it to contact numbers I already had in my phone. It was never made clear at the time that it would also rip all of the other contact details I had on my phone and store them on FB servers. I changed phones and carriers 2 years ago when I left working in Belgium, however, numbers that were stored on my blackberry are in the list. This means that FB was harvesting the data from my phone way back then.

I have no problem with syncing what facebook already knows about me and what my friends have agreed to share and tie them up to numbers I may have already had in my phone. This after all was all I perceived the function of the FB sync. At no time have I given permission to FB to scan and store all contact details from other people I had on my phone.

This is a blatant devious tactic employed by FB to misdirect and misinform people over personal information. Something which seems to be becoming increasingly more prevalent by them.

I am just grateful Google Plus has come to the table as people might now start switching over to a company with a little more openness about its operations.


Spotify smacked with patent suits in US and Netherlands

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... get real

Surely this means ANY streaming media sites are liable to a lawsuit, iTunes next? Pandora? Get freaking real, this patent should never have been granted as its way too broad. Companies need to stop suing each other and wasting the courts time.

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... technically speaking ...

A module could be software based.


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