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Nutanix 'let chaos reign', groans CEO as shares tumble more than 20% amid dismal forecast

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Regardless of your feelings the level of maturity in some posts is disappointing and reminds me why I read the comments less and less.

So close yet so far: Pure fingers manufacturing balls-up for leaving firm $20m wide of its target

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Re: Orders of what ?

....but you can't agree and have your points be correct. They are contradictory.

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Re: Orders of what ?

The one thing Nvidia isn't going to have a shortage of is the DGX.

If what you say is correct then IBM, Netapp and all the other Nvidia partners will be calling profit warnings. If this cost pure $20m (which you don't think possible, and I agree there), how much would it cost Netapp and IBM and other partners?

In short, simple industry knowledge points at it being any kind of other supplier in the chain. Not some random chip manufacturer

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Re: Orders of what ?

I can see what is in AIRI, it doesn't mean they actually sell it on their books. The same way Netapp don't actually sell the UCS servers in a Flexpod. See below - through resellers, i.e partners. People who actually....resell many vendor technologies.

"AIRI is available now through selected reseller partners, such as ePlus Technology, FusionStorm, GroupWare Technology, PNY, Trace3, World Wide Technology and Xenon"


As for this "As to the prior history you once again missed the point. The data calculated by Garther was sent to the company for review and they did not revise it although the real data was considerably lower (276 vs 154)."

I think you get the point but, like the the AIRI comment, you just don't understand the way the finance or the industry works. A private company is *never* going to play higher-or-lower with its financials to anyone.

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Re: Orders of what ?

I still don't see the TSMC connection. Although AIRI is a mixture of NVidia & Pure i'm sure they can't sell the Nvidia part - they are not a reseller. It's a joint proposal between them so they cannot claim TSMC as a distributor. As the guy said Pure use NAND and CPUs, nothing TSMC manufacture would be in a pure system.

You're trying to crate drama where it doesn't exist. The stock market shows that - they finished UP 1.5% because they missed.....but kept guidance and the street waited to hear the reason. Compare that to Nutanix who missed, lowered guidance, gave a terribly poor reason (IMHO) and dropped 32%.

As for the prior history it's the first time i've seen that. If I had a dollar for every time a broker or analyst mis-calculated expected revenue, earnings or any other form of financial info as an outsider i'd be rich. Although it does show the growth.... this article says they just did $442m in a quarter, Gartner said they thought they were doing $276m a *year* back in the day.

Storage mad lads VAST Data tell world+dog: We've just inhaled $80m. Oh, and here's how we do that 'no more tiers' thing

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I still think the storage market is tough and crowded and you really do need something very different to survive. Even then you have about 2 years before a large competitor brings out a similar technology.

Bank of England to set new standards for when IT goes bad

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I think this is a good thing. Having worked with the BoE in the past for a very long time they are actually excellent IT wise. They analyse the risk of everything, test many technologies and lead with regards to compliance even in areas they don't need to - just to set a standard and be seen to do the right thing. They investigate if they *need* bleeding edge tech or if they are good as is.

Many of the IT team are long timers or lifers who have turned away significant packages from banks despite having the experience and skill set to meet and exceed the positions offered.

When it comes to AI, Pure twists FlashBlade in NetApp's A700 guts

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- Pick a company you like

- Pick an account team you like

- Do your due diligence and do right by your company, they pay your salary

- Be nice to people and ignore benchmarks.

Pure: Let's be direct about attached storage. Hyperconvergence is not for us

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Is it clear with any company?

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Re: Growth over profit

Growth is what analysts want to see from 'new' companies - NTNX, PSTG, etc. They want to see demand for the product, they want to see that the company can sell, be cash flow positive, have repeat business. Think of it as expectations from a child vs expectations from an adult.

Turning a profit means very little and can be stifling to a company to try too soon just to 'please'. Look at PSTG last quarter results - just shy of profit. Does it matter? They could have probably stalled hiring, marketing and some expenses to show a profit but instead went ahead and increased headcount and said to hell with it - Land and expand.

I don't agree with the Pure stance on Hyperconverged but that's just me. Look at NTNX, over half the market cap of Netapp but with a fraction of the people and product portfolio and they've only been around for a tiny amount of time comparatively. Are the investors all wrong?

I thought Flashblade had great scalability. 600-700TB of usable SSD in 4RU or thereabouts (not factoring in any compression or dedup)? Plus the ability to attach them together? I think at those levels you're not looking to push to the cloud you're on site.....but S3 is there if you do have the links to try to even more that kind of data.

