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Future of warfare is AI, retired US Army general warns


Looking for investors - Cyberdyne Systems

I am creating a visionary new company to deliver defense AI services. I call it Cyberdyne!

Super close to landing a deal with SAC-NORAD to build an AI neural network based defense system that we will call Skynet!!!!

No idea what it is doing or how, it can basically run itself!! Super easy, what could go wrong? I have been finding a lot of search history for Sarah Connor, cyborgs, and a model T-101 (??) in my browser recently. Not me, maybe my computer has a virus. I am sure when we let Skynet loose, it will clean that up in a jiff!

Google AI gains access to 1.2m confidential NHS patient records


Holy Macrel

Leaving aside the ethics of the NHS, it doesn't seem like a anyone here read the linked articles or documents. Everyone is making up their supporting information as they go along to suit their outage, on both sides of the argument. It helps to read before forming your opinion.

Microsoft exams? Tough, you say? Pffft. 5-YEAR-OLD KID passes MCP test


Re: So microsoft exams can be passed by 6 year olds

Obviously the fact that a 6 year old passed the test is news worthy, means that it does not happen often, just like you will see occasional stories that a 12 year old (or something similar) just graduated from Harvard with an MBA. That does not mean that the test or Harvard are garbage, but rather is showing that the individual that passed/graduated is exceptional.

Maybe you shouldn't base your decisions off of the .00001% of the cases?

"So what does this say about the quality of professional IT certifcation?" First you should look up what spell check is, and secondly, it says absolutely nothing about the quality of IT certifications.

No more sprawl: Let us consider the benefits of blade servers


Really? Glad you have this webcast to cover these new blade thingies.

KCOM-owned Eclipse FAILS to cover up the password 'password'


Re: Not adding up

Domain name registration does involve the Name Server records, so that could be it.

100 pounds a year seems very steep for domain name registration. Network Solutions is about $14 per year, so $160 per year is 1100% more expensive.

They've taken my storage hostage ... now what?


Like anything else, there is a difference between a well planned and implemented BYOD and one that is not. We have a BYOD policy that allows users to access their work from any location from any device.

We use MDM and VDI, so the environment is self contained. Users enjoy being able to use their own phone and not having to use two phones. In the office, users have thin clients. Outside of the office users can use any computer they please. Users enjoy being able to use the device that they already have and are comfortable with, as most already do, and not have a locked down second laptop. For user that have a need for a laptop and do not have one, we will provide it.

Our users enjoy our BYOD policy very much as it gives them a lot of flexibility. We save some money on devices. Our environment is as locked as it would be if we did not have a BYOD policy.

It is possible that your idea of a BYOD environment is not always mirrored by reality. It is possible that while you strongly believe in separating home from the workplace, that other people may have different beliefs.

SAP boss cops jail time plea after Lego barcode bust


Re: Head Case?

definitely seems like there are a few cogs loose in that head. Are you really going to start a black market lego's ring when you are most likely making good money as a VP at SAP if you are completely sane? This is beyond just taking the odd BIC pen, but actually creating black market bar codes wholesale. This sounds like something out of a Coen brothers movie.

Climate change even worse than you thought: It causes war and murder


Their study fails to take air conditioning into account, air conditioning. All that needs to be done is to spread a little AC to Africa, Kenya, Brazil... and problem solved.

'World's BIGGEST online fraud': Suspect's phone had 'location' switched on


Re: It's all in the details

This reminds me of something that I heard a banker say a few years ago "A dollar borrowed is a dollar earned"

Micron: Our flashy girth leaves the competition cowering in impotence


except for all the businesses around the world who this is targeted at...

Smartwatch makers: You need apps to beat Apple

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Re: Optional

And something that is not hideous, I dont want to look like an ass hat. If that is the case I will buy the google glasses and get much more functionality. That Cookoo watch looks half-way decent, but does seem to be very limited in function. I think something looking similar but with a screen as a face that can go black (or some solid color - Monochrome seems fine to me) when not in use.

Texas teen jailed for four months over sarcastic Facebook comment


Re: Do a search

especially dont feed them after midnight, and for the love of all that is good, dont get them wet.


Re: Do a search

So because his brain is broken, a return is justified?


