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Apple adds 'S' to iPhone 3G

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Well done! LMAO Now all we need is it said 14,998 times more and it will qualify as a real English word. It has a lot more meaning than most of the slightly less than 1 million words that currently qualify.

And a round of applause for AC!


Cisco profits drop, spirits rise


War chest?

33 billion from ripping off customers for years. Wow, who do they think they are? Oracle?

Now who is going to buy into the Cisco tax when Oracle and Microsoft is already there?

Rather give it to HP and Juniper! At least their stuff works with everyone else but Cisco, which is much more important than Cisco is any day!

The only way Cisco can take a dollar of my budget is if they muscle SUN from Oracle!

I'm laughing as my parent CO slowly rips a 50K seat network out of Cisco's death grip!

IBM-Sun deal breaking down, report says



Let SUN die properly and not at the hands of the blue axe murder

Nuff said...

Happy SUN customer can now go to bed to dream of Apple coming to the rescue

Massive Sun cuts planned as IBM focuses on software trio


oh god

Would IBM and Sun please wake up! The only real winner in the OS game will be Red Hat. The reason why shops don't run AIX is because it IS IBM. If the merger/buyout/assimilation does come to fruition many Solaris shops, like mine, will be running Red Hat on Proliant when our HW warranties expire. I guess patching will be easier verses Solaris 10 these days. At least i have something to look forward to..

Now what are we going to do with all our StorageTek gear? What a waste :(

Profs design AK47-locating 'smart dust' helmets

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Does anyone see the problem?

A sniper on a hill with a "Yagi" or parabolic for wide areas can pick up a platoon from miles away as their helmets chatter. Now its possible for the sniper to zero in on them off without line site! Better yet, i would set my perimeter up with these or on a mobile platform ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5YftEAbmMQ

Got to love the South Koreans!

Sun banks future on multicore virtualization



Talk talk talk...

Shut the F!@# up and .....

Do do do for once.

System management and Sun in the same sentence is like Microsoft and security!

DellHPSunIBM unmoved by Cisco blades


True That!

"Cisco may be on its way to discovering that it’s not only foolhardy to undermine the strengths of HP and IBM but very dangerous to take customers for granted and try and lock them into a high-cost, proprietary solution. IBM and HP have great relationships; offer open, low cost solutions; and have decades of experience delivering such solutions. It won't take customers very long to see through the 'Cisco's way or the highway' tactics."

Yup! that's why Cisco will never be back in our enterprise again. CCNE and CCNA cults don't typically influence server teams so thankfully it is going to be a steep uphill battle for them. Any CIO/VPIT worth their title know their budgets and how, if allowed, much Cisco will consume if IT departments drink the green cool-aid.

I don't have my coat but the Cisco rep will be grabbing theirs as we send them packing!

MS security chief becomes DHS cybersecurity boss

Paris Hilton

Tis Firday the 13th!

"Chief Trustworthy Infrastructure Strategist at Microsoft"

Trustworthy, strategy and Microsoft in the same sentence!

Microsoft security?

Someone from MS appointed cybersecurity boss for the whole country?

This should be reran on April 1st!

Paris, cos i'm just as clueless by this as she is!

Sun loses Apache and Spring vote on latest Enterprise Java


Poor Apache, there there

Do you feel better? Good!

Now stop F!@%'in whining! I agree with Sun, why do we need another JVM distributed by some other body? Just because the big G likes something about it doesn't mean the whole world needs another. Everybody knows building something with SUN JAVA doesn't mean that it will automatically run 100% on someone else's including yours. Hell, just moving an app from NIX to Windows to NUX is not guaranteed with all using the same version of the JVM directly from Sun.

Ditch Harmony and work closer with the rest of the group. If you didn't try to fragment the JVM world Sun would be more approachable.

Your stupidity and lack of vision of the big picture only helps Microsoft. Remember, the only other enterprise stack and platform? Fragmentation is what the OSS world needs more. If the OSS world was more focused on standardizing it would be much easier to reach deeper into the enterprise; yes right down to the desktop too! There is a fine line between innovation and standardization and we need both! Innovate to your hearts content but do it on a standard platform regardless of who distributes, steers and contributes to it.

SO ASF get your head out of your ass and drop Harmony and get back to the table with everyone else. On another note, stop biting the hand that feeds, morons!

Ballmer to go Kumo on Microsoft's Live Search?

