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Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime Android Tablet

Brian Sturridge
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@lilo... i fully recomend getting one of these, ive had mine for a while and ive had no problems.

the wifi has been working fine on mine and the software has been working fast and effiiciently. i have had a few tabs and thisis by far thebest yet

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Brian Sturridge

Getting Pissed off!

Im realy having a bad time with this machine now! The strange 25 part charger has stopped working, which means im having to charge the Tab while plugged into the USB post on my PC, this can only be done when the Tab is turned off!!! and charges the battery at 1/8 of the power that the mains charger does! How can somthing this simple be so wrong.

Samsung seem to have made it a difficult as possible to get files onto the tab aswell. Still havn,t managed to get any music onto it and the screen has started freezing! Its all very well making it look nice but how about some functionality to go with it !


Brian Sturridge

my Galaxy Tab Arrived arrived

after a long drawn out delivery through amazon i finally got my hands on the tab! and ive got to say im a bit miffed.. The getting started booklet is useless ! and the charger is shady to say the least. Hope it improves from here on !!


Samsung rolls out Galaxy Tab 10.1

Brian Sturridge

hurry up

still not arrived yet...

come on, come on...

wonder how angry birds plays on there



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