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Sony unveils PlayTV telly tuner for PS3


@ Rob

"Spending their RnD cash on almost pointless peripherals, when they could be spending it on the PS3 or making it cheaper is just stupid."

I thought this was for the PS3?

I for one think this is a fantastic idea. You all seem to be forgetting that a large amount of these consoles will end up in bedrooms where people don't generally have SKY or PVRs.

The idea that you can remotely access the program guide from the PSP over the Internet and set recording is also extremely useful.


Why are you all attacking it when you have no idea of the price?

The price of $135-$200 is actually for the PSP satellite navigation add-on 'Go Explore'. There has been no mention at all of a price for the PVR but don't let that stop you all comdeming it without even knowing the price.

I would be willing to bet it will be less than £100. Probably more like £50.

BTW Mark. I'm interested to know why you think the R&D budget for this PVR device would be better spent by dropping the price of the PS3. How much exactly do you think they would have cut off if that were the case? 50p? £1? I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure that this PVR device will do more for sales than a £1 price cut.

Sony claims price-driven PS3 sales hike


Re: Neil

Neil I imagine we will get a price cut at the same point after launch as the US did. It has been out in the US for around 4 months longer so I would bet on an EU price cut near the end of October.

Michael if you remove VAT (£75 which has nothing to do with Sony) our launch price is only about £50 more than the US one. BOO HOO HOO.


Strange maths Dan

Dan said "Last time I did percentages, you included the previous value, so a jump of 135 percent would only go from selling 10 units to 13.5 units."

So according to you Dan a rise in sales of 100% would mean no rise at all?

I suggest you go back to school.

Peter there were 30 days in May and 31 in June. That means sales rose 21% with just an extra day NOT as you say an extra week. It works they were selling an average of about 2600 a day in May and then 3200 per day in June.

PS3 outsold Xbox 360 2:1 in Japan


PS3 selling over 5 times faster in Japan

That works out that in Japan the PS3 has averaged 125,000 per month since launch compared to the 360's 22,000.

Blu-ray body bites back at HD DVD sales claims


HD-DVD group

The PS3 has been the cheapest Blu Ray player in Europe for a while so some of it's sales must be to people buying it as a Blu Ray player. For the HD-DVD group to ignore that is idiotic and it's even more stupid of them to think anyone will believe their claims of success when UK Blockbuster has decided to only stock HD-DVD in 1 in every 10 stores and when the HD-DVD group won't supply any sales figures to back their claims up.

The only place they are winning this 'war' is in their own minds.

Sony says no to Euro PS3 price cut


US get $100 drop, we get $200

Whats the problem with people on here? The US had $100 and we get $200 worth of goodies for the same price we were paying last week.

For £425 a month ago you got a PS3 and 1 controller.

Now for the same money you get a PS3, 2 controllers, 2 games and 5 Blu Ray films.

Some people are never happy.

Sony claims more than a million PAL PS3s purchased


Selling faster than previous 2 gens

Ian. I notice the one stat you have avoided is the most relevant one. The PS3 is selling faster than the PS1 and PS2 did at the same time after launch.

Brian they have sold 2 million 1st party games. You have forgotten about the 3rd party games which Sony also make money from.

At the end of the day this expensive console with few games is selling faster than its previous two generations which bodes very well for the future when the price drops and the big games get released.