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Klingon and Maori roar into 'mutt's nuts' dictionary



Cnau'r Ci

Literally "The dog's nuts"

DropBox puts locks on doors, hopes biz bods will buy the house


Re: And still no client-side encryption?

"Dropbox works fine with Truecrypt, as explained here: http://www.aeronetworks.ca/2013/11/computer-counter-counter-measures.html"

If I understand Truecrypt correctly, if you change even a bit of data, the whole 1Gb (in that example) gets uploaded. This would be a problem for my connection.

Reg readers tumesce as they get their tongues round 'podule'



Sad to see a missed opportunity for "Podule is a portmanteau"

Wales slams Amazon over lack of Kindle support


Another translation

I think it's closer to: "I read this in 5 days, couldn't put her down! Worth every penny and hour! Enjoy people!"

As many of the commenters have said, all the publishers want is a means of categorising their already existing e-books as Welsh, with just another category entry. Which Amazon say they're working on, splendid.

WoW cities wiped out by 'exploit'


Re: I've Never played WoW

It probably has more to do with people resurrecting, then dying again. An individual can have multiple skeletons lying around.

London Olympics 'not immune' to cyber attack



I'd like to know how they arrived at the "12 million attacks" figure. Wouldn't a single botnet be capable of this?

Male dinosaurs failing on social privacy


Re: bad survey

The survey itself is worded differently to the article. It talks of users with further education levels "reporting" difficulty with privacy settings. Which could just as easily mean that they may care more, and have actually looked at the settings.

Scottish TV news pumps goatse link


Intelligent commentary

"Some hacking thing"

Is this the best the Sky "commentator" could come up with?