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Sayonara, Brits! The Irish tech sector could benefit from Brexit



"A Brexit would lead to investment and currency uncertainty"

That's right, there would be a big change in that Ireland would have the Euro and the UK would have the Pound, that's a massive change that will have a big impact on both countries.

HTC 10: Flagship goes full Google – but the hardware's top notch



9mm is too thick for a flagship phone, curved or not

UK Home Office seeks secret settlements over unlawful DNA retention


Such eloquently put support for the endeavours of the loyal servants of Her Majesty’s Government deserves praise indeed but you seem to have accidentally ticked the “post anonymously” box

'Major' outage at Plusnet borks Brits' browsing, irate folk finger DNS


Routing or DNS

Either way, my internet doesn't work

Apple's iPad Pro: We're making a Surface Pro WITH A STYLUS over Steve Jobs' DEAD BODY



I hope Apple's lawyers have parking reserved at the patent court

Embracing the life-changing qualities of USB power packs and battery extenders


elegant metallic finishing

"Superspeed USB3.0 interface with elegant metallic finishing"

Don't you just love marketing

Makes me remember when windscreen wipers and rear-view mirrors were listed as spec features on new cars

'Fix these Windows 10 Horrors': Readers turn their guns on Redmond


Re: No Control of Updating

Don't worry, there'll be a compulsory update to give you control over updates ;-)

Amazon, Hollywood, Samsung: PLEASE get excited about 4K telly


Hi, How can I help?!

Does it come with a grinning idiot to help set it up in the style of the god-awful HDX advert

Now THAT'S a sunroof: Solar-powered family car emerges from Ford labs


Re: Don't Audi have a more realistic use PV sunroof option?

Yes, Audi have had solar panels in sunroofs (as options) for years, first used in 1999, this isn't new development by Ford, just what they use the power for.

Nothing to see here, move along....

Spanish firm brings 20MW solar ‘ranch’ online in Arizona


Am I missing something?

Covers 144 acres and generates enough power for 3400 homes, is that good? Seems like an awful lot of land for only 3400 homes, you'd probably fit 3400 homes well within 144 acres and put the panels on the roofs.

Facebook security profiling doesn't like African log-ins


I've got an idea

I'll setup a business that relies on me using Facebook in a way that's fundamentally opposed to its terms and conditions and when I have a problem operating that way instead of keeping my head down I'll shine a big red light on the issue and go to the press!

<instruction within Facebook> Delete profile</instruction within Facebook>

Raj, have you ever considered writing an article for Harvard Business Review or the FT?

New Apple move against Galaxy Tab on Euro front



apple can "expect" all they want but there is no legal basis for this, until there is a valid ruling banning the sale then samsung and their dealers can do what they want, this would only apply when and if a valid injunction is awarded. the dutch application hasn't been heard yet and the german one suspended so this only applies to germany at the mo

i think the courts won't react well to apple posturing and telling the courts what to do and they'll be thrown out on their ears

Samsung's lovely illegal tablet: Why no one wants to know


The point of this article?

Andrew, for a technology writer I struggle to understand why you seem to find the concept difficult. The point of a tablet (to me at least) is the convenience of being able to quickly dip in and out of the internet or a bit of recreational app procrastination. The android ecosystem may have less apps than ipad but it's still early, look at how the android phone market has matured in the last couple of years. Were you questioning the point of android phones 2 years ago?

Tablets are a bit like switching from dial-up to broadband internet, it's a lot more than speed, it the convenience and always on capability that changes the way you use the internet. Firing up a laptop at home is often a faff and a tablet would get used a lot more often. I tend to use the internet on my phone more than on a laptop these days but the screen's too small.

If you think about a tablet as a convenient internet device then the galaxy tab (or other android tablet) is more compelling than an ipad because at least it gives a fully functional web browser which the ipad will never have until flash is enabled.

Maybe you should be encouraging the galaxy tab and it’s future decent rivals as driving competition into the sector, which is only good for everyone (except maybe apple) not bemoaning its existence.

Injunction suspended: EU can buy Galaxy Tabs again


getting somewhere

Looks like some form of sanity might be emerging in this whole debacle

Hopefully this will make HTC feel safe enough to finally release the Puccini so we can have some real competition in this sector

Apple changed shape of Galaxy Tab in court filing


Vexatious Litigation?

The way apple are behaving lately surely comes close to vexatious litigation or some EU equivalent. They should slapped with a big fine and a legal injunction against bringing any further action related to ipad or any such bollocks.

I hope they get slapped with a contempt of court judgment over this and get some EU action that they will actually care about. Not holding my breath though.

Looking forward to some Samsung advertising along the lines of "the tablet apple is afraid of"

Will the looters 'loose' their benefits?


@ Danny 5

I know there's been plenty of responses already, but I had to add to the view of sanity.

There are plenty of people up and down the country that come from disadvantaged backgrounds and aren't in gainful employment, or have minimum wage jobs and are subject to the worst of the current economic climate who don't feel the need to go on a rampage of thievery and asshattery. Indeed I'm sure there were many such people in the ranks of those taking part in the clean-up activities following the scum fuelled activities.

To suggest there is any justification for this behaviour is insulting to the great majority of people who are appalled at the behaviour of the tiny element of society showing themselves to be sub-normal scumbags.

"We tend to forget that most of us, if the circumstances are right, would be part of the looting masses..." What circumstances are the graphic designer and teaching assistant that have been in front of magistrates in to justify joining in?

Call me an ambulance, my heart's bleeding! Innit!

HTC sues Apple in the UK


How long will HTC last?

How long will it be before Apple buy out HTC? Engadget said in April that HTC's market capitalisation was about $34b, Apple could pay cash for that and still have another $40b in the bank!

Murdoch muscles BBC out of Formula One driving seat


Want my license fee back

I want my license fee back for the 2012 coverage the beeb already had the contract for that's been given the Sky!

Hope their coverage is better than it was for A1GP, that was utter shine!


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