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What is Kumo short for?

Kumon Microsoft i still can't find what i was searching for!!!

Why don't they fix it first and then rebrand? Ahh, who am i taking about? Rebranding without fixing IS the MS strategy. I love searching for things at MS's corporate site. Don't like the result? Run the same search from a different page until you do.

Just give up for Christ sakes and leave it to Yahoo and Google. They at least know what they are doing.

Check Point buys Nokia security appliance business

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Sad days ahead

Wow, what have we to look forward to? Yup more bad service and support from CP! Oops i mean overpriced bad support. :( The reason why we stuck with CP the last decade is because Nokia gave better support for CP than CP does. Now we will have to learn Hebrew so we can translate their pathetic documentation. That's why we paid Nokia so we didn't have to. Tis sad sad days ahead. Now i suppose they are going to kill off IPSO and run everything on SPLAT. That really sucks! Anyone who has used both can testify that IPSO is so much more mature and manageable platform. I guess when our FWs come up for replacement we will just exit completely from CP and continue down the road with Juniper. Nice platform, less performance for the price, cheaper licensing to off set lose in performance but way more features and the most important thing....... Great support and better documentation!!!!!

Now if NSM was as easy and strait forward to use as Smart Center then we would be laughing.

At least we don't have to pay extra for clustering and reporting!!! :)

Apologies after teacher's 'Linux holding back kids' claim


Puff Puff Pass

LOL "I along with many others tried Linux during college" Along with slow leaf and sodomy.

Maybe Clinton should of said that instead...

IBM, HP annoy server buyers less than Dell, Sun

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I would like to know

Who the survey surveyed? A CIO and most directors couldn't comment with any accuracy of what the iron is or how well it actually does. On another note. HP and IBM target these Einsteins of IT hard. Why? Purse strings. Sun does a bit and DELL? When was the last time anyone seen a Dell rep cold call? This report is very interesting for anyone who reads between the lines. HP and IBM FUD machines power of influence. I love the crap i hear from our HP rep how Sun is dead and Dell is crap. If you keep saying it people will start to believing it to be true.

Regulators back Bell Canada choking indie ISP traffic

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It sucks to be Canadian,

Dave is right! If i buy a circuit from an ISP to connect my network to another than i should be able to max it out with whatever i want to my heart's content! Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that the smaller ISPs are just resellers of Bell services. Out here we have another ugly monopoly called Telus and they have a few DSL wholesale clients, like the one i'm using. Since my ISP resells for Telus there maybe nothing that we end L-Users can do. If the agreement is written that they resell and not provide access to my ISP's NOC and then to the internet then we all are screwed. Now that i think about it, Bell and whoever can still get away with traffic shaping as well as any other Telco/ISP that our internet traffic flows threw.

I wish Google would have won the bidding war in the states for the open frequencies. It may have started a cascade of users and services rushing to wwW (wild wild West) of free and open communications.

As soon as someone invents a sub-space communicator the telecoms will finally die and be forgotten.

'Jaguar' Cray hypercomputer beats 1.3 petaflops


Hay Mat

How did the Cray super computer turn into a Sun bashing opportunity? Well despite the power it has it will never equal the awesomeness of the opens source ponytail!

Sun doused with red ink in Q1


Bring back McNeely!

At least he could make you laugh as you cry while watching the demise of one of the greatest IT companies in history.

A company with so much potential being flushed down the toilet by a pony tailed moron. My hope is that someone like Apple buys Sun and with Steve at the helm the sun will shine again. My point? Your innovation, your product is only as good as your marketing. Look at MS they hardly innovate and if you use Vista as an example they don't have a product either; but they have an amazing marketing group!

If someone who would do good by Sun isn't found then Sun needs to get some one high end at the top. Ballmer or Hurd maybe Otellini na Palmisano; someone of that caliber. Heck Carly would do better than JS. Maybe Scott should go ask her, seriously Carly could be what Sun needs. The dorks and geeks that have ran the company for decades can't seem to make the next step so a true business executive is the answer. Funny, its been the answer for almost a decade now; but even the brilliant have problems seeing the solution if its right in front of them.

Microsoft unveils 'lightweight' Office for Web


one worm to ruin them all

When the next one hits; what color will their cloud be?

I've got some possible names. Hows rain, lightening and thunder. Given that they probably bolted on a web interface to the good/bloated old office code, i can just see this as the world's largest target.

