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Scotland's porn laws: Can we talk about this like grown-ups?



where upon he watched Thomas the tank engine and escaped by train...

Its rather stupid when photo's of an act, even i the photo is a staged setup shot, can carry a sentance longer than what is usual for th actual crime, is stupid.

surly these idiots in power, must have had people around them who grew up in the video nasty 70's, and be able to see it did not turn them into raping killing zombies, and from that be able to work out that what we see does not dictate what we do, and i bet most of the people reading this comment have grown up in those times and are law abiding, or at least not raped/killed anyone.

I'm not saying some people have not watched 'dodgy' stuff then committed crimes, just that they no doubt would have committed them anyway, blaming something else for their actions, like a book, maybe a good book, full of sex and violence, whats it called again, oh yes the bible...

the only good censorship is self censorship.

Vogue model sues Google over 'defamatory' blog



shes a model, a public figure, she would not be suing if said blogger had called her a beauty.....

from used picture shown she looks nothing special to me, she should just give up.

if blogger had aimed comments at mrs school run mum, then i would suggest a case did exist, but when you parade your body for money, like a work of art, you have to accept the critics.

iPhone gets Hong Kong eye transplant


mp is not everything

what makes a good camera on a phone is will it work in poor and varied light, something they have missed for years, my w900 sony has been with me since its uk launch, i have just this month replaced it (with i8510) as its taken that long to get a new phone that works in low light well.

even sony went backwards, the 3,2mp in phones after mine do not perform nearly as well.

I did not need the new phones 8mp, in fact for web shots my old and now battered olympus with its 800*600 camera is still a winner on contrast and colour balance.

horses for courses etc.

SMS bug: Nokia's Conversation goes mute

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ha ha

and i thought i just got no xmas or happy new msg;s as i was a billy no mates, now i realise its because i have an s60 phone from nokia, oh hang on its badged samsung but you know what i mean.

now i should txt all those people who i thought never texted me and say sorry for not receiving their txt's.............

Dabs.com courier goes titsup



well I can only speak of shitty place where brother worked, you get crap pay, are forced into overtime, in fact you sign to say you wont refuse it, then they work you upto 18hrs a day, and give you 20 hrs work to do, insist you meet impossible deadlines so you have to break speed limits, and i know in york we often see crashed vans, wonder why....

no they need to really look at there way of doing things and sort it out.

you cant blame the drivers, the problems is with the depot bosses, who wont tell their bosses to ... off

'HD TV gas' 17,000 times worse for planet than CO2, claims boffin


Heat is good....

in a cold climate....

That ceiling mounted projector heating my room means the house heating does not come on as much while watching a film....

balance is restored.....

Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C902 cameraphone

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low light is the key

why has the w900i still got one of the best low light cams, but its years old?

megapixels are useless if they all black.......

2mp in a phone is fine, but unless it can get a shot in a dark store room at the office party, its useless......

Babbage's Difference Engine hits Silicon Valley


One per desk..........

That thing is stupidly huge, I know they went from the plans but surely they could have built it half or quarter sized with modern materials.

How long now before somewhere in china see's these as popular and builds them keyring sized for a $

I hope they do, I'd have one lol

Texas graverobbers 'used skull to smoke dope'


@drug use in general.

Its simple darwinism, hard drugs kill people stupid enough to abuse them, hence legalise the lot and in 6 months the problem will go away, and remove all bans and tax on smoking+alcohol too, the world will sort itself out.

India and Belgium decry Chinese cyber attacks


Re:At the risk of sounding xenophobic...

sure I have seen that exact same post before, about 6 months ago, thats not to say its not a true story, just stuck in my mind.

@ .gov, Why is a .gov network connected to the damn interweb, surely it should be seperate on its own lines etc.

Two arrested over piracy at computer fair


back again..........

Yup I take the points in reference to my statement that gta4 should be 5.99, I was comparing it to hardware, but thats the validation for the point, if the hardware can come down in value, and needs just as much r&d as any piece of software, then the software price CAN come down to something reasonable, hell I can buy a rewriter for less than 30 quid!

