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Microsoft won't patch SMB flaw that only an idiot would expose


Re: But...

Nope. Linux is...

Mint / Mandriva / Ubuntu might use RPMs... and Kerberos-5 emulation... but there is a REASON they have gone no-where over the last 40+ years.

Another day, another mass domain hijacking


Re: Interesting

I'm betting on DNS cache poisoning... All you have to do is break in at even a non-authoritative level an replaced the HOST-A record with a different IP, followed by CNAMES that resolve back to the original HOST-A record, and HOST lookup can tell the difference...

14 million Verizon subscribers' details leak from crappily configured AWS S3 data store


Title is in reverse..

14 MEEELLION telco subscribers data leaked from crappily configured Amazon Web Services. Clients happen to be Verizon subscribers'. Are any other telco's involved?

Facebook in the dock: Web giant faces trial for allegedly ripping off data center blueprints



Time for you BRITS to invent something to stand on....

If you are running the Microsoft Windows Operating System... You need shut to up and FORMAT your hard drives ... NOW... Stop complaining and INVENT something.

Come up with your own OS and stop complaining...

Linus Torvaldz is from from Finland, not the UK.... so no fork of the Linux Kernel is an option to you.

Invent your own OS, or go away...

'I feel violated': Engineer who pointed out traffic signals flaw fined for 'unlicensed engineering'



I pump my own gas all the time in Oregon...


Just the blue area

Just Portland and Eugene have the twat (absurdly inept) governments areas... The rest of of the state can grasp reality.


Nope... We make things like Windows/Mac/Linux ... so morons like you can vomit your ineptitude on a website...


Heard about this....

This is NORMAL for Oregon State... Spend any time in Portland and Eugene (home of the inept Leftist/Liberals), and you will KNOW that there is something wrong here...

PDX in particular has homeless tents decorating the I-84 corridor close to I-5 and drunks asking for money around the MODA CENTER... this is tolerated.

But when someone with a brain steps up to cite a flaw in a traffic signal design from the 1950's... Get fined. Typical.

Comcast bosses: THAT pushy sales rep was only obeying orders



Here is the solution to a Comcast ups-sell & sales call...

.. You have to become the customer from HELL.

A middle-aged woman call my cell phone asking me about upgrading. I started asking her a bunch of EROTIC questions....


I had never met her. Couldn't care less.


I DO NOT WANT ComCrap calling me for anything...

I will call them.

The conversation I gave to the sales lady didn't last long. I wasn't vulgar. I just made her uncomfortable. :)

When will Microsoft next run out of US IPv4 addresses for Azure?


Confused about IPv6 vs. NAT.

I'm confused on IPv6 with regard to NATTING equipment behind a firewall.

From what I have read, IPv6 renders the 'need' for using router-based NAT as obsolete. The 192/24 172/16 10/8 ( & CIDR) private network concepts have been obsoleted, by some of the google/youtube research I have done.

The idea of my network hosts being publicly addressable seems like a bad idea to me. I might not be able to PINGv6 an IPv6 address over an IPv6 version of ICMP PING, but vulnerabilities appear all the time. (I'm thinking an IPv6 version of heartbleed).

I would much rather hide my equipment behind an IPv4 router that shields my equipment from hackers running port scans, than adopt IPv6.

I'm really looking for someone to prove to me that my concern is unfounded.

Dimwit hackers use security camera DVRs as SUPER-SLOW Bitcoin-mining rig


Another way to look at this...

There's something to this... Look at it this way:

They experimenting with mining using non-conventional hardware. Not a PC. Not a smart phone. Not an ASIC designed to mine BTC.

How about an ARM processor? Get some code figured out. Get it distributed. Show that the engine works, but have no plans to win a race with it (very slow mining). As the NON-PC platform evolves, the software might need some tweaking, but they know it works. They don't need to gain a coin, if their goal is only to show a working engine for, say, a recording device that uses the same instruction set.

Then sell it.

Dell charges £16 TO INSTALL FIREFOX on PCs – Mozilla is miffed


What else can I do wrong?

Apparently I'm the only idiot out here...

Same question....

My response: Glad to help... No charge. I hope this works for you. Maybe we can have lunch together sometime?

I'm a horrible person, and will go to hell for that.

China shutters Windows ‘rival’ Red Flag Linux


China actually paying for software?!

First thing that came to mind when I "red" this article was "FCKGW-RHQQ2-YXRKT-8TG6W-2B7Q8."

Windows XP SP1. What more does red China need, right? ;)

IBM job cuts: Big Blue starts 'slaughter' of Indian and European workforce


Re: @ Destroy All Monsters

"I work 60+ hour weeks months on end.