I hope it hails in Redmond!

Windows 7 borrows from OS X, avoids Vista


Ohh Webster

Before you open your mouth google for windows problems. Everyone knows there are more and always will be more. Ooo you can come up with a few sites. How many can you come up with if you search for windows? How many tom dick and harrys out there have a PC speed and cleanup applications for registry fixes spyware, malware and IE browser hijacking? Why do windows users have these problems? Simple! Its a flawed platform that is filled with legacy bloat.

You sir obviously don't use anything other than windows so YOU have no basis or legs to stand on. Microsoft can and should learn from others if (i mean have) they lost the ability to produce an operating system that just works. That would include Apple, moron.

POWER TO THE BEACHBALL!!!! At least us Mac users have something animated to watch instead of the BSOD!!

Sun, Fujitsu launches entry quad-core Sparc box


Hay Mat

"Sun's smarter decisions as Niagara just doesn't cut the mustard"

You are a funny guy. Heres one for ya, T5220 running Oracle 11g, mostly OLTP with 200 concurrent internal users and > 100 concurrent external business clients and 2000+ per day end user clients.

1 $30K server with no complaints. It works for us and is about 1/3 the price as a replacement 490 last year; which would have been the natural upgrade to replacing a 480 but EOS'ed and not worth the investment. We did early this year look at the m4000 but we don't have the $$$ to suck up both $80K for the server and another $80k for additional Oracle database ransom.

For our purpose and budget it works fine; better than we expected, really. Don't get me wrong in a perfect world with a perfect budget this sysadmin would jump at the chance at running a Power6 monster but its not and we definitely don't have the budget.

Another note: T2 + JAVA + NIX or NUX = smokin!! Wintel can't even get into the game at the same price!! Yes, the NUX is UBUNTU, but dude still its not windows unless you run with Webster Phreaky. Na, you seem to know what you are talking about.


Apple takes wraps off rumour-matching MacBook Pros

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Yes it seems a bit flacid

Webster in his warped way may have a point "expect BUGS, FLAWS and PREMATURE DEATH". Na, most people who have a Mac knows this is very rare more rare than the Ballmer infected majority. Maybe he's projecting his windows DELL/HP/MS reality on the rest of us. I also wonder if he wants one but he has to lash out because he is surrounded by closed minded windows users. He needs to show the norm that he is indeed a PC user by lashing out in public display; but deep inside he covets the Mac user sitting beside him waiting at the airport or coffee shop. So while his PC friends aren't looking, he slips off to Best Buy and stands 1 isle away from the Apple display lingering at a mouse that he isn't even interested in. Picks up the mouse package, holds it up and pretends to look at it at eye level but his focus is past the box in front of him, salivating over the shiny new Mac Book like a dog at a juicy steak.

Webby, can i call you Webby? Just get it over with and go an buy one! If you really don't want to run OS X then use boot camp and run Vista. Mac Books, on average, are better build than the Windows H/W competitors; deep down you know it to be true. It shows with all the stats you know about Apple products from other posts.

If you feel that this release/refresh was kind of a let down i will agree with you on that. I would have loved to see quad mobiles, 8 gigs of memory and more USB ports. A 2 button or sensor trackpad. A better cable for the Magsafe power (cable pulls away from the mag connector). maybe a right side power port?

I was thinking of giving my Pro to my mom and get a new one, but if this is what Apple calls a refresh, i will wait.

Microsoft's second Silverlight courts open-source coders

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No thanks MS

I was tempted to install it once but i woke up and really asked the hard question: Do i really want err need to go to that site? Nope, my life still goes on, Tivo'ed the highlights of the Olympics instead. I no longer use any MS products so MS GFYS i'm not putting that vulnerability on my system. Ohh, its not yet? Watch it will be......... DRM? have another GFYS and have an ESAD while you're at it.

Apple to 'ditch' Intel for Nvidia in standard MacBooks


@ Mick F

Quick Mike maybe you can still get in at Commie-Con or go visit Ballmer. I hear he broke his last sheep and is looking at the flock for a new one.

US consumers flock to Mac laptops

Paris Hilton

RE:They run Windows

"And Vista is no shit; the shit are those knuckleheads who can't figure out a sophisticated OS such as Vista; the simpleton OS X is better suited for them."

