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Supreme Court mulls whether a cop looking up a license plate for cash is equivalent to watching Instagram at work


Re: Most common misuse of Police Computers

I have had the privilege of being that boyfriend, true story!

EU says Boeing 737 Max won't fly over the Continent just yet: The US can make its own choices over pilot training


MCAS - what's in a name anyways

I thought it was just a rebranding of the same software used in their Starliner space capsule :D

Samsung leads 5G early birds after shipping 6.7m phones to snatch over half of the market


Re: I'll be staying with 4G

But what if the resulting tumour were to give you superhuman powers?

Fortunately my living smack in the middle of a forest a kilometer away from neighbours and even farther from comms infrastructure affords me the option to avoid the bombardment of this absurd high risk moderate reward technology altogether.

Good luck city dwellers

China doesn't need to nick western tech when Google is giving it away


For a century the world abuses China to take advantage of cheap labour. (Manufacturing, the awful conditions the Chinese faced during railroad construction in north America, etc) Then we chastise them for nicking information to modernize. Now that China is rapidly becoming a world leader in high speed rail, electric cars, drones, AI, robotics, etc, maybe we should potentially consider putting the IP blame game to rest, since world + dog will be looking to copy China IP in a few years time at most. Just thinking aloud.

Americans' broadband access is so screwed up that the answer may lie in tiny space satellites


"hit" movie Gravity

looks to be missing a letter

Huawei Mate 20 series: China's best phone, but a pricey proposition


Re: Cable free screen mirroring and casting over WiFi, no cable or dock needed!?

I love the optimization and added peripheral support, but again, "no cable or dock needed" suggests the author is evidently unaware of the previous cast support by virtually all androids.


Cable free screen mirroring and casting over WiFi, no cable or dock needed!?

Does Andrew know anything about Miracast or the DLNA standard used by Androids for the better part of a decade? I've been doing this very feat for that same period, using various androids.

Just saying.

Uncle Sam gives itself the right to shoot down any drone, anywhere, any time, any how


This isn't going to fly

I'm getting tired of all the droning on about this

No chance of flying too close to this: Icarus, the most distant star seen, is 9bn light years away


Farther when we reference a distance, and further when you reference length but not distance specifically. You've managed to reference both straddling the measure (something (the star,) and a paycheck)

Does not compute!!

*exploding robot head

4G found on Moon



"LTE will be available in your area soon", they tell me. "We are upgrading in a priority order", they tell me.

Hey, Nvidia – who loves you, and who do you love? A. Cloud giants


“Everything that moves will be autonomous one day”

bless the day I become automated, these nightshifts are exhausting to my mortal existence

User worked with wrong app for two weeks, then complained to IT that data had gone missing


Re: rubber prop knives

lolololololol @ omg made my morning

Scary news: Asteroid may pass Earth by just 6,880km in October


Re: Big margin for error.

Ah yes, that lovely documentary showcasing how our brave modern days astronauts most often jet around open space untethered.

Apparently astronauts of the future are a cowardly bunch, remaining largely tethered in their attempt to save Mark Watney from certain death on Mars. (save for that ballsy chemist)


Re: Chelyabinsk was the test run.

using a Soyuz rocket?

China pollutes ocean with bloody big rocket


Elsewhere reported flight aborted one hour after launch...

It would surely be space debris and not ocean debris that long into the flight.... But I wasn't in the control room so what do I know.

After blitzing FlexiSpy, hackers declare war on all stalkerware makers: 'We're coming for you'


General rule of thumb

If you're that suspiscious your spouse is cheating, you're probably right. Skip the creepware.

Anyone for Virtual Monkey Tennis? Telco tries to sell us on 5G


In the great white north, better known as kanada.

Live in the woods.

I'm (and given the alternative, genuinely feel) "lucky" to have WiMax here for home internet. It's an obscure and mostly forgotten, almost ancient wireless technology that no longer has any relevance almost anywhere else globally. It came as an alternative a few G's ago, and was being touted as being better than the next G, but of course, wasn't. Save for, it has quite good signal penetration, which, in my case, is good, since I'm occasionally shrouded by trees and snow.