Re: Deserves it

The point here is that his comments were in jest. I agree that the police were correct in taking action to investigate and evaluate the kid, but after that was done, he should be released. Arrest him and question and investigate, but after finding that he is not a threat let the kid go. A few days in lockup while being investigated should teach a lesson.

Tesla unveils battery-swapping tech for fast car charging

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Re: There is a slight problem

I dont think that this has escaped anyone but you. Yes there are only a few that are open today, but there are many more scheduled to be opening through 2013 and beyond. Check out their site for the chargers to see where they will be added. Granted today they are pretty limited, but from their plans they will be available on many major highways within the next 1/2 to 1 year.

By fall you will be able to go up and down both coasts and by next year you can cross the US using several routes. I am guessing that since they have a page dedicated to the release dates that they are aware of this.


Google staffing boss: Our old hiring procedures were 'worthless'


Re: World's cleverest company states the obvious

Well, I for one would like to be a one trick pony like Google...

Lehman Brothers sues Intel over a billion dollar deal


you would think that it would be pretty clear in the contract, whether it was for 50.5 million shares or 1 billion dollars. ahh, minor details.

Satanic Renault takes hapless French bloke on 200km/h joyride


Re: "he drove the car off the road when it ran out of petrol."

There would be an awful lot of things that would have to go wrong, but this is not the first time it has happened. There were several cases with Toyota's with the exact same problems, with several deaths.

LSI: Flash is just another thing, not a miracle in your pants


Re: But are they right?

Not sure what you mean by most SSDs operate faster than through a RAID card. A RAID card through PCI can trounce a SSD drive connected through SAS. The PCI interface is just so much faster. Look at the throughput that a Fusion IO card can put out.

Cisco backs down on cloud control of routers


If they were taking internet data, which they said they didnt, that would be extremely bad. There are many ISPs out there that already do the same thing.

i dont agree that they should ever shut you out of local administration of these device. However do realize that these are not products designed for businesses. These are home routers, where most non-tech savvy people would probably prefer to log into some website that looks like fluffy clouds. Plus if they need tech support, there is no need for someone to ask them did you do this or that.

Cisco does not make money by advertising or selling user information, they make money by selling hardware and services. i doubt that they had some insidious plan to roll out this cloud service. Most likely it was some disconnected Exec that thought they could save a bunch of money on tech support like this, and that everyone would think that it was roses. i dont think that we need to put on our tin foil hats just yet.

Vulture 2 trigger triggers serious head-scratching


What about this?


Revealed: Inside super-soaraway Pinterest's virtual data centre


Re: And how much does 410TB of storage on S3 cost?

dont forget that you have a lot more in costs than just the drives. lets just say that you are going to wind up using 250 2TB drives by the time that you are done to have 410 TB, plus RAID and hotspare. Each one of these drives will run about 800 in my experience (of course it could be less in this kind of quantity, but humor me). So that is 200,000 right there. That doesn't include the trays and SAN headers. So that is probably about 21 trays for disks, at around 5,000 a piece, so a total of about another 100,000. For the SAN headers to handle this, I imagine that you are talking another 100-200K, lets go midway to 150,000. So far we are at 450,000. We will also be using at least 2 cabinets, very possibly 3 to store it. Lets go with 3 so that is a small amount of about 10,000. Then you have your UPSs, not sure on the total, but I am sure it is another 10,000 easy. dont forget the SAN switches and HBAs that you will need, so that will be another 50,000. Now you need support contract costs, space to lease for storing the racks, someone to be able to manage it, installation costs. Then you have to option if you want to have it replicated, and then you can double everything. dont forget that you need a system admin to manage this now, which will cost 100K annually.

Anyways, I see it being at least around 1/2 a million up front costs for this and quite easily much more, and that is not counting any of the recurring costs. I don't know what kind of performance Amazons storage offers, but if is higher performance I can see the numbers rapidly climbing. Anyways Enterprise storage and consumer storage are two different things so the cost is not as outrageous as it seems.

LOHAN's flying truss: One orb or two?


Re: Re: How do JPA do it?

I was thinking just along these lines, but instead of asking you can watch it:


Of course their rig looks a little more complicated.