@bradford computer fares and getting back to the good ol days, how many 'people' pay the entrance fee to get in to buy this pirated software, irrespective of if they would buy it full price or not, I bet attendance goes down, and the fares go shortly afterwards as organisers see a profit drop, seen it in other places like here in york etc, all the meets/fares etc dried up when piracy was stopped years ago.


lol another yorkshire bust

Seen these types working the crossgates carboot some years ago, may not be the same outfit but the usual practice, burn lots of disks at home in the week, then turn up on a sunday morning and sell them out of bags/flight cases, usually 3 disks for a tenner, though some did 5, often let anonymous kids stand the stall for a wage, kids dont get same sentence....

Going back to the PS1 days but no doubt now its just the same, and you got films too.

Cant see it being anything like the amount of money involved thats claimed, nor does it support terrorism/drugs/crime, they just found a simple but illegal business model and exploited the greed of the customer, whos to blame when GTA4 just cost my lad nearly 50 quid ?

When I bought software that had taken like a years development it cost 9.99 for my amstrad, it was a cutting edge machine then, so why is it now 50 quid for a game with a years development on a cutting edge machine?

Its not like other IT / PC items are costing 5 times as much, hell my 8 bit amstrad was 300 quid, 200 for the disk drive, 180 for a printer, now that would cost about 150 for a pc, 10 quid for a floppy, and 40 quid for a printer, and it would kick the ass out of the old kit, by that analogy, GTA4 should be about £5.99..............

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS20 compact camera



but is that not (2)(2)(2)(1) making 7 elements in four groups?

I should give up on this lol and go back do something I understand, the coffee pots empty................


dark shots

Would have like a night shot, town centre etc, as low light is were big deferences in cameras show up, as with camera phones, one day reviewers may notice we have a AM/PM thats dark and the day does not finish at pub opening time..........

7 elements in 6 groups, ???, if it has seven parts to the lens, and each is a glass element etc as the term usually implies, how do they arrange that into 6 groups?

Governator outs Dubya's global-warming 'time bomb'

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25% of what?

How can you have cars giving 25% less emissions unless the mpg goes up?

If an old diesel smoke belcher does 40mpg, and a new clean emissions car does 40mpg, then surely the effect on the environment is equal, both have put 1 gallon of burned diesel into the atmosphere and both done the same mileage, irrespective of whatever emission test you say it can now pass......

All you have done is reduce the amount of visible smoke, so it looks cleaner.

PH as I cant get my head around this....

Seagate ships 1 billionth drive

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damn prefixes/suffixes/mb/gb

Just quote the damn drive size in bits then we can see its true size with no issue.............

Blockbuster gets legal poke for Facebook Tupperware campaign

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ssssssshhhhhhhh, i'm watching video...

They should not have to go through this, what you watch is and should be private, if you want to tell a friend you rented debbie does dallas 4 times, thats up to you......

Oldham murders owl with whalesong

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why does that remind me of a monochrome RAF insignia......

oh hang on yes, it was round circles, with a different colour, red I believe, just like what oldham people are no doubt seeing at the money wasted on this...

PH, as its all about an expensive image............

Hitachi to go it alone on discs after all


so long.......

Heck I though I would never see another IBM deathstar.......

not that I have use them since the 60gb days, they seemed to have a run of unreliable 60/80gb drives and that drove me away to other firms.

Miserly marks get smart to UK phishing fraudsters

IT Angle

simple steps

Just dont read / open / bother with any banking emails.

If you want to use your online banking, open a new browser window, and by hand type in the name ie w w w.mybank. co. uk, dont click on a link to it

just those two simple things, will be a great defense starting point.

Always have uptodate anti virus software, to meet the bank requirement, a free one like avg will do.

Always have uptodate spyware, a free one like spybot will do, and your bank cant complain you took no precautions etc

Google pays for Affero ban


die google!

I thought it said banning aeros, nothing comes between me and my chocolate!

Boffin builds sex-selecting email analysis software

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balderdash! !

So, if it thinks I'm a woman because of the lack of manly comments in my email, should I be complemented or insulted...

PH, simply because

Creative climbs down over home brew Vista drivers


buy something else.

I'd sooner go on ebay, and buy a cheap soundcard for $1 with $9 postage from HK than buy a creative product ever again, and I said similar in 1999, about the last time I bought a creative soundcard after they failed to provide XP drivers instead wanting people to just *buy* a new soundcard for xp..........

No I'll stick with other offerings.

Snort coke, shaft the environment, say boffins

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But what about

The paris hilton angle?

Does she do coke or coffee?

