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CES la vie: Shrunken Ultrabooks, muted mobiles and Segway's adult prams at world's biggest consumer tech show


Re: Ultrabook?

Other than the keyboard, describes my 2013 Panasonic CF53 mk2... gets almost 12 hours on battery too on an Intel Core i5 vPro, 16GB RAM, and a 512GB Samsung Pro SSD.

Boots Windows 10 Pro in about 8 seconds, Linux in 6 ;)

Why is a 22GB database containing 56 million US folks' personal details sitting on the open internet using a Chinese IP address? Seriously, why?


Re: late capitalists

No, it's cheaper & far less repercussions using humans nowadays... NDA's, forced arbitration, medical waivers, 'test groups'...

Disclosure: Have Stage 4 colon cancer and yeah getting worse rather than better.

Microsoft takes us to 2004 with new Windows 10 so you don't mistake it for Server 2003


Re: "light on features to enliven a keynote, but heavy on fixes"

> a platform to automatically install incorrect device drivers

I fucking HATE that! Does wondrous things to an HP Designjet T120... And the client thought it was just me until I made him watch it happen...


Re: "light on features to enliven a keynote, but heavy on fixes"

Have clients who would disappear me if something happened to their Outlook... Suicide by Train most likely...

Do NOT fuck with their Outlook....


Server 2016 Essentials? Server 2019 Essentials? Those are the SMB server software you seek, yeah?

When the IT department speaks, users listen. Or face the consequences


Re: Storing in the wrong place?

Have a beer->

Had a guy who used his Outlook as a file system - over a hundred folders and over 10GB of a .pst file - on Windows XP... and he wondered why his laptop was so slow to start up with Outlook being in his start folder...


I managed to skip Windows ME - went from 98SE to Windows 2000 - thank jebus!

I do remember all the screaming though lmao...


Re: My current organisation is like that

Oh goddamn that's true!

Recently had to recover a hyper-v server with five VMs running on it that I warned the client about three years prior when the outside vendor dreamed up this nightmare - no backups, no redundancy, nothing.

Took me 33 hours to get them back to a point where they could cut wood again - and THAT was after Dell & FedEx disappeared an $11k server I overnighted for FIVE DAYS...

Now they want me to build a hyper-v cluster for them...


Just out of curiosity, how big was that disk array? Trying to connect some memories here.

What could go wrong? Redmond researchers release a blabbering bot trained on Reddit chats


Re: Easier than the Turing test?

Typical Redditor or the Reddit Hive Mind? They're the same.

I think the results might be interesting to see if the bot gets buried or will glom on to the hive to be accepted.

Heads up from Internet of S*!# land: Best Buy's Insignia 'smart' home gear will become very dumb this Wednesday


Re: This is inevitable

Yep, have several Pi's running Kodi to play all the streams I've copied over the years - about 20TB to be exact, on my home network with a couple of NAS devices. Was my cord-cutting solution.


Re: Hold on...

Geek Squad - what a joke.. Folks bring me equipment that Geek Squad can't fix, cracks me up... because it's usually something pretty simple to correct.

One wonders if installing Office 'that one time' is a prerequisite for employment at Geek Squad, they are that bad...

WTF? Apple iPhones shrank by more than $22bn in fiscal '19


Re: Long Life Products

Typing this on a 2013 Panasonic CF-53 Toughbook - and I run everything, even in Windows 10 lol, doesn't stress it out.

You get what you pay for.

You'e yping i wong: macOS Catalina stops Twitter desktop app from accepting B, L, M, R, and T in passwords


Re: Who needs it?

Good place for trolling.

Besides, hurling metaphorical poo is scientifical, how else can you see what sticks?

Remember the 1980s? Oversized shoulder pads, Metal Mickey and... sticky keyboards?


ok just 15 years ago...

I was working at a local computer shop, mostly out on the road taking care of different clients, but sometimes a client would bring in a workstation to fix.

This one particular day an old Dell workstation came in, client said it wouldn't boot anymore. Well, later I had some time between calls so I plugged it in and in doing so, was getting this brown sticky stuff on my hands/arms, didn't think about it much until I popped the cover off - it was coated in that brown stuff and was actually oozing from different components. Then the *smell*..