Simpleton OS X? You miss the the point. Complexity is the standard in any modern OS. Functionality to manage that complexity is what the interface is supposed to do. If you want to get into the guts of an OS try Linux. You will find a sophisticated OS as well but simplicity in it's design. MS has created a convoluted OS on an over engineered architecture with little thought to functionality. If you want to split hairs; MS was touting how much emphasis they put in to simplifying the user experience in Vista. So how did the windows explorer simplify that? All it is is a bad ripoff of finder and resembles the horrible early JAVA file browser more than an advancement. How did treating the user like a complete moron when trying to connect their system to a network and hide the important parts to configure it? XP network management was simple and strait forward. Vista? If you like it then i bet you like playing the Ballmer game. You know he's been doing it to the IT and business world for years.. You stand, lean over with you hands on your knees and spell R-U-N. More and more of the world is waking up and are tired of playing that game; that's why we see shifts in consumers purchasing choices or OS's. Its too bad that you haven't.

Maybe people are tired of "Working" on MS products and want something that is just fun and stable at home. I used to have to fix MS crap all day, now i work and play on systems that "Just work" That includes my MacBook Pro at home an Imac at work. Linux and UNIX are now my bread and butter so i can empathize with people who don't want to fight with their puter. It seems that quality and stability are becoming more prevalent to the consumer; that's why Vista fails and why MS is failing; all be it not as fast as some of us would like! :)

Paris because she may get the R-U-N joke but she doesn't care as long as you are.. :)

Sun puts Xeon, Sparc T2+ chips in Netra rack servers


Slowaris eh?

T2 only runs Slowaris.. Good! Who wants to run Redcrap and Novell/Suse err i mean M$/Suse on them anyway.

Now if someone can slam Apple we will have pissed off everybody :)

And the flames begin...

MS trains eye on supercomputing with HPC Server 2008

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"We believe that Windows HPC Server 2008 and IBM System x hardware will significantly expand the high-performance computing market,"

only to be shrunk back down by another hole in IE HPC version. How can we take them seriously when each node needs to run antivirus software and be rebooted once a month because of patch Tuesday?

Will Microsoft ever get the web?

Jobs Horns

Will Microsoft ever get the web?

yes they know it's a computing world domination vehicle. What else is there to get?

and on another note:

There were some snippets of Silverlight news, or perhaps clarifications. Guthrie said the plug-in is getting 1.5 million installations a day,

I wonder if MS cares that we can't hide it from windows update like this guy is complaining about?.


Only that crappy company would brag about that many downloads of another entrapment gimmick via one of their greatest weapons against consumer choice.

Stevie has 666 tattooed to the back of his head... Just wait till he goes completely bald and finally the anti-Christ will be revealed.

Sun faces up to the 64 thread question with T2+


Um Matt

"I'm sure T2+ is just great at what it does best, it's just that's not what 99% of business apps do (that's even if you can find the app that's been recompiled to run on Slowaris 10 on Niagara)"

Last time i looked there is more than 1% of the biz apps out there running JAVA. Since that's why Sun created the T line. I think they know their own software(java) and how to get more out of it.

As for other uses we use a 5220 with Oracle 10G dB for OLTP and it smokes the old E480 in most cases (long running reports being the exception). Given the cost of these servers and you use them wisely JAVA app/web and OLTP you will be very happy.

It seems that you have a strong grasp of the technology and the obvious but sound green on the hands on. Its nice being a critic that has never used the technology. Kinda like reviewing a movie without watching it.

Goo-Hoo! faces EU anti-trust probe

Jobs Horns

and letting M$ have yahoo does the world a favor too?

Really its just advertising, who cares? Why should we? If M$ gets it they will use their monopoly on the desktop to obliterate Google by making MicroHoo! integrate more and more into windows. Since the US isn't going to do anything to that convicted monopolist and if they were to buy Yahoo they would get away with it because they don't own the market. Unless some big non-US player steps up and does something we are all subjected to 1 disgustingly powerful company that controls everything we see and do on a computer or 2. 1 disgustingly powerful company that controls everything we see and do except internet advertising + 1 equally trustworthy internet advertising monster that gives the other the finger at every opportunity it gets.

I like option number 2, how about you?

Can CDP render backup redundant?

