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Uncle Sam charges Julian Assange with conspiracy to commit computer intrusion

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Re: 7 years or 5

For those still reading...


Cameron Colley

So, he was right then.

He was right that, as soon as he was in custody, the US would want to grab him, Perhaps that really is why he ran in the first place?

The man does come across as arrogant and, of course, if he's guilty of the crimes accused of in Sweden then he should have stood trial for them.

But his stated reason for avoiding arrest does appear to be a valid one. He now faces up to 5 years of either solitary confinement or being brutalised. That's assuming that the US won't come up with other charges, terrorism anyone?, and fine reasons to lay down and even heavier sentence.

Cameron Colley

Re: 7 years or 5

That's 7 years in a cupboard not being beaten and raped as opposed to the 5 he faces now. Read any account of men in the US prison system and you'll understand exactly why he doesn't want to be there.

While Google agonizes over military AI, IBM is happy to pick up the slack, even for the Chinese military

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IBM, helping genocide?


Creep travels half the world to harass online teen gamer… and gets shot by her mom – cops

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Re: Now he can get a tattoo, "Shot by the Mom!"

Somebody managed to cut down a tree with one of his "toys":


The e-waste warrior, 28,000 copied Windows restore discs, and a fight to stay out of jail

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Re: "counterfeit goods"?

See the article linked below, the issue was that he made them look like genuine Dell, Microsoft approved, restore discs. That was very silly.

Imagine if he distributed them only to find that, for example, they contained malware of some kind. This may result in a class action suit against Dell as well as loss of reputation.

Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly no Microsoft (or Dell for that matter) apologist but what he did was counterfeiting even if the product he was counterfeiting has zero value.


Russia could chop vital undersea web cables, warns Brit military chief

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Re: Most Important Comment

I'm sorry you appear to have a terrible lion up your end, there's an advantage to an enema at once!

They've only gone and made a chemical-threat-detecting ring

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I think I know how this works.

You make sure a lot of people in a crowd, say commuters, are wearing them. Then, in the event of a chemical attack as they start dropping dead you take the readings sent from their rings to model the movement of the threat telling you the likely origin and the direction it is moving and how it is dispersing -- letting you know where to evacuate other people to.

So, it's a ring for human canaries...

Rejecting Sonos' private data slurp basically bricks bloke's boombox

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So, is Sonos in trouble financially then?

I thought that their kit was relatively expensive so they should be capable of making a profit selling it. However, this suggests that may not be the case and they need to sell personal data to make any money?

Or they could just be greedy, pathetic scum?

Sorry, but those huge walls of terms and conditions you never read are legally binding

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Another question is why does anyone use Uber?

OK, I get it, it's convenient but surely anyone who has read anything at all about Uber knows they're toxic scum and would not want to pay them a penny?

Or is this another case of "Oh, no, that's really bad! Still, I'm too lazy so I'll help pay the scum anyhow."? Or, to put it another way, the real story here is that millions of people think their convenience is more important than the rights of others.

Bitcoin exchange Coinbase crashes after Asian buying frenzy

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Re: Why?

Darn it! Forgot to look at this sooner so the morons who downvoted without giving a reason won't see that I know they're fucking morons or scum who use bitcoin for crime.

Also, thanks for the reply Brangdon.

Cameron Colley


I still don't understand what the benefits of bitcoin, besides being a pyramid scheme and aiding with committing crimes, are?

How does Bitcoin help anything? If I use my credit card (a similar concept in some ways) then I've built-in insurance -- what do I get with Bitcoin? Even if, for example, I use Bitcoin to pay for a VPN to get around Chairman May's internet recording once I start using that then the provider knows my IP address and, therefore, it's traceable as me anyhow so why bother using Bitcoin?

Well, hot-diggity-damn, BlackBerry's KEYone is one hell of a comeback

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Re: Hyped up nonsense...

Why do some insist that they're the only ones who should be catered for?

If you want a shiny, grubby, slab of glass to mush your fingers against you've got lots of choice -- why not let those of us who know the advantages of hardware qwerty get what we want also?

Sadly I don't actually think that the minority would be so small if more people forgot what the marketroids at Apple told them used physical keyboards for a week or so.

UK to block Kodi pirates in real-time: Saturday kick-off

Cameron Colley

So, are all ISPs affected, or not?

I see a few comments above along the lines of "Then boycott the big 5...". Does that mean you know for a fact that no other ISP will be opbliged to do this? I was under the impression that most ISPs were, in fact, BT resellers -- am I wrong?

For this, and previous rulings regarding " adult" content can "Small ISPs" really ignore the rule of law?

I'm happy to see evidence to the contrary but my reading of this is that it applies to all either because the "big 5" provide all or because it's a precedent.