The caveat: capped at 5 Mbps. Imagine your entire life, capped at 5. Media. Video. Games. Everything.

At this point, I'd pay $200 a month for "5G" or "Gigabit LTE"

I can only hope one of the wireless players will answer my prayers.

This might put me in unpopular company, but before you hit that little downvote, send me your bandwidth.

UK defence secretary: Russian hacks are destabilising Western democracy



Protesting and mobilizing against establishment and the democratic process is destabilizing democracy.

Wall Street, anti Trump rallies, etc etc. I don't need to like my democratically elected leader, in fact I am rarely quite fond of any, but to value democracy is to cast your vote and accept the outcome, or we all risk a far worse outcome than a disappointing election result.

Millenials have adopted a dangerous methodology for starting a conversation.

I hardly think Russia is to blame. Social Media is likely a better candidate.

ZTE laying off 3,000


Not a US trade ban!?

I live in North America, maybe things across the pond are quite different, but ZTE has virtually no presence here. If it isn't Apple or Samsung, there is very little volume here. It's a shame, because HTC Sony and LG have all made some great handsets over the years, but nobody here ever noticed.

Programmer finds way to liberate ransomware'd Google Smart TVs


Re: I'll stick to...

You can get a pretty powerful little Android 4k box for 40 quid, set the interface the way you prefer, and have virtually zero risk to your shiny expensive "display." Furthermore, some even come with a pin insert factory reset. These boxes use very little power.

Since most come rooted I might suggest making a new Google account specifically for your TV boxes to alleviate privacy concerns.

Now we're "smart"

Gamers! Ransomware will scramble your save files unless you cough up $1,000


And my friends think I'm crazy...

For backing up all of my files and documents to encrypted drives...

'Kickass' Somali pirates get their asses kicked by Japanese ass-kickers


"But it just goes to show: things online are not always as they appear in the real world"

Well that really puts a damper on my plan to have 3 blondes at once

Hey, America. Canada's watchdog just slapped net neutrality rules on wireless internet


So that's why my bloody World of Tanks would ping at 999 on bell mobile

Go Canada: Now ILLEGAL to auto-update software without 'consent'


Re: Excellent news


I'm not sure I agree with that 100% considering he's about the "firmest" Prime Minister we in Canada have had in the last few decades. Has the gall to stand up what he believes is right, and hasn't wrapped up the billions of dollars in taxpayers money in scandal after scandal in the way the Canadian Liberals have. If you want to discuss proxy states and NA alliances we can save it for another forum.

Sink your teeth into OCZ's ARC 100 SSD sizzler with tasty home-grown chips


OCZ me

I haven't had any experience with ocz SSD's but my heavily overclocked OCZ 1200mhz flex ddr2 has allowed me to still currently play anything virtually on max with an overclocked q6600 dinosaur (using proper updated GPU muscle of course) it'll be a sad day when it gets listed on eBay next year.

Renewable energy 'simply won't work': Top Google engineers


Re: reducing energy consumption

Consider yourselves lucky you don't live in Ontario Canada. 300 billion dollars of provincial debt to install wind farms and convert agricultural land into ground level solar farms. Electricity bills? Set to quadruple over the next 10 years. And who needs food when you have a little solar power? The people's response? Re-elect the tard politicians responsible for the mess. I'm all for environmental responsibility on a personal level and have made major efficiency upgrades at home but I've been lobbying against this madness as best I can, because our economy is crumbling. Yay!

Murder suspect charged after pics of strangle victim posted on 4chan


While I agree he should suffer dearly, costing taxpayers millions over the years does not seem just. We need to dig a giant deep pit we'll call aussie 2.0 in which we'll dump all the scum into and let them live like the animals they are. Like the prison in Riddick maybe? Now if we can only find some hybrid super cats.

Lunch time

Samsung launches 'perfect pair' of skinny mid-range phones



Yeah that was right up there with using the 7xxp resolution 'retina' screen as the benchmark by comparison. I almost forgot I've been wielding 1080p ips androids for 2 years and was just about to rush out for this best ever retina tech circa 2011 android

Xperia Z3: Crikey, Sony – ANOTHER flagship phondleslab?