So, high caffeine drinks are better for the planet than coke snorting, can I get my geek pride saves the planet t-shirt out of the wash?

MoD opens pork incubator in UK 'Golden Triangle'



''we'll all be saying that the incubator door should have been locked before all the unharnessed pork-laden talent pigs flew away.''

The UK is science wasteland, and we can now manufacture nothing.

We could once be self sufficient, we had gas, oil and coal, and factories to build what we need, now we are a nation of shop workers and estate agents, prime for the slaughter.

we are the pork.....

FCC opens curtain on Google puppetmaster


@Andrew Rodland

(meaning that you don't get the $20 "unlimited internet" plan that only applies to phones with 2-inch screens and hardly enough memory to display a webpage, while paying 5 times as much for the same service on a device that connects to a laptop)



Ha! you have been a customer of three.co.uk then.......

I thought that only went on this side of the water, obv not.

UK CCTV numbers 'may be overstated'



How would i provide a feed from the camera in the taxi..........

I have a simple sticker, and a simple recorder, funny how no one tries to run off without paying anymore...

Arthur C. Clarke dead at 90


You will be missed by many

And thanks for your works.

Facebook says occupied territories are Israel


Uk too

I live in york, but have to pick leeds for local network, how daft is that.

Texas Instruments sounds alarm on 3G


3g data on a phone, cant even buy it!

Online 3 ask a sales question popup, well i had to, I want mobile broadband in my lappy.....

[Lez] I wish to try mobile broadband with a pay-as-you-go solution, I see you do this but only with an included dongle for £99, I do not require a dongle/modem as my phone will do the same thing, so all I require is a sim, this does work I tried it with a friends vodafone sim, but i do not want to use vodafone, I have a three contract as does my wife and sons etc, so i want my mobile data to be with 3 also.

[Sachin] hi


we don't sell sim only deals ...sorry

[Lez] So I will have to buy a modem, will the sim from the modem work in a phone or is it paired to the modem?

[Sachin] you will need to buy the modem and the sim is paired to the modem.

[Lez] ok thanks. do you do anyother modems, ie plug in card ones, I do not have USB<cough>, only pcmcia and bluetooth.

[Sachin] we only have the modem for the internet deal.

[Lez] yes, a good answer to what I Asked, well looks like a vodafone deal then, sorry you could not supply.

[Sachin] ok then

[Sachin] is there anything else i can assist you with ?

[Lez] no thats it thanks i just needed a data solution for when working in the car

[Sachin] Thanks for contacting us. Please do not hesitate to contact us again if we can be of further assistance. Good bye

Once again three customer service sucks, well not so much sucks, this is sales, and here is a sales person not even offering to sell me anything, hell he should have suggested a broadband add on or even a data bolt on or something, I said I already had a phone/contract with 3 etc, so I could have had add on data, he should not let me go on my way thinking of a competitor as a solution.....

any wonder 3g sucks when they wont even sell it to you anymore........

Police raid CeBIT stands

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I can hear it now

but not if its in mp3 at cebit....

What a load of old, oh words just dont do this justice, its mp3, its a format thats used world over, and no one can own it, patent or not, its 'out there'

its GIF all over again.

When are these big patent businesses going to give in, it only harms creativity.

PH as this is so stupid.

Pentagon rattles sabre at Google's Street View


What word is going....

....through every terrorists mind at seeing this news....



Google moon

Wonder if they blank out the landing sites so we will never know the answer to the ultimate question....

Road charging, the sequel - Kelly unveils 'wired m-way' plans


An extra lane is a good idea

but not as important as the hard shoulder is now, if a section of motorway needs an extra lane, get some tarmac bought, build a new hard shoulder, and then reassign the old one to be the new inside lane.

I for one, would not travel on a motorway thats had its hard shoulder removed, so sorry, your A roads and country lanes will see more of my car.....

HTC to release handset video 'fix'


dev costs?

what costs, they cant shove two of their junior programmers in a cupboard for 6 months with promise of a huge bonus if they come up with something better than the current drivers? offer 6 months off work (paid) to which ever bright employee fixes it to get them out the ****

Would not cost as much as the bad press and possible class action...

MIT and TI to produce low energy chips



wont low voltage chipsets be more upset by an emp.............

Freeview lobby cries foul on Ofcom HDTV plans


dvb, dvb2, hd, bring back analog!