It wasn't until I started shaking that I realized what the 'brown sticky stuff' was...

It was damn near pure nicotine and I was reacting to it - made me sick & twitchy af!

I bagged that damn thing in a hazardous material bag and gave it back to the client as a total loss. Turns out she was a chain smoker and after 10 years of smoking in front of her computer, this was the end result.

Pentagon beams down $10bn JEDI contract to Microsoft: Windows giant beats off Bezos


Re: Article about JEDI shows picture of Spock

Yeah, I'm here just for that... Outraged I am - unsure if error or trolling... probably trolling...

I'll get over it lol

We can go our own Huawei! Arm says it can flog chip blueprints to Chinese giant despite US trade embargo


Re: In the meantime ...

Rejoice! Intel's Gen 12 cpus won't have the meltdown/Spectre stuff baked in! Hit up Dell the other day, 10th/11th gens still affected by it - did so after asking why there's a BIOS update damn near every month... /rambling rage...

Inside the 1TB ImageNet data set used to train the world's AI: Naked kids, drunken frat parties, porno stars, and more


Re: Before we start mucking with AI

/run hide.exe

Good news – America's nuke arsenal to swap eight-inch floppy disks for solid-state drives


Re: Its not so much the age

You have to check - you'd be surprised how often folks pencil-whip their inventories...


Father of Unix Ken Thompson checkmated: Old eight-char password is finally cracked


Keeps the worms from paying attention, but we also have thumpers...

Microsoft has made an Android phone. Repeat, Microsoft has made an Android phone. A dual-screen foldable mobe not due until late 2020


Re: Could it be the One?

Own a 3d printer so a case wouldn't be an issue - so two e-ink screens, large battery, powered by maybe a Raspberry Pi? Shouldn't get overly hot, but what would be more suitable?

I've got some time ;)

edit: Raspi would be overly thick, run too hot unless you underclocked it. idk lol


Could it be the One?

I've wanted a e-ink foldable paperback- sized tablet/reader for a looong time (decades?) - I'll take a color version of that dream in a phone. No problem at all.

I like it. Just about the perfect size imo.

Here's that hippie, pro-privacy, pro-freedom Apple y'all so love: Hong Kong protest safety app banned from iOS store


Re: Apple will make more money ...

>That said, they're not the only hi-tech corporation to do this.

Doesn't matter - they're the ones who are supposed to 'Think Different'...

The mod firing squad: Stack Exchange embroiled in 'he said, she said, they said' row


Re: Is this just an English thing ?

I'd like to be an attack helicopter... sounds like fun ;)

An unbearable itch to migrate your OS to the cloud? You might have a case of Windows VD


Re: "run their Windows 7 desktops in Microsoft's cloudy data centres"

Cloud = Mainframes in my eyes - we've been here before, didn't like it much then.

SpaceX didn't move sat out of impending smash doom because it 'didn't see ESA's messages'


Re: This would be why they are test sats

Were you locked out of your Tesla yesterday?

Just curious....

Microsoft's cloudy Windows Virtual Desktop: It fills a gap, but there are plenty of annoyances


Re: No.

Damn straight it was bad management AND design - I disagreed with it when they had a network architect design the system and they pushed me out of the project to complete it - THEN they call me in three years later to fix the damn thing when it died.

What happened here was the vendor designed it top to bottom with unnecessary complexity (VM's), isn't backwards compatible with their own software, no DR, no backups. And I had to fix it and now have to redesign it so they can cut a piece of wood without a server being up... No shit - they couldn't cut wood without the server being operational.

Yeah, it was like that.



After what I've been through the past week recovering a HyperV host with four VM's that ran entire company, no redundancy, no proper backups... - all virtual bullshit can go fuck right off... I did get them running and the 50 employees are back to work, but the VM's are going away, soon. Fuck that shit - give me hardware or give me death...

Dropbox would rather write code twice than try to make C++ work on both iOS and Android


Re: "It is written in Perl"

> and it's a very nice Perl'

hehe... love that...