'Password rules are bullsh*t!' Stackoverflow Jeff's rage overflows

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Re: My favourate: '; DROP TABLE users /*



Could cause issues for those sites storing passwords in cleartext, perhaps?

Road accident nuisance callers fined £270,000 for being absolute sh*tbags

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Re: My policy is...

Sadly, in the UK, it is illegal to use any profane language across any telephone. So, do not swear!

I want to know who the scum are who take this excreta up on its offers?

Let's teach logic and schepticism in schools, perhaps? Sadly that's not going to happen for obvious reasons.

Firefox 52 kills plugins – except Flash – and runs up a red flag for HTTP

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I give up!

If you want to pay the advertisers to not advertise to you then, yeah, go ahead.

I'm really not sure why anybody with a mindset like that doesn't just use Chrome or Edge?

Cameron Colley

There are alternatives, suck as uBlock and uBlock Origin, rather than the much-criticised Ghostery:


Palmtop nostalgia is tinny music to my elephantine ears

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Re: Dragons den earbuds

They only make them for selected models though. I inquired about them and they politely told me that they don't make them for my ATH-E70s but would happily sell me some cheapo earphones instead.

Nokia 3310 'Supremo Putin' edition goes on sale in Russia

Cameron Colley

Wot no WAP?

It might be worth it if it were the 3330 complete with WAP.

Skype-on-Linux graduates from Alpha to Beta status

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Are there any viable alternatives for non-technical users?

I can ask my beloved maiden aunt to install Skype, give her my username, and we can then talk without any more setup.

I looked at Ring but it involves punching holes in firewalls and the like of which I'm not happy to have to talk through to everyone I may meet who may use it and, in some cases, it would not even be possible.

As an aside I tried Tox and discovered that the Android client burns through the battery far too fast to be usable the (especially given Android's non-existant task managing abilities).

Russia (A) bans web porn as a 'bad influence' (B) decriminalizes domestic violence – or (C) all of the above?

Cameron Colley

So when does the UK get the new domestic abuse laws?

Chairman May is already in the process of banning pornographic sites, albeit more slowly, so when will she follow on with this law?

I was going to post about how sad it is that the Russian president is such scum and that if he were to be less stupid about things like this there may be much more respect for the country by those abroad but then I remembered that the UK law-makers aren't exactly covering themselves in glory and neither are the US .

UK ISPs may be handed cock-blocking powers

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Re: Why?

The point, as I think I raised before, is to make money for Chairman May. Whether she's being paid by the people who make "IP-blocking solutions" or the UK porn industry is anybody's guess but mark my words there's money in it for her somewhere. That and, as pointed out above, she gets to exercise power -- something amoral pond-scum like her like to do to make them feel more important than others who, unlike them, are worth more than the shit one scraps of one's shoe after a walk in the country.

Cameron Colley

Re: Contact your ISP

Why contact your ISP? Once these laws there will be two kinds of ISP -- those that implement it and those that will be shut down or face other legal issues.

Granted, some might go all AOL and block more but none can block less because it will be illegal thanks to Chairman May.

UK's lords want more details on adult website check plans

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I fear that is more than NSFW.

It's NSFUK -- I fear that is genuinely illegal in the UK and may get anyone clicking on it (as I have just done) into trouble. I may be wrong, and I hope so, but after the "tiger video" debacle a few years ago I really worry.

So, don't make the mistake I did and go to the image tr1ck5t3r posted from a country like the UK or US.

Cameron Colley

Not sure whether May's stupid or just wants to ban online pornography in the UK.

Or, perhaps, she's been promised a few quid by those in charge of UK-based pay-for porn sites? Since virtually nobody* is going to pay for pornography then I can only suspect that Ms May is either a moron or wants to try to ban free pornography.

While I'm not as against the "dirty old man register" one must sign up to in order not to have innocuous sites blocked by association at least that is vaguely possible. Though, again, one has to wonder whether the banning of such harmless content such as face-sitting is an attempt to block all non-UK produced porn.

So, there we have it, the only possible explanation, unless Ms May is a pathetic, moronic, puritan fascist pig, is that she's in the pay of the UK porn industry.

Putting the 'Port' in Portal: Old-school fan brings game to Apple II

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Re: Are they gaslighting me?

Loaded it up on Linux (Steam) to take a look -- definitely an orange and a blue portal. I realise it's annoying for those who've bought things like this already but, being another who obtains games years after release, I am glad Valve saw fit to compile both Portal and Portal 2 to Linux.

Promising compsci student sold key-logger, infects 16,000 machines, pleads guilty, faces jail

Cameron Colley

How is a keylogger illegal?

