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VMware eases Windows Mobile 10's turn-your-phone-into-a-PC pain


"you've been stuck with trying to get a Citrix client running in the phone's Edge browser."

Or you could use the Citrix Receiver app, just like on PC, Mac, Android, iOS.....

Watch the world's biggest 'flying bum' go arse over tit in a crash


Try doing THAT in a regular jet...

Microsoft’s Continuum: Game changer or novelty?


Re: But..?

On a serious note, if they got Steam to develop their in-home-streaming for ARM that would be pretty cool...


Re: No, it's not

While I do agree with your first two points (can't run W32 native code and touch interface compromise) you have missed one important element, that the author also either didn't know or didn't mention. Particularly when they mentioned it not accepting prior WinPhone8.1 apps.

Something important and new in UWP apps, as opposed to the previous Win8/WMobile8 apps is a layer of interface tools. These were specifically implimented to allow interfaces to change depending on what they were seen on (xbox, IoT, desktop, mobile, tablet). In fact, the app doesn't even need to close to change it's skin. It happens in real time while the app is still running.

If an app made for Windows Phone 8.1 was allowed on Continuum, it wouldn't know what to do and just mirror directly onto the screen, either giving a tiny, phone shaped window on screen akin to an emulator (which would be near useless as it would combine the worst bits of both in clumbsy big finger buttons and tiny real-estate, rather than the best of both) or simply streeeeeaaatch out the window to full monitor size, which the author DOES mention and how ordinary that approach can be.

These tools mean you can actively adjust the layout of your app, so on the phone it has the phone interface (which is ideal for that form factor) but when it gets goes to Continuum mode, it can do anything from minor adjustments to complete overhaul. All this without changing the coded logic of the app itself.

So, provided the developer bothers to do so; the Continuum interface can, like Excel does, completely change it's appearance to reflect the current device's capabilities. Meaning you could have W32 era size buttons and text, etc all intended for mouse and keyboard entry when those things are available.


"One UI omission causes a minor wrinkle when it comes to closing apps down. With no close dialog button on the apps, you do this from the task switcher (Alt-Tab)."

Actually, there is; Move your cursor to the top right corner, where you expect the close button to be, and it magically appears.

While not obvious, it is there.

Windows 10 market share growth slows to just ten per cent


At what cost

As a WindowsPhone user (and by choice), I wouldn't consider being able to use Android apps a success. It shows you (microsoft) lost.

It's either a sign you should be using an actual android or a nasty workaround to make WP 'good enough'.

Just when MS have almost delivered a compelling set of reasons to use it's ecosystem (you know, by actually having one), they've shot them selves in the foot.

To work, the Windows Store needed to reach the majority of Windows users. With Win7 holding strong that is not going to happen. Win10 was to offer Win7 users a step up and with it would come the store giving it the numbers it needed.

The compatibility with WindowsPhone would then mean that the app-gap would close, and remove a barrier to it's entry.

win-win-win for MS. So long as they didn't fudge both.

Good luck, but I'm less hopeful by the day.

PEAK iPAD: Slab looking a bit peaky, needs big biz to take more tablets



Good. Not because I hate apple, because I don't.

I hope they do see that Business (at least, Business IT) is lacking confidence in using iPads for anythig more than recruitment.

Staff want them, management want them (and get them anyway becauss hey, they're management) but they just haven't yet become a proven good fit for actually getting things done and replacing the beige old PC.

It'd make my life if next time someone asked me for an iPad I could just say YES and give it to them knowing they'd be happy AND productive without just adding another device to my workload per employee.

Microsoft: no plans to make own phones


Re: Have an 800

Yep, you assume correctly. My iPhone 4 is sitting in my top drawer as I write this. Not trolling.

1) Yep, great point. I can't believe MS would be so silly as to do this. Normally they're the one that understands backwards compatability. iOS turned my iPhone3 into a paper weight at one point, but it sure wasn't the first major revision! If I had the device on a contract i'd be significantly more upset about that.

2) I'm not being facetious, it's just that I use my smart phone primarily for calls, sms, email, calendar, exchange address book sync and my social media feeds. In THOSE respects, I find the MS device preferable. Like I said, this is how I use the device and I am not everyone. I currently have two apps I use regularly. One uses the flash as a torch (soooo useful) and the other is Nokia Drive. The big plus of Drive is that it caches the maps rather than rely on active 3g. That's a handy (if sad) boon where I live.


Have an 800

I am trialing for the past fw weeks the Nokia Lumia 800. Previous (smart) handsets are iPhones 3, 3g and 4 and an android.

The WinPhone is preferable to me. It urks me to say it, having been thruogh the horror of programming for older microsoft mobile devices (PPC's etc) but they actually got this system right.

As for the 900 being an 800 with better camera and battery life, that's exactly what it SHOULD be because those are the 2 issues I have with the device.

The 2 OS issus I also have, in fairness are:

1st: The lack of tethering which I believe will come in future release of the OS.

2nd: I would like more than one screen of tiles. This is monor for me because I don't have dozens of games and fart apps on my phone, but could be an issue in the wider market.

How iiNet beat Big Content


Re: it's still theft

Thanks Nicho,

You know, every now and then you see a post which actually makes you think about the topic a little differently to how you had before.


Oz lawmakers mull Facebook parental snoop rules


How about no.

Excellent. That's just what I want to do. Give Facebook a copy of my driver’s license or other hard identification.


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