Ohm my God: If you let anyone other than Apple replace your recent iPhone's battery, expect to be nagged by iOS


Re: You were lucky.....

He did say they had his best interests at heart... so Tim Cook?


Re: Ohm My Gawd

Got something in my eye... nevermind, it's my finger..


I always replace those with good grade 8 parts on the first repair cycle... makes it easier for the next time.

Watch as 10 cops with guns and military camo storm suspected Capital One hacker's house…


Re: I'm confused.

LOL! Yeah I call mine a developer machine for tax purposes too...


You're wrong.

No. You want to go after a company, you go after their business assets, their management, not the poor bastards they take advantage of.


Re: Darwin Award Contender

That's ok, you were excited ;)

Operation Desert Sh!tstorm: Routine test shoots down military's top-secret internets


Re: don't wait 20 mins !

US military uses 24v on their vehicles - have to step it down perhaps?

Quantum goes open and passwords must die in a week of Microsoft fun


the PIN is a password..

The PIN in this case is alphanumeric - I tripped over that too but it's just a password in practice on Win10.

Microsoft tells resellers: 'We listened to you, and we have acted' (PS: Plz keep making us money)


Re: So...



Oh no, Twitter's gone down. How can we get the word out? Ah yeah, that's right. We have a website that works


Re: And when it comes back...

meh, can post but notifications are stuck - dosn't matter - I'm hungry - time to fix dinner ;)


Re: And when it comes back...

It's back - nothing trending yet lmao...



oh well... funny how the antisocial networks all being taken down here and there lately... Somebody flexing?

Got an 'old' Tesla? Musk promises 'self-driving' upgrade chip ship by end of 2019


Re: "out of date limits database"

> Occasionally they miss one...

There's your problem right there - it shouldn't miss anything at all - whole point of self-driving, yeah?


Re: "Awareness" at 360 degrees

Stick a mast on that bad boy... like the Apple & Google Maps cars lol...


Re: I like the idea

I was considering what you would do if you have to leave unexpectedly - like to go get your kid from school when they get sick etc - and your car is gone.

Don't like the idea - getting your car back all vomited in or worse...

Florida man pretending to be police pulls over real police, ends badly, claim cops


Re: Summer silly season.

It's all those cheap Crown Vics being dumped by LE departments for the new Chargers & Fords. Every other drug dealer has one... 'hiding in plain sight' lol

Oz watchdog claims Samsung's leak-proof phones ad campaign doesn't hold water


Re: I have a great idea!

Stoking your coal-burning Note 7 to charge it? I really really like that idea... Burning question is will you get the tiny coal shovel or is that extra?


NPM Inc settles union-busting complaints on third try – after CEO trolled for ordering internal mole hunt


Re: JavaScript. just say no.

Actually, disabling javascript disables quite a few paywalls... and other stuff... just saying...

Has NASA's Mars Insight lander hit rock bottom? Heat probe struggles to penetrate Red Planet


Re: It obviously hit a cylinder...

Plasma flow conduit... git yer shit straight...

Cop a load of this: 1TB of police body camera videos found lounging around public databases


Fucking idiots...

... why does this keep happening? This is basic stuff for anyone...

Although why should I be surprised? All the election commissions in this state failed a pentest organized by the state gov except mine and THAT was with a Win7 network without a server - since then I've installed a new server & locked down the Win7->Win10 installations. Note the county I take care of doesn't have the budget that the others have, but this ISN'T THAT DIFFICULT to stay secured. I just don't get it. Fucking idiots...

DeepNude's makers tried to deep-six their pervy AI app. Web creeps have other ideas: Cracked copies shared online as code decompiled


Re: This is only the start @CountCadaver

LMAO! Just had colon surgery last week - had a cancer mass removed - found out a friend's mother saw my ass on the operating table... And I, for one, do not give a fuck, cancer levels all playing fields...

Edited to say - yeah, doc blessed me with 12 TicTacs, (hydrocondone FIVES!) - understand the reasoning due to opioid addiction, affects on the bowels, but dayum! This thing HURT!