As another commentard asks, why is it illegal to produce a keylogger? It's particularly stupid that somebody is prosecuted for producing one in a country where being convicted due to evidence from a keylogger allows a person to walk away because law enforcement don't want anybody to know what their keylogger does.

If the guy lived in a free country he'd be fine.

Folders return to Windows 10's Start Thing

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Re: I see the Xmas spirit has run dry...

Why give him credit at all? You're giving somebody credit for taking the job of head of a company hell-bent on stifling growth in the technology industry and forcing people to use horrendous interfaces all because "share prices"? You're giving a man credit for trying to make as much money as possible and fuck everyone else?

Did webcam 'performer' offer support chap payment in kind?

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Where to start?

In a former job I used to sit next to a guy whose job it was to read all the dodgy SPAM which came in and compile a list of words and phrases to be blocked. He had to sit with his back to the fire escape so nobody else in the office could see. Nobody, that is, but the guy sitting next to him.

Then there was the sudden ejaculation of "No! Nooooo!" from the security manager followed by a much quieter "Fisting school .com!?!?" which, apparently, was a favourite site of one of the lawyers.

Nowadays I don't see all that just have a manager whom I've seen a video of her and her sister rubbing ice cubes onto their naked bodies together...

'Public Wi-Fi' gang fail in cunning plan to hide £10m cigarette tax fraud

Cameron Colley

Couldn't they just have said they never made a profit?

Surely if they could cook up some figures which suggested that they never made a profit they could go free? Or is it only legal to avoid tax if you bribe enough MPs?

Hackers electrocute selves in quest to turn secure doors inside out

Cameron Colley

Re: Push The Button To Exit

Fire? "Break glass to exit" buttons were used a place I used to work -- not sure whether they were alarmed or not as I only saw then used during the first fire drills after they were fitted, to ensure they worked as expected. Either that of you have fire buttons or just "normal" fire exit doors anyhow which are alarmed. The type of exit being used depending upon the type of security layers the building has (Secure office only, secure lobby only, secure compound...).

British politicians sign off on surveillance law, now it's over to the Queen

Cameron Colley

Re: As Usual - it's unworkable

It will work just fine. Whomever paid the government to put this into law will get to sell more data solutions. That's the point of this law.

Cameron Colley

Re: Sense of proportion

Governments love terrorists. As long as they're not actively targeting the government they make the government's job of taking money from the population to give to their prospective employers much easier.

Oh, and I'm sure I'm not the only person who doesn't give a shit what the Chinese government knows about me because they're not in a position to send me off to be tortured in some hellhole.

More movie and TV binge-streaming sites join UK banned list

Cameron Colley

I am so, so, sorry...

I apologise, I have bought DVDs and I have paid both Amazon and Netflix so that they can fund the sub-human scum in the film and television licensing industries.

Perhaps, one day, we can stop being so damn weak, start reading more books and stop paying this excreta.

I also publicly apologise for buying Metro 2033 and, therefore, pay for thugs to threaten an innocent lady.

We should all be ashamed of ourselves for paying for this protection racket. I realise my typing this doesn;t help anything but let's at least think about getting rid of this abusive scum.

Windows Server 2016 persistent memory support supercharges storage IO

Cameron Colley

"memory clear and boot"

Aha, but wouldn't that clear everything including the OS?

I gave myself the thought-experiment of "How does an OS purely stored in [persistent] RAM* work?". Binaries aren't "loaded form disk into memory" they're just, what, jumped to?

*That is, when storage and memory become the same physical thing.

Ethiopia bans social media

Cameron Colley

Perhaps they can work with our prime minister.

After all, Theresa's an expert on how us terrorists (in other words her citizens) use the interweb.

Location boffins demo satellite-free navigation

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Re: Maps

Wow, you've a self-driving car which can read a map and use a compass to navigate?

Cameron Colley

Re: Sextants

"Coming up next: how to use a map and a compass."

Yeah, that would be really useful to a drone doing ~10MPH down a crowded LA street or to a Google car doing ~70MPH on a motorway...

I know it's big and clever nowadays to mock people who use GPS and "don't know how to use a map" but not every use of GPS is by people.

And, if individuals can benefit from the technology then why not? For leisure travel in cars and on motor bikes GPS can mean the discovery of new routes and the ability to explore without fear of becoming lost and having to stop and take bearings with a compass.

So, while I am in agreement that the use of a map and compass is a skill worth having and that having at least a paper map when driving is a very good idea I don't think either are relevant here.

In other news, why bother with keyboards when one can simply learn how to write?

BSODs of the week: From GRUB to nagware

Cameron Colley

Quite appropriate for me.