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Riddle me this Gary A

How much effort is Oracle to recover? Wouldn't the database at the DR site think the dB is in an inconsistent state if what is in memory is not the same as on disk? If you create a new index and pin it into memory how does the DR server know? You change a package and pin it as well again how does Oracle know?

Now, how much "Extra Disk" would it need? Redo and archive logs change quite quickly so one might think that "Extra Disk" would add up quite quickly.

I think it is a nice technology but when you are talking Oracle i would think Oracle does CDP better with either RAC or cheaper Data Guard. Both would keep the database consistent at the other location. You obviously would have the Oracle licenses for you DR site anyway so why disk level not transaction level? The extra gear would also be a consideration. 2 site 2 SANs 2 Oracle Server Lics by default. Now we need min 2 CDP Connectors 2 CDP Gateway appliances and more disk at both locations. How much extra cost and complexity are you adding? How much extra resources will you require? Cooling/Power/Staffing. Although, FalconStor has come out with an interesting solution for DR it's not the answer to everything. So dude please chill, us BCDR heathens probably get enough flack at our day-2-day low level IT jobs without being chastised for how stupid we are by the likes of you.

A third of Vista PCs downgraded to XP


Win Server 2k8

As a desktop.... Yes! much much better. Same as 2k3 over XP. If you want a workstation that works faster than Vista then 2k8 is your boy. End of story. If you want to watch videos, try a Mac or Linux. Want to play a game? 360 (Suckers) or a PS3. Really need Vista? Buy a Mac and run Parallels and 2k8 or if you like slow Vista in coherence mode. Love XP hate Vista, its a dog always will be. If i want to get things done and need an Windows app i use Citrix more and more via my Mac. I stopped supporting M$ by moving to Linux and then a Mac. If and only if that shit hole gov't running the most powerful nation in the world would squash and break up M$ we will get true innovation on the desktop. As for some that the changes were too radical for the masses should stop and play with a Mac. You will find a lot of things similar but just work better. Finder VS Explorer in Vista. Thought VS Not. Before you M$ Fanboys jump all over this guy cool down..... I wish explorer XP navigation and tree view were in a Mac natively. I gave up with MS some time ago; for you M$ fanboys why don't you move on to shit that just works, well most of the time (more than Vista LOL) . I guess for those that can't let go i leave you with this: My HDD is bigger and my GHz is longer than yours. Ohh, your Neon/LED lights rock! Does it work on the girls?

Sending a solid out to amfM, you are right as usual!

Intel slings sue ball at N-Data

Paris Hilton

GO Intel GO!!


When will the US Gov't stand up like its got a big Texan pair and squash/put an end to this type of crap. That or they go back to who's the quickest on the draw duals like the good ol days in Texas. Tis a dark day for that state, tradin in their 6 shooter for lawers. Sad sad day......

Paris because she knows what its like to have a loaded weapon go off in her hands.. :P

IBM one-ups Sun with terabyte tape drive


Matt Bryant

you make some good points though i think you need to talk to a BKUP/DR specialist. We tried to go down the tapeless path a couple of years ago and yes we had a call into AC backup guy who saved us a shit load of money by stopping us.

"And as to long-term disk storage, disk-based archival arrays are the best way to meet the demands of modern data retention legislation like Sarbanes-Oxley." If i were you i would talk to your SOX compliance mgmr and the AC storage guy if you think disk is the best choice.

AS for your tape 2step, try using a vaulting technology! NB enterprise vault for example tells you which tapes to bring back!! 7 steps? 24 hours to get a tape? wow, have you ever been burned.

I will agree with you to a point with disk. They are a wonderful solution for small RTO and RPO. Databases that are the storage behind your main apps obviously don't need months or years worth of backups on disk with RPO of hours or days.

Right? For compliance SOX or HIPAA you put it on something cheaper and send it to Iron Mountain for archival.

One way or another tape will be here as long as there is disk. Holographic memory if becomes a true enterprise reality could be both. But for now, you should really analyze the TCO of both disk verses tape backup solutions. You will find that we really need both. AC storage guy will tell you this unless you have more money than god like Microsoft and Google. As for whats on Tom's site most of it doesn't apply to me cause i use a Mac. LET THE FLAME WAR BEGIN

LOL. Now would someone point out to me that the site does do Mac compatible gear as well.

Peace :)


Wow! how many of you are there?

