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Want ScaleIO virtual SAN software? You'll need to buy Dell servers


Re: Sucks

*Dell EMC employee here*

No, ScaleIO has never ran on ARM, only x86, up until now, ScaleIO 2.5 added client support for AIX on Power as well.

The kid is not VSAN: EMC buffs up ScaleIO for high-end types


Re: Only now getting checksums? After all this time?

Calle from EMC here.

It's always had checksumming, what's new is end-to-end checksums, T10dif style.

Hope that clears it up for you.

How to grill an EMC division chief


Not true, there is no dedupe between couplets. There's not even dedupe between shares and VTL's.

Same thing like putting four DataDomain in a rack.

Backup dedupe bods ExaGrid: We're 'cash-positive' this is our year


Added a feature others have had for long..

Yay, we added a feature that a bunch of others has had for a long time and we added far fewer customers than any of the competitors in the leaders quadrant.

Go us!

Cleversafe: Our mad rig can gobble a terabyte in a second



I work for EMC, trust me, the sort of workload this science project fantasy is talking about would hardly be put onto a (100's of) DataDomain(s). Atmos could scale to these numbers and beyond though.

Speculating is fun though, 60EB is about 1/30 of the total amount of digital content generated in 2011 from what IDC estimates, so go ahead and triple those numbers and there is some room for growth :)

Cisco, Fusion-io's blade lovechild in EMC flash face-off


I doubt you will see VCE sell DAS solutions in the near future

What's on the cards at EMC's casino royale next week?


XtremeIO and Thunder works in different areas, one is in the network and one is in the array level

Oracle RMAN straps on rocket, hands admins launch button


If you already have Boost licensed on the DDs (for Netbackup), then you are good to go!

Only download the new binaries from my.datadomain.com and get them installed.

No more passing by Netbackup, no more NFS mounts =)

IBM: We do server flash already...


So IBM offers SSD's to their servers?


Symantec: 'NetBackup 7.5 speeds backup 100X'


Avamar much?

Heh, efficiently scanned backups, client deduped and single step restores.

Sounds like what EMC Avamar has been doing for the last five years or so..

New indeed

EMC morphs storage arrays into servers

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No, it isn't

No, it isn't.

Project Lightning was about array controlled flash cards inside the compute nodes (servers), like FusionIO, but with end to end control over data movement and placement.

Quantum mid-range DXi crushes Data Domain


Some corrections on Datadomain

Boost also works with EMC Networker and EMC Avamar.

There is a lot more to DD Boost than the distributed dedupe processing, it also makes for much more advanced link aggregation and failover, but a big part is the controlled clone replication / Optimized duplication which ensures that the backup apps know precisely how many copies there are and where they reside.

And.. "top-end DXi 800", not DXi ;-)

Is all deduplication on the Quantum systems inline?