I've been getting BSODs on the Windows XP machine at work for the last few workdays. The first couple of times I was actually quite excited as I hadn't seen one on a machine I was using for years ,despite having to use Windows daily at work, so it was a blast from the past. I'm getting a bit bored of the BSODs now though.

Guess I'll have to fire up the BSOD screen server at home and remember I've done it so I don't panic when I see the kernel panic screen included in it like I did last time I used it.

Ransomware scum infect Comic Relief server: Internal systems taken down

Cameron Colley


If you're alive then you've done fuck all yourself to stop the despotic murderers so get off your high horse already.

There is no way for anybody in the UK or US to do anything to change anything that our owners decide to do. Ask David Kelly how best to alert people of war crimes. Oh, no, wait, you can't...

Rise of the Machines at Sea: The British firm building robot boats

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Re: Piracy?

Robot goalkeeper?

71,000 Minecraft World Map accounts leaked online after 'hack'

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A password manager?

So how exactly am I supposed to use a password manager when I don't control the machine I'm working on? My personal passwords are easy enough to remember and I do as mentioned and re-use passwords on sites where money and/or personal details aren't involved. But how can I use a password manager to remember the 8 to 10 passwords I have to use at work daily? Then there's the fact I have two PCs and a phone so I'd need a list somewhere to populate the password managers on those and if I've got a list why do I need password managers when I can just lock up the list? What happens when, for some reason, I loose access to my PCs, how do I get the passwords back?

Yes, I know password managers an be helpful to some who have a lot of online passwords but they're the answer to a specific case not all cases.

UK IT consultant subject to insane sex ban order mounts legal challenge

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Quick, arrest then hang tony72!!

tony72 is a terrorist paedophile and I know because a dog told me. That is surely enough evidence to bring back hanging?

The calm before the storm: AMD's Zen bears down on Intel CPUs

Cameron Colley

I was just telling somebody today that I thought I just bought my last AMD chip...

I recently upgraded to an FX-8370 (currently mildly overclocked at 4.5GHz) to replace the FX-8120 that I built this system with* in the hope of extending the life of this system until I feel I can afford to build something new.

I was telling a colleague this and explaining that I did so because it's the most powerful chip that will fit in the socket and that next time I'll be looking to (possibly spend more that I would for AMD and) build an Intel system as AMD just aren't performing as well.

As somebody who admires AMD for the architecture they invented (AMD64) and some Intel-beating chips of the past I hope that this means I may be able to choose AMD and be buying something close to top-of-the-table (assuming I can afford it, of course).

*I knew at the time it wasn't impressive with benchmarks but knowing that all virtualisation features were definitely enabled rather than Intel's "You must read all the specifications, regardless of price, as sometimes we just disable things for fun" approach and knowing that I'd at least 4 proper cores and potentially 8 (usage-dependent) for my money meant it was generally fine and I still think it was the right choice.

Android Mew-ware, I choose you: Code nasty poses as Pokemon GO

Cameron Colley

Re: Puzzled..

I think you may have misread the article. The article is about malicious software posing as the game not the game itself being malicious...

Isis crisis: Facebook makes Bristol lass an unperson

Cameron Colley

Re: Fix the Scunthorpe problem

Apparently it could be rendered as Squainthorpe as "quaint" would seem to be another spelling of the same.

Fly to Africa. Survive helicopter death flight to oil rig. Do no work for three weeks. Repeat

Cameron Colley

It's called "bribery".

As the AC above point out it can mean prison time for anyone aware of it. As far as the UK government is concerned if you are aware that somebody even suggested that they pay a foreign official anything but what is explicitly declared by law it's bribery and, if your company has a UK office and you visit, it it can mean prison time whether not not you work for the UK office or are a UK citizen.

The above is regardless of whether the country in question considers it bribery or not or whether it's legal there or not or whether their courts would even consider looking into it or not, unless it's explicitly stated in their law that the payment is legal the UK government say you are guilty of bribery.

Dad of student slain in Paris terror massacre sues Google, Twitter, Facebook for their 'material support' of ISIS

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Re: "MTB"

"MTB" has long been used as a shortening of mountain bike though I'll admit I, too, do not understand why either.

As to whether mountain bikers are terrorists? I've seen plenty of averts for mountain bike tours for "t'rrists" as George W. Bush would say.

Forget Game of Thrones as Android ransomware infects TVs

Cameron Colley

Re: @Dave126

So, Dave126, you know for certain that no manufacturer has ever, no will ever, either intentionally nor accidentally allow the device to attempt to automatically connect to wireless networks?

I'm glad there's an Android developer who works for all major manufacturers on this site, thanks Dave126 for clearing that up...