1 TB Tape drive in a library can store more data than any disk array dedupe/VTL/JOB etc longer/safer and cheaper. If you are inept enough to buy 1 TB drive and put it in an external enclosure or in a server and only ever use 7 - 10 tapes then YOU ARE NOT GETTING YOUR MONEY'S WORTH. If you run a shop that has a couple of these puppies in a library that holds 300+ tapes you ARE GETTING YOU MONEY'S WORTH out of them. Do the math 300 X 1 TB = 300TB and thats not counting what you have in your offsite pools. 300 disks in a SAN would take 2 racks and (i'm going to take a wild guess here) 10 times the power and cooling and i can't send it off site! The larger your library and the more data you have the cost of tape becomes the lowest, most flexible, and safest backup medium. The AC that started his post with " get paid to sell enterprise backup software." could explain it better for all you SOHO and SMB know-it-alls who work at 1-800-GET-GEEK. So before posting my USB this and my 2.5 that learn before you make an ass of yourself on this site. Most of the readers here are at this site because A. They are part of an enterprise or B. Part of the industry. 1-800-GET-GEEK rent-a-techs feeling elite should go to slashdot and try to sound intelligent and see what happens. Most here probably just shake their heads or laugh. For the rest of you please go back to Toms or Anand where you belong.

Yours Truely;

A tired enterprise sys-admin after a long day

Dissolving the plastic bag problem

Paris Hilton

Question for you Brits

The CBC here in Canada has David Suzuki, the US has Gore; who is the moron you guys have at the BBC? I would love to send Suzuki somewhere else. If you don't have a dipstick like him we could pack him up and send you him, postage paid. I think most Canadians would love to get rid of that idiot.

On another note i totally agree that this is one of the best stories El'Reg has cocked up in a long time.

I read something on Depolymerization at a poultry processing plant somewhere, i can't remember, in the eastern US. Basically you take the waste and plop it in a coker and it breaks it down into oil. The wonderful thing about this technology is if it is carbon based, David Suzuki and Al Gore for example, can be turned into something useful. In my quick google search i noticed that the group that invented the procedure is busy setting up patents more than flaunting their answer to OPEC 's extortion racket.

On that note its good to see someone trying to solve a world problem and not try to patent something thats growing in your back yard as we speak. I guess some troll in east Texas is drooling over the idea right now. Scary isn't it?

Silverlight 2 beta 2 - Go Live if you dare


who cares?

If it comes from ms it will only run properly (loose use of the word) on MS windows. I have a Mac/Linux/Solaris how do i develop Notsobright on these platforms? MS .NET development tools only run on; guess what? Windows. I wonder how well it runs in FF vs IE? At least you generally know where you stand with Adobe.

Another tool to propagate the monopoly.

I'll pass and so should you.

Apple to charge iPod Touch owners for new OS - again


I agree with Allen Rutland

And i add; its not SOX its greed. Plain and simple. Do they not sell IPODs right now? Do they not come with a warranty? If i buy one with the latest version do i not pay for the development of new features? Regardless of when i bought mine shouldn't the latest version work until they do a revision of the IPOD hardware itself?

For god's sake don't blame the bean counters on this one! Its pure Steve greed; nothing more and nothing less. You want to blame something blame capitalism with the reality of publicly traded companies. You see it every day, like that asshole Icann. If your company was partly owned by that prick you would look for bad tasting revenue streams to keep him from ruining it. Keep those investors happy or loose your job. Simple motivation isn't it?

SOX my ass... I'm out'a here

Boffins sound exam cheat warning on brain enhancing pills

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RE:The Great Game Live and OnLine with XXXXStreamAIMemes

amanfromMars, you are as usual, when i get it, bang on. Unfortunately, in the GGOL plenty of the affluent/influent are missing a rook or two. The masses are the ones that stand benefit. Sadly, the world brain trust of power will never allow a en passant. Moo, moo Zzzz, Zzzz, spend, spend.

HP pays $13.9bn for EDS

Jobs Halo

How much could it really hurt?

IBM is laughing i know i am. Now i don't have to remember two names of companies that i hate and wouldn't deal with if the payed me.

As for Sun, well, i don't think this is going to affect their install base much via EDS. UNIX admins and IT managers that know see a clear direction from Sun but HP-UX? Everyone knows that its a leaky boat caught in a squall (not insinuating theres anything wrong with the OS itself) but HP shoving 'Industry Standard' LOL Intel drek on the NIX world has not been a cake walk now has it?