Hell analog was so good, maybe not for 90% of the people but if you were lucky enough to live within a few mile of emley moor then you got cracking reception with no noise at all, hell upstairs in the bedrooms the sets didn't even need aerials in!

not a single mpeg artifact insight, admittedly tv was not even upto 720p back then on the recorded stuff but when shows were live like dianas wedding and the london marathons etc, the pictures were so crisp and colourful it was HD !

Or have my glasses gone rose tinted....

I'll shut up and listen to my vinyl and open my keg7......


PS3 capacity boost claims are claptrap, says Sony UK

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Which ps3

With so many different sized models, and different chipsets, I just cant buy one for fear of buying the wrong one, do I buy a UK one, a US one, a jap one?

Its not just a TV standards issue anymore (at all really, as all decent tvs are multi) its all chipset too.

At least with old consoles the choice was so simpler, I have an xbox1, with a bigger HD, lasted years and no version worries.

Virgin Media dishes out free bandwidth boost

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They can stick it

Hell if they offer 100mb I'd still sooner have BT with its dodgy service and poor line quality

VM are a bunch of half wits with a call centre staffed by staff other call centres probably wont pay a peny an hour to!

My phone line was damaged by vandalism at the box at the end of the street, when it was ripped apart, this happened during the night, as I am a driver when out I divert the landline to my mobile, problem was now the landline was down I could not turn off the divert!!

I phoned VM from a friends who said they had tested my line and it was fine, I asked them to ring me on it, my mobile rung, I answered, numpty call staff then says oh I see your phone is working fine and hung up on me!

4 weeks to get it fixed!

It happens again, the local yobs love a challenge, 2 weeks to fix, by now the cbinet doors have lost the hinges and just fall off in the wind, over a year, VM still not fixed cabinet

July line went down again, I used the online 'moving house' to 'move to a non cabled area and please disconnect' with a months notice, so I got an email of proof of wanting to be disconnected, as by voice they lose disconnections so they can claim it never happened and get a few more months revenue........

Guess what, despite a confirmation email I was still billed for another 4 months and have now been passed to their debt recovery agents.

VM, you can keep your service. (which is good, if/when it works)

RIPA could be challenged on human rights


Artical 19

Article 19: "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."

Err, I dont think that holds anymore in the UK, start printing bits of a4 paper holding *your personally held opinion* that <insert favorite ethnic minority or sexual sub group> are scum, and see how long it takes the police to arrest you, of course you could tell the police its your opinion, and section 19 allows you to impart it to others.........

/devils advocate + coat

3 fails in court bid to uncover evidence of alleged collusion




When you see a banner that says 10mb for £2.50, and remember thats 10mb, nothing in todays standards, you expect to be able to get 10mb of little packets of data to your phone, once in my phone, it should be up to me how to view/use them, I paid for the damn reception of them!

Thumb Down

Oh how I hate 3

I pay £2.50 for 10mb of data - only to find I cant use how *I* want, its now called a browsing allowance, so I can browse upto 10mb of the web, but only on my phone, I cant use my laptop with my phone as a modem to browse on a large screen oh no, because that then is not browsing, its a data call..............

F'in morons.

I bought the '10mb internet access' so I could download traffic info for my GPS (how else do I know when to avoid traffic by turning up a one way street....)

I guess I should have read the small print, I only have myself to blame etc, but when I saw 10mb I expect to be able to transfer 10mb of 'data' to do with as I wish.

Oh and guess whats on my last months bill, £1.37, why, well you would never guess but 10mb of data does not cover an email, as email is not browsing, its like email, so you pay an extra charge for email.....

3 you 'suck' and I cant wait for my contract to come to an end.

Oh and heres another one, my SE w900i phone is not compatible with the 3 network as its not on their list of compatible phones, so I cant browse all the pages... Why? because 3 block its access even though it has the same browser built in as any other SE W/K series phone! (funny how more 'free' pages are blocked than pay to use pages......)

Not to mention they would not send me the 3 email settings, as its POP3 is incompatible with their system which is designed and tested for other SE phones which have POP3............

EU debates privacy of IP numbers


ITs not an issue.......

Surely an ip address identifies a connection, end of, this ip address here is to my router, which is open wifi, and cabled to my other computers, which other members of my household use, its not personal to me, its anyone in my family or the multitudes of weirdo's stealing my wifi.

