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Readers, we need you... for LOHAN ignition failsafe brainwaves


Go chemical or hypergolic

Some phosphorus sealed until needed perhaps or sodium and water

Something like potassium permanganate and ethylene glycol, peroxide or something similar. Mix as required, and add some iron oxide and aluminium powder for good measure.

Not sure of the min ambient temps at which these occur might need a slightly friskier combination at high altitude temps

Hydrazine and an oxidiser?

ammonium nitrate, ammonium chloride, zinc dust and water perhaps?

Nearly a quarter of all books sold in US in 2012 were ebooks


ONLY a quarter of all books sold in US in 2012 were ebooks

There, I fixed it for you.

Elon Musk envisions small town of vegetarians on Mars



Climate change blamed for rise of life-draining horrors*


Boiling frogs again?

Stonehenge WASN'T built by ALIENS - Boffins' shock claim


Dawn of time, 1901

I always thought it was built from about 1901 or so, sort of an 'artists impression' of what a lot of clever people thought it ought to look like.

Apparently in 1877 it looked like this -


Social media off to war with propaganda posts


'killed several Australians'

Justifiable homicide, clearly.

'Dated and cheesy' Aero ripped from Windows 8


Channeling Canonical and Ubuntu then. Sounds like the usual 'it'd be a great place to work if it weren't for the *&^%%^ customers.'

Gov IT contractors hire staff in India to work on benefits system


Computer Technicians???? who wrote this rubbish?

Tree-hugging Chinese throttle rare earth production


interesting that hack journalists are incapable of understanding that 'rare earth' elements are not rare, but actually exist in abundance all over the place. The 'problem' about which they oibsess is simply that only China can be bothered to extract them at the moment, because it's reasonably messy to do, and there's very little money in it.

Nuke clock incapable of losing time chimes with boffins


We don't need to know the time accurately. What mankind REALLY needs is a good excuse for being late.

Pacific nation prepares to flee rising seas


Challenges in Tribology

Since the tides there are 2m, the weather station is at an altitude of 4m, and the highest point is listed as 81m, I'd say the whole article is suspect. Nay rubbish even.

Bloomin’ big: algae seen from space


'Any commenters know how to get Modis images into QGis? - RC'

Usually by being half competent at what they do.

Younger generation taking 'sledgehammer' to security


If you ask a burglar alarm salesman whether you should buy a burglar alarm, you are unlikely to be surprised by the answer.

CERN boffins to lift LHC beam power


Dilithium crystals, we need some dilithium crystals

Second 'Blue Marble' NASA sat pic apes Apollo 17's stunner


Rule 1. Provide a link to the content you're discussing. Abstract text discussions and descriptions of high res imagery are not terribly interesting.

Navy pays 2x purchase price to keep warship docked for 5 years


Between the guided missile destroyers and frigates with no missiles, and aircraft carriers with no aircraft, it's probably our main front line defences at this stage.

Probably quite useful against Somali pirates, too.

Codebreakers find evidence for hidden puzzle in GCHQ challenge


I heard there is a sequence from the digits of pi hidden in there for him to find

Engineer, criminologist join forces to CRUSH black hats


Neither an engineer, nor a criminologist. Just two academics.

Spanish firemen grapple naked stairs sex Brit


No, I think she was 'surprised'. The firemen were astounded.

Clooney fingered for Steve Jobs role in Hollywood biopic


Surely a Pixar/Disney animation would be more true to life?

Surprise Royal Society prize win by wave-watching author


The Clouspotters Guide, The wavewatchers Companion, do I see a pattern here?

OFFICIAL: Last Western Black rhino snuffs it


The only relevance to anything is the 'OFFICIAL' bit. They haven't seen any since 2006. Non-news about sub-species.


Shale gas operations triggered Blackpool tremors


"There's a certain level of seismic activity that can occur even with a truck going past a house"

Useful example that, since a magnitude 2-3 tremor is about equivalent to that felt from a truck driving past a house

Apprentice runner-up becomes Greggs bigshot


Questions to which the answer is ....

'Given the short-lived careers of the other Apprentice winners, she's probably done the right thing anyway...'

I think the question is rather, whether Greggs have done the right thing?


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