The only company that is truly grinning from ear to ear is IBM. You know the old saying "No one every gets fired for using global services" I've seen it happen using HP services and EDS ; funny isn't it?

MS whips lens cap off WorldWide Telescope


Nice site but...

why is the site running Flash? Wheres the Silverlight?

Bill, are your boys are asleep at the wheel? Boy i want to develop rich content just like Microsoft... Hmm what should I use? Well, MS is pushing Silverlight instead of Flash hmm but they don't even use it on their beta sites to showcase it. Hmm... they use flash, must be better then eh Bill?


Google questions Verizon 'open network'

Paris Hilton

RE: How do they make money

They knew that when they bought the spectrum. Verizon knows too well that they got out flanked by an "Ad Company" now they are waffling like all telcos do when a new chef is in the kitchen. I imagine Google will swoop in and share their targeted advertising $$$$. I can also imagine that Free to Free phone will be PCS like and other traditional calls will incur a charge. I can't imagine not having to set up an account with Verizon to use it as a communications device. I could also see everyone + dog using it wirelessly networked but to get to the Internet would be, again, an access fee.

Verizon could win big if they would only stop thinking like a Telco. Ya, that would be the day.

I choose Paris, cause she known for her "Service offerings"

Microsoft embraces and extends server promiscuity


Right Back @SpitefulGOD

From their web site:

"System Center solutions help IT pros manage the physical and virtual IT environments across data centers, desktops, and devices. "

"I think this is more for large corps with lots of boxes, the Systems centre just sits there monitoring and informs you of problems or changes that arise so you don't have to keep checking on the machines yourself."

Monitor? Manage? Isn't monitoring part of managing? They are not selling a monitoring solution, they are pushing a management solution. You can monitor using other tools that costs a hell of a lot less and you don't have to lower you NIX security by installing something from MS.

To name a few Monitoring tools

Up.time (very nice)





Openview (Insight manager ties into this if you have HP)


BMC Patrol

"Have you ever used System Centre??? Nope I guess not so shut your Pie hole and get back to rubbing yourself against your box."

No i haven't and don't plan to either though i played with MOM. YUK!! Ever used any of the above that i listed?

I guess it's hard to hear whats going on in the real world with you head down and ass up in old Steve's office. SpitefulGOD you should go back to your little windows world and leave the "Enterprise Management" to the big boys. OK? Zipperhead. Ever managed anything else other than windows?? Nope I guess not so sit down you don't know nothing.

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Not on a NIX admin's live

I almost peed myself laughing! Some how i just know this is going to fall flat. I can just see an IT manager trying to sell this to a sysadmin. Should be funny. The sysadmin responds with "Now IE exploits on the management server affect me; you dolt. No F!@$'in way!!!!!!"

With all the botnets out there i guess M$ is getting tired of owning that dubious extinction. Now since they are joining the hetrogenus enterprise management full force they feel it necessary to include NIX boxes in their botnet family.

Just imagine the smiles on the botnet owner's faces when they have access to way more efficient systems to DDOS and SPAM.

I choose Paris because even she knows a phony without looking in the mirror.

Sun chum Oracle pushes database buyers to IBM


Baa baa

Weather the T class is suitable for OTLP or db warehousing or even general database usage is quite irrelevant. The point made is a processor is a processor is a processor regardless of religion. If i want a 486 powered Oracle EE version thats my prerogative(Insanity ;-p ) but Oracle is charging 1/4 CPU LIC for this 1/2 for that and 3/4 for everything else. Oracle is dictating what platform you should run it on and not giving customers the choice, which is their right. So your choice dictated by Larry is Xenon based on the best licensing/performance scenario.

Some of us are stuck with Oracle and for us, the captives, we should at least have right to choose what we run it on with a fair licensing scheme.

Baa, this sheep is tired of being sheared. Wheres a wolf when you need him?

Google sneaks under standards radar


Re: Double standards

Dude get your facts strait before positing such intelligent comments.

MS has been found guilty, yes GUILTY of being a Monopolist. So if a convicted monopolist tries to railroad an existing standard with an inferior/incomplete/legally encumbered standard by nefarious means its only to protect it's monopoly. Nothing more, no community good will, no industry collaboration, nada nope zip.

"Apple could quite easily get away with offing up a AOXML systems and it would be passed through without a second glance"

If Apple owned the market as MS does why wouldn't it. Thats what MS has done/tried.