3 gives up (Super)drugs


Drug Store

@Doug Lynn

So why do we hear the term ''drug store'' use so often in our cheaply bought american TV fodder for last night viewing?

Royal Society: UK gov needs to grow a biofuels policy


New cars, you can keep em.

Perhaps the gvmnt should stop trying to get old inefficient cars off the road, compare the mpg of my 10 year old car at an actual 44mpg to a new one 'quoted' at 50mpg, yes the new one is slightly better, but what was the footprint of building it to save that 10%, shipping it, getting it to sale....

moreover, my car can run on any old fuel, hell it even runs on its own waste engine oil after oil change time, not to mention old chip fat, used paint thinners, vegatable oil and the 'official' bio fuels, show me a new one that you can do that with and not worry, hell most modern diesel's if you forget and put a bit of petrol in them they need a tow and a major repair! (fact, brother in law did it, had to have tank drained, and yes is 'contaminated' fuel went into my tank!)

Mobe snap murderers face justice


death penalty candidate

Problem is the gene pool is polluted with people like this, at least in some american states they have a cure......

GPS is killing children




''''Whoever you are, you are invited to use your TomDumb and drive my area. Please try to take out a kid. I would love to meet you..... Probably you dont have kids, nor do you understand that main roads are intended for fast traffic. Whatever. I hope you may grow up once.''''

Whoever I am, I posted nder my name, I know who I am.

I would be happy to use a tomdumb and drive in your area, and I *would* drive responsibly and carefully, I have over 20 years driving experience, of cars, motorcycles, and even an old ambulance used as a disabled transport vehicle.

I drive at all times of day and night on mixed roads, I maintain all my own and family/friends vehicles.

I have had 2 accidents in all this time, one I was shunted from behind by a woman putting her childs pacifier/dummy back in not watching were she was going, result, her car wrote off and my vans back doors pushed in.

Accident two, I misjudged a sharp bend on a cold icy morning and went tree hunting.

Dont misjudge my tongue in cheek post that I am an inconsiderate driver, but I do stand by the point about darwinism, kids have to taught and have to learn road safety, you cant expect the driver of a vehicle to see everything, and if a child runs out into the path of a car, they may not be enough distance for the car to stop, its physics plain and simple.

I think car manufacturers have a point to bear here, new cars are so quite compared to old ones that you could here them coming 1/4 mile away

I'm also 41 and do have kids, and live in a residential area where the roads are a rat run and a bus route.

As to your comment on possibly beating up the driver, Good on you, I'd have tried the same, because lets face it they need to be taught to drive carefully.

I choose paris hilton as my icon, because this is just too dumb to be debated, its the drivers fault, endof

Brit violinist does a Radiohead

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@ leslies nockers

so are you saying that adding cheerleaders, monster trucks and some ranting by jeremy clarkson *wont* increase downloads, I'd put money on it.....

I think I said that....

1) the net is used more by men than women, ergo its availability to both sexes is not equal

Of course if you wish to disprove that...

2) that the measure of somethings popularity can be judged by torrent downloads

Emm lets see then, choose a torrent site like pirate bay and...

The Best Classical Album In The World-cd 1-2 Seeders 34

Johann_Sebastian_Bach_-_Best_of_-_2007-mCZ Seeders 36 (top listing)

Amy_Winehouse-Back_To_Black_(Deluxe_Edition)-2CD-2007-UKP Seeders 1232

I rest my case with facts proooooven......

I choose my icon to be paris hilton, as your have all been too blond to see I was taking the pi.......

(Albeit with real hard facts, like it or not)

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Its for who'oo

Just how does she think that by putting this free on the internet its making it openly available equally to all?

For one the internet _is_ male dominated, so its already available to more males than females.

As to making it popular, well a free gauge of popularity already exists, its called a torrent site, you can search for file-shared torrents of classical music, and see how its instantly outnumbered by downloads of just about anything else.....

In fact looking at the available downloads I think I see a trend and possibly she can get more people to download it if 1) dont release it as mp3 but instead a poor SVCD format, and 2) have it performed by some naked 18yr old girls doing strange things with their instruments, downloads would rocket....

Oh and throw in some cheerleaders, monster trucks, and jeremy clarkson

Excuse me sir: there's a rootkit in your master boot record

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emm, yes I remember the write protect bootblock option, I dont think this desktop has it but the cheapo motherboard I just paid £18 for still has it.............