I forgo vacations."

Me to the CEO: Meaningless while crashing the company. Here. Let me cut a few holes in that golden chute of yours that you're hanging from.... Now that's what I call vertical marketing... ;)

Try not to land on a house!



Re: Yet the pitiful...

"loved by the Yanks"

I don't generally quote the dumb and stupid, but for you I'll make an exception.

iPhone rises, Android slips in US, UK


Oh, I dunno. Something about paying a lot of money for the "ooh, shiny" Apple phone where the walled-garden of apps is in full effect.

No thanks...

When I buy a smart phone. It does *exactly* what I tell it to do, or no sale. Period. A rooted droid phone will do this. the iCrap (pun abso-friggen-lutely-intended) that comes out of Apple will not.

Frankly, I'm surprised Apple exists as a company. But, since stupid is not illegal and can't be fixed, and is incredibly profitable, that company exists. And there are a TON of stupid people in the world.

Google goes dark for 2 minutes, kills 40% of world's net traffic


Re: @ Captain DaFT - Ah...

Oh, Apple fanboi alert!

Compared to Apple? I presume? Absolutely.

Imagine an Apple search engine, where content is filtered beyond your control/knowledge and you can only experience the Internet as Apple thinks you should experience it. Total information freedom nightmare. No thanks!

You Apple sheeple can keep your "think different". Go buy another overpriced "ooh, shiny" iCrap tablet that Samsung will out perform in every possible way for a whole lot less.


Comcast expands public Wi-Fi net using customers' modems

Big Brother

Hackers are gonna love this.

I have Comcast and I keep my cable modem in bridge-mode only.... So how about I set up a fake AP with a captive portal to mimic what Comcast wants to do. Put this thing on it's own subnet using traffic shaping to give internet access, but slowly... to keep users interested. All the while applying deep packet inspection to all traffic, skimming useful data. Hmm.

As described, this would be a security nightmare.

3D printed gun plans pulled after US State Department objects


Re: (untitledytledee)

We generally don't figure out these elected officials are idiots until AFTER they are placed in office. They sell themselves well, then they flop or fall prey to lobbying. Or we get stuck voting in the lesser of a number of evils.

Quick tangent: I wish we, in the U.S., and a trial clause in electing someone to public office. Give them a 90-day trial. If they're not moving noticeably in the direction they advertised and were elected for, then boot them out of office.


Re: Good

And pointless, much like your magnet of a post. Wow... dumb.

OK... Look. The take down is pointless. Ever heard of a torrent? Or (insert generic P2P tool here)... The cat's out of the bag, and there's nothing the FED can do about it, which is as it should be. Period.

If someone wants to build a pseudo-gun out of lego and lite brite parts, let them.


Re: The difference?

"now a way for a nutjob to smuggle a gun close enough to shoot said politicians"

You say that like its a bad thing? ;o)

Dark matter researchers think they've got a signal


We need dark matter

My physics is rusty... but.

Last time I checked, DM was needed to explain the mass of our galaxy and what his holding it together. If DM were not present, the milk way galaxy would fly apart.

Google Glass will SELF-DESTRUCT if flogged on eBay


Re: Am I the only one that thinks this is good?

"Once the first few batches have been sold and supply is ramped up, this restriction will probably be destroyed and you can flog your glasses to whomever you desire."

You put a lot of faith into a company that has an explicit purpose of being an AD company to make profits. Not calling you dumb or bad... but I would hold off on holding any company in good light automatically.

My two cents (not worth a dime), Google is not into philanthropy, and should be considered that way.

Big Brother

Re: Overreaction?

FIRST SALE DOCTRINE... should roll over anything Google has to say about the hardware. These are not rented, they're sold.

But that only applies to the physical hardware. The courts have shown precedent (I suspect due to lobbying/bribes) that the software is not be sold, but licensed. Google can just terminate their side if the connection to the hardware, sales doctrine intact.

Amazon yanks SimCity download from store


Re: Fuck EA

"to be fair im sure that D3 had FAR more people logging on"

No. Not fair at all.

They should have been using a round-robin-DNS that spread the IP requests for a login to several back-end servers that all up-streamed to the same place... resulting in successful logins. They could have done it right the first time. They CHOSE not to... to save costs.

I kid you not, they KNEW this was going to happen... And I'm certain that their risk management dept. basically said it would be cheaper to absorb the short-term PR problem (the public has very short term memory) than properly invest (money spent) in server-side architecture to handle what could otherwise be considered a DDoS.