Virtualization market faces shake-up


It depends what kind of workloads you are talking about

What kind of servers are you running that you will be able to get 50-60 servers on 192 GB of Ram? It all depends on what the server workload. I know the average VM I have is requiring 8+ GB of ram and a lot are starting at 16 GB. Plus the CPUs can only handle so much too. But again it all depends on the load the vm puts on the machine. I usually find I can get maybe 10 VMs on a server before it gets to hairy. Of course it depends on the load, as some servers will also saturate the bandwidth of the HBAs

As iPhone 4S battery suckage spreads, fixes appear


what percentage does it affect?

I personally have an Android and do not agree with Apple on a lot of their stances, but even I feel that this is not a big deal.

Lets compare this to the Blackberry outage. Every single Blackberry customer was affected for days, and working in IT saw many users affected by this. This affected all of their 70 million or so subscribers. This Apple battery issue on the other hand has 1200 posts right now. lets say that only 1% of people have posted something so the real number is 120K people. That means that roughly 58,000% more people were affected by the Blackberry outage (of course these are just guess numbers and maybe we should say you can be +-20,000%).

Basically Blackberry's issue affected their entire userbase, while right now this battery problem seems to be affecting a small percentage of the iPhone userbase. Battery issues like this are rampant throuhgout the smartphone community no matter who the manufacturer is. It seems something like this jumps out for Apple because they do such a good job in providing a good experience. They purposefully dont use cutting edge technology in a lot of areas, because they dont want to compromise in areas like battery.

What world wide outages has Apple experienced relating to their mobile business?

I will agree that I do not like Apple's policy to stick their head in the sand and pretending that nothing is happening. Even when their is an issue, it seems like it takes a nuclear bomb to get them to acknowledge something. I think that this is pretty poor.

Microsoft: Our clouds are cheaper than VMware clouds


I have been wondering the same thing

I have started looking at alternatives to VMWare for this exact reason. They used to be the only real option, but MS is quickly gaining ground and at a fraction of the price.

Asides from the addon prices, VMWare has increased the price with their most recent release. They now charge for the utilization of your hardware, if you want to utilize your hardware to its fullest capabilities, then expect to pay VMWare a lot more than their licensing pricing for version 4.

I will agree that their product is the best out there, but not by but the lead that it used to be. When you are looking at such a large price difference though it makes more and more sense to use MS. I know that I have started looking at them recently and I am pretty impressed with their product and how far along it has come.

WikiLeaks releases full searchable US secret cable files


the end of Wikileaks

kind of ironic how Wikileaks took all these steps to make sure that no one could destroy them as an organization, yet they seem to be doing it to themselves. In a matter of days, they have destroyed their credibility and proven their incompetence. Who is going to trust these bumbling group of clowns now?

VMware backs down on vSphere 5 virtual memory tax

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looks like I will be staying at esx 4.1 for as long as possible

I have less than 10 VM hosts, but I am just seeing the dollar signs looking at these license prices. All of my servers have 2 cores and over 96 GB of RAM and use standard licenses. That means that I now have to buy double the amount of licenses due to this new vRam licensing model, and that is after the changes. I just bought 10 new licenses and now I am going to have to upgrade them to Enterprise or buy another 20.

Thanks VMware............

TSA to revise nudie scanner software

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vocal minorities

I love that they point out that it is vocal minorities making a stink.

Personally I could care less about having to go through one of these scanners. i dont mind having to spend an extra few minutes going through this. And if I am too stupid to remove my belt, change, or whatever else that sets off the scanner, then I deserve a pat down. I wont like it, but hey deal with it. Whether or not it actually improves security, they are TRYING to improve security and I cant fault them on that. It is not some evil plot to take pictures.

Do you really think that the employees like to look through all these pictures? I am sure that they complain about there jobs just like the rest of the world. Then they go home and surf the web for porn like the rest of the world. I am sure that they are absolutely thrilled when they have to pat down some guys junk, must be the highlight of their day.

Flying is not a birth right unless you are born with wings. So if you dont like the procedures, then take a bus. After spending 3 days driving in a cramped smelly bus, you will probably take the 8 hour cramped smelly flight home. If you are so offended that you dont want to fly, fine dont fly. If you are so fearful of a pat down that you dont want to visit another country for that reason alone, i feel sorry for you. maybe you can visit in Second Life, hopefully there is no need for TSA there?

Oh well, I will keep on flying and deal with it. Some people will blow it way out of proportion, as if it were mid-evil times and the village guards were raping the village folk at a record pace. Everyone is entitled to do what they want.