If I had 700-800TB to move i'd be using an AWS snowball or such, not a link.

Also, Didn't you say in the past that "Does anyone else agree that a real metric like revenue should be used to determine "ability to execute"?

Correct me if I'm wrong but the proof of your ability to execute is a sale! By this measure, NetApp has a much better ability to execute than Pure."

Seems that now their revenues are a LOT bigger (over 1bn) you're switching to 'WHERE'S THE PROFIT' :) .

My guess is we will revisit and reference this post in a year again.

Tintri shares reformatted by investors: 85 per cent plunge in mere weeks

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It's a shame for the employees. The ones I met were all nice, good at their jobs and the product was not bad.

It doesn't always work out and it shows how a company can start off well but lose momentum.

Nutanix reports record revenues for first year since going public

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Re: OK

...because they are spending more.

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Well, I guess the first part of learning is knowing where your shortcomings are.

Have you considered an MBA? A course in business finance management? Even just a browse throught the financials of the startups over the last 20 years can help.

A storage giant wants to give you 46,763...

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I don't think it's that big a deal

1.) I believe in order to bid for US Government Contracts a list price guide must be published. I'm not from the US so maybe someone can confirm?

2.) It's probably every possible combination as a result of the above and other vendors have the same most likely

3.) Some poor intern probably spent a year pulling all this together. Not all heroes wear a cape.

4.) It doesn't really give you anything, discount off list can vary based on many things.

Gartner's Magic Quadrant flashes up pure flash array-pusher prize-plucker. It's Pure

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Re: Revenue should be the measure for ability to execute

"Does anyone else agree that a real metric like revenue should be used to determine "ability to execute"?

Correct me if I'm wrong but the proof of your ability to execute is a sale! By this measure, NetApp has a much better ability to execute than Pure."

No. No more than I judge someones ability to drive by the value of their car.

In fact I find it amazing how some of the vendors are still going, and some really growing, when they don't have the multi billion dollar install base, maintenance, leverage, contacts and portfolio of the larger companies. They are executing.

Hyper-active Pure goes bananas with new software

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"Could Pure go in full-scale pursuit of Nutanix? It's not that inconceivable is it, Pure being such an ambitious company?"

The interesting part is the use of the chassis as shelves. They mention 28 modules which you can see at the front....but they don't say whats at the back. Assuming they still have the servers at the back then yes; they can add servers in two unit increments...or just add capacity as needed and servers later you want.

Scale out compute and storage independent of each other, NVMe/F connected.

Does anyone know who manufactures their current capacity shelves?

Hyper-converged trashes all-flash: Nutanix out-grows Pure Storage

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Another point is that Nutanix will absolutely, eventually, out pace Pure. Their addressable market is MUCH larger!

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I don't think many people know how companies 'become'; they just think that profit comes like you're running a cornershop and that with just a handful of customers you should be in the black else it's just frivolous spending and you're going to fade away.

It's half true - they spend a lot on marketing, R&D, poaching good employees and all other manner of things. They need to grow their install base, get known, get more systems and more customers.

With that comes happy customers (plus some unhappy customers?) who talk, who move to other companies and buy more and then you have a nice run rate business and most of all those support $$$. Support is cheap because you've already spent the millions (see inception) getting it right and making it easy. That turns into easy profit.

Interesting link someone else posted about how Amazon spent YEARS with losses. They were not 'losing' money, they were investing so heavily in other things that now they're one of the go to shopping/cloud/Home AI/youname it companies out there.

Dell kills off standalone DSSD D5, scatters remains into other gear

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Re: Doublespeak and Euphemisms in Business English?

"Any DSSD people leaving EMC will be treated respectfully"

Yeah, they sound like prisoners of war!

Tintri 'consolidates' Australian office to Singapore

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Australia is an expensive place to do business - from floor space to employees. You don't pull out of countries as lucrative as Australia, you need local employees on the ground. The population is small but they spend - they're a key business area for any IT player.

Not a bad product, lovely people but definitely a retreat due to $$$ IHMO.

No idea how many people were employed there, perhaps a guess at 4? It's tough to be a private startup at the moment. The market is too bad to IPO and the Venture Capitalist funds have all but stopped giving out. Nutanix had to take a $75m loan from Goldmans only last month.