Re: Why...

Far too many consumers out there keeping this wreck of a company afloat.

I gave up on EA long ago. But I'm just one person with some business connections. Not enough to hurt EA.

The whole idea of 'must be connected in order to use' carries a default 'no money from me' response. Unfortunately, there are all to many folks out there that don't pick up on this until AFTER the money has been spent.

Facebook devs HACKED in 'sophisticated' Java zero-day attack


Re: Forensive Examination?


Kind of like them turning the NOUN "friend" into a VERB...

Hmmm. "Befriend" anyone lately?

After Sandy Hook, Senator calls for violent video game probe


Re: Hmm...

"After all, guns don't kill people, people kill people, people with guns. "

After all, guns don't kill people, people kill people, people with guns, or any other device, be that kinetic (such as a gun) or chemical ... like an explosion: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bath_School_disaster


GPU-stuffed monster cracks Windows passwords in minutes


Old news, different take?

Other comments are very near this one....

"A 14-character Windows XP password hashed using Lan Manager can be cracked from its hash value in just six minutes."

For what purpose?

I'm confused why anyone would want to determine a local user (not domain user) account password instead of just blanking it to none and then logging in: Do a Google search for "offline nt password & registry editor" and the top or near top result links you to a site with a tool to read and just blank the local password. Knowing *what* the password is seems pointless. What does doing this achieve?

And if you just want files off the drive, plug the drive into another NT box, take recursive ownership of the directory and overwrite the ACL (change permissions to Everyone). Near instant file access.

If the computer logs into a domain, the best target becomes cached domain credentials, that do not use NTLM anyway, iirc.

And if you've got a bitlocker encrypted drive, none of this matters...

35 US states petition for secession – on White House website



They're right....

HP warns consumers: Don't downgrade Win8 PCs to Win7


Re: Why downgrade from Win 8 ? Upgrade from Win 8!

Wireless working fine on BackTrack 5 ;o)

You use WEP, right?


Yep, and I vote with my wallet

"HP warns consumers: Don't downgrade Win8 PCs to Win7"

I have no problem with that. There is plenty of competition out there. HP has been in trouble at various levels over the years. Most recently with the some odd 30K layoffs. This doesn't help them.

If they want to wrap a lead anchor around their ankles and hop in the ocean, I'm glad to get my bowl of popcorn and watch.

Although I do feel sorry for their labor force that it trying to feed their families and go about their lives.


Re: Headline Translation

+100.... to that...

Too bad nobody that matters at HP is watching this forum.

HSBC websites fell in DDoS attack last night, bank admits


Re: I don't need no bloody DDoS, I've got a SecureKey which ...

" if your IP changes during banking"

You should thank them.... Security. If you were the victim of a man in the middle attack, your session were hijacked, and the only giveaway was a changed IP, wouldn't you WANT them to pull the plug?

IT departments are BRATTY TEENAGERS

Thumb Up

Re: I smell BS

"Generally IT staff are treated like a necessary evil rather than an essential part of making the business work".

Absolutely. Any kind of non-revenue generating staff are viewed as a necessary evil in a company. I have yet to meet an exec that was NOT myopic in this regard.

If you think of it more like "what do I have to do to make the data that populates my boss' spreatsheets that he submits to his supervisor look good", you will be amazed at the sudden clarity in decision making on the job.

Unfortunately, when something goes wrong, managers tend to seek below them for scapegoats.

Furious HP staff stage protest over job cuts


It's just you.

I do contracted support for a large, well known company that laid-off many workers and then turned around and allowed those same people who decided to lay off the workers pay increases. As is it not illegal to do it, corporations pull this kind of sh*t all the time.

I still do the same support for them. Their employees are overstressed, underpaid, and given 8 hours a day to do 12 hours worth of work.

Sorry, time travelers, you’re still just fiction


They can't know

The pop culture stance agrees: "The Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that time travel is impossible."

The biggest take-away I received from college physics courses (not my major) is that we, as humans, are still in the proverbial dark-ages in our understanding of nature and physics. Yes, we have nukes and transistors and an LHC. We still cannot even pick apart the four fundamental forces (as we know them).

In the last 100 years, humankind has advanced more than it has... ever. We're not done advancing! For example, we have not yet picked apart how something as "simple" as gravity works. We have equations and "gravitons" as theoretical evidence. If we have it figured out, then where is anti-gravity tech?

We are simply not where we need to be, technologically, yet to even know beyond guess about something like "time travel" (at least the Hollywood version of it).

Keep in mind that the earth was also once considered flat. We now know better.

Do the Chinese?


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