Whats funny is the tampering with ISO voters is so blatant i think the world is stunned. It's kind of like NY/NJ mob trials where everyone knows that the reason the snitch stopped singing is because the defense got to him, but theres nothing they can do.

"unjustified wave of anti -Microsoft sentiment." Dude do your homework!!! Try Microsoft history 101!!!

"Luckily Microsoft products are more thought through and win over in the end."

Wow, are you the monkey man's sidekick? Tell us, please respond here how Vista is more thought through then other OSes out there? You want to see thought you should look at a MAC as far as usability is concerned. You want stability/security/scalability? Try LINUX/UNIX.

Now web CMS.. MOSS? Please try Documentum/Red dot/Joomla etc.

MS does make some really great software but they are by no means the best in the markets they are in. They are the best at making money more than software. I doubt i would get too much of an argument from anyone on that.

I think MS has targeted the key people in the right spots over the years that has propelled them to the top of the SW heap. An IT director told me that he had never seen anyone fired for picking a MS solution.

If Larry had a software portfolio that MS has even his pinstriped suited borg couldn't do what MS has done.

Need my coat to walk the dog!!

Concerns build over Debian delays


Re: Why does it matter

Thats 18 more "competent" programmers than Microsoft has.

5. 6. 7. 8.

Lets all start spitting venom about the OSes we hate.

SK you rock :)

HP goes bundle mad with quicker HP-UX


One name to remember when deciding.


Should simplify which version you need

Why-o-why do vendors torture their customers by coming up with sub-versions of their products?

Vista this XP that 2k3... what version? Web/Enterprise/Standard/Datacenter in which flavor? R2 or SP2. Now is that 64 or 32 bit?

AHHHHHH If drug dealers used the same product naming scheme there would be no drug problems..

What kind of death would you like? Quick Death? Quick and Painless death? Quick and painful? hows Slow death? maybe painful death.. hmm you look like a slow and painful death kinda guy. Hows about we set you up with that? Now slow painful death can be packaged with blunt force trauma, cancer, you choose the type, etc......

It's the end of the day and i need a bevy, I hope i there isn't too much of a choice. Drunk or Drunker :)

Off soap box --> on coat --> out door --> in bar --> on stool --> Alls good

Sun's UltraSPARC T2+ servers ship full of Niagara Viagra

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Re: Poor SMP scalability

"Obviously, no one would ever use this system for Oracle since it requires 12 licenses for about a half million dollars US"

Um last time i looked Oracle charges 1/4 CPU per core So a 2 way 8 core per CPU would require 4 CPU License.

We use one (5220 single CPU 8 Core) for Oracle that is mostly OLT based and it out performs our old Ultrasparc III SF480 hands down. This server for less than half the price is a great box. Try one but don't expect it to beat a Power 6 thats not what it was intended to do.

Horizontal JOSS/BEA/Tomcat scaling on a single box is amazing!!! We hit a wopping 5% CPU utilization on 250 concurrent transactions per second while our database server was pinned (an old E450) With a bigger db server we could easily do >1000 per second. Not bad for <$30K

Big bang for little buck!!!

People say Google will buy Skype and Expedia and, and, and, and


Re: Here we go....

Zorg industries comes to mind ;-) Fire a million!!!!

Better put on my Gary Oldman hat to protect my brain from the satellite eating black planetoid heading this way. Where are the stones?

Google pink slips 300 Doubleclickers

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Webster Phreaky

Glad to see you're back from your vacation or was it you were busy casting your ISO yes ballots all over the world last weekend!!

Blu-ray Xbox 360 to be sold at a loss?

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Hate or not to hate

I've got both, XBOX360 before the PS3 but i only buy PS3 games and are willing to wait till games come out on the PS3 if possible. Now i'm not a fanboi of either platforms and truth be told i hate Sony more than Microsoft. Ya i get a funny look around the office when i say it. Not what you would expect coming from an UNIX admin's mouth but still true. Notwithstanding my ilk for either company the PS3 is a better console. If the xbox does come out with an internal BluRay player i would be a bit jaded to spend any more money with Microsoft's current gaming platform. HDMI and BluRay is not a compelling enough to spend the money, even if i didn't have the PS3. Buy a standalone player for movies. Like the guy in the ING commercials says "Save your money"