It's unlikely to be a way to dodge taxes. You can't avoid Aussie import taxes by moving office.

Nutanix goes cap in hand to Goldman Sachs for $75m loan

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So much

So much negativity towards a company with a good product; in fact any press release on el reg about any 'younger' companies is met with a hoard of 'Anonymous Cowards' unleashing a mix of lies and general vomit.

Time for another 'unshowing' of the AC's!

Yeah it's a hard time due to the current market, VC's being less generous and higer competition....but i've never seen such a high concentration of people wishing other companies to implode and fail.

Nutanix cracks its first $100m quarter

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Re: Please sir...

Hyperconverged infrastructure. Servers, storage and storage networking all in one unit rather than having separate servers, switches and storage arrays.

NetApp dropped the ball by letting EMC gobble Data Domain

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I think DD is well up there with the top EMC buys.

Does what it says on the tin and complete cash cow (deservedly).

Begs the question - why hasn't anyone else got anything comparable that has the same 'mojo'? Is it out there but just lacking the limelight? or just a case of complete market domination?

Build or buy: A tale of two all-flash strategies

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Interesting piece.


Pure Storage is giving away FREE flash arrays – but there's a catch

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I think

I think these are the old models?

Pure's mass disk drive killer lays out plans for flash hegemony

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Re: Non-Deduped Flash is as Cheap as SAS

Oh dear lord. You do know that 'Enterprise' grade SSD's are simply the same commercial SSD drives but with more capacity hidden away for internal processes like garbage collection?

Made in the same fab as commercial SSD drives

Made with exactly the same controllers

Ships with exactly the same firmware

The notion that somehow there is a magical fab churning out 'better' SSD drives is not true - the only difference is the overprovisioning and then whatever the vendor chooses to do with them.

Don't believe the hyper-converged hype: Why are we spending stupid amounts on hardware?

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I don't know what the point of this article is either so maybe we can make the comment section more useful than the article

My question - who cleans up guide dog mess?? I mean how would the blind person know?!?

Storage giant EMC, rival upstart Pure Storage trade new charges

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It's not usually front companies these are obtained through - quite often these units are obtained by plain old buy-backs.

I've seen these happen within weeks of a purchase - another vendor comes along and swaps out the competitor units (even brand new) as part of a much larger deal and to prevent any foot print from remaining.

These then go to brokerage but if it's a unit they have not seen it will go into some deep, dark lab for testing.

EMC tries to snuff out SolidFire before tomorrow's XtremIO-gasm

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" It's not fully point-by-point, because there is frankly so much crap in there we ran out of space"

Hey dude! Speak to EMC, they will hook you up with some storage.

Seriously though....ran out of space?? What are you blogging on an 1830's telegram?

WD Sentinel DS 6100: What does a disk-peddler know about servers?

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Re: Noise and power consumption levels would definately be nice...

Look up the HP N54L. About £200-250 but comes with a £100 rebate.

Four drives slots, will take up to 16GB memory, quiet, low power. Huge following (search for N36L, N40L or N54L

I put a low profile graphics cards in mine and upgraded the memory. Serves as general NAS and media center. Plays 1080p flawlessly.

Total outlay after rebate depends on how many drives you buy for it.

Terry P

How much?!?!

Apparently these start at £1600?!

For that kind of money you're not *too* far off REAL SMB NAS from real tie 1 providers!

What does this do that I can't do with a HP Microserver? I have two (40L and N54L), both cost me about £200 and both came with £100 rebate each…..so £100 for each little server a tony bit bigger than this WD server. A little extra spent on upgrades and they’re a workhorse. Of my two:

- One has 7 drives in it (they have drive 4 bays but you can squeeze more in the top) and serves as my NAS / Media Center. A copy of XBMC makes it a mobile cinema. All that was needed was a graphics cad and a memory upgrade.

- The other is my 16GB VMware play box that is currently running Xpenology (like QNAP Synology but home edited) and a few other OS's

Raid 5 onboard is nice but I can’t help think this thing is priced too high to compete with the HP Microserver (which has taken the home user world by storm) and also priced too high for the Small office……Maybe i've just never looked at the price of tings in this range!

HP storage unit battered as buyers dodge EVA, tape

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I'm not surprised, I know people who would rather have AIDS than an EVA array. Why are they selling ANY if Compellent is so good? Are they pricing it too high?

Oz lawmakers mull Facebook parental snoop rules

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..what IS it with Australia??!