Re: Rear Glass


So you're worried about resale value, but failed to spend the 99cents on a front and rear protector set on ebay? I can assure you all of my Xperia Z1's are mint, front AND back.

'Urika': Cray unveils new 1,500-core big data crunching monster



Now I can play metro on maximum

Doctor Zuck, I'm so poorly right now! Facebook examines healthcare biz: report


I cant wait

To share my cholera selfies

Best Buy preps for a Hero4 welcome just in time for Christmas


I see the somewhat eery future

Where the big box retailers shelves are completely stocked with thousands of only the top 5 selling products.

It sounds so creepy I'm ordering online so as to avoid having to look.

Why US Feds and g-men kick up a stink about a growing smartphone encryption trend


or maybe

Because Symbian was doing it in 2008 and possibly earlier with the E series. It isn't anything new it just came absurdly late to iOS and Android.

Marriott fined $600k for deliberate JAMMING of guests' Wi-Fi hotspots


Yeah unfortunately this news comes a month after I've prebooked for next week, though not in Nashville. Needless to say I'll be watching out for NetEnforcer, though I'm not exactly sure what the CRTC does if anything so my complaints will likely work as well as my hotspot.

Good grief! Have you seen BlackBerry's square smartphone?


Re: Trackpad cum?

Normally I wouldn't have such a burning desire to upvote stupidity

X-Men boffins demo nanomagnets to replace transistors


60 nanometer gap?

The gap itself larger than current transistors?

4K-ing excellent TV is on its way ... in its own sweet time, natch


Re: Chicken and Egg

How's the weather there back in 2000? I'll upgrade, and care not at all about streaming. I couldn't stream uncompressed 1080p with my crap connection anyways. I'll be buying a 90 inch 4k for my feature wall as soon as the price comes out of the stratosphere, and I'll watch regular crap compressed HD broadcast TV on it, I'll play PC games which have supported the resolution for years, and the odd 4k blu-ray I pick up out of the bargain bin.

Toshiba makes play to replace NFC with own speedy short range tech


Maybe I'm looking at the wrong half of the glass here

So I simply plug this dongle in to my smartphone, to touch and hold against another device while transferring whatever at the reported 560mbit/s, whenever it will be that devices adopt the standard. Since I currently have to plug this dongle in, why is it that I'm not just using a USB OTG adapter??? 480mbit/s with the aging usb 2.0 and works with virtually everything. granted a second cable is needed but if you are carrying dongles around, you likely are carrying a bag with enough storage for two usb cables. I have fully adopted NFC initiated bluetooth devices, and I already dislike the 4-8 seconds I need to hold the devices together to get a pair. This transferjet requires contact throughout the entire transfer. Cables also require contact, and usb 3.0 hits a staggering 10-20 gbit/s. Not to mention I'd rather plug two devices in and free up my hands, then continually holding devices together while transferring, selecting files, hold, select files, hold and transfer, hold, hold, hold, followed by a "woops I moved them apart let's do that one again".. etc..

Usb otg for me, u c

While I understand the mission is to have the tech embedded, my transfer process logic still stands. That being said, yes Toshiba, you can certainly put it in my next smartphone, it's just not going to be a factor in my smartphone selection process.

US Copyright Office rules that monkeys CAN'T claim copyright over their selfies


Re: Another way to use this

Ask the USPTO if apple can patent 'a method for taking a monkey selfie"

Russia, China could ban western tech if they want to live in the PAST


in breaking news..

The US bans all Chinese imports. China reciprocates.

In other news, all retail outlets and department stores across the US close their doors citing merchandise procurement issues. TESLA has announced it has stayed it's plans for a US production facility as it can not secure any lithium. All US lithium ion facilities grind to a halt.

Let's go to our correspondant in China. TSMC has just received an influx of state funded investment to ramp up R&D and production of home grown semiconductors from the likes of Allwinner, Mediatek and Rockchip. TSMC is also being urged to push heavily to have its 14nm fab ready for mid 2015 and is looking on target. In the meantime they are currently producing at 120% capacity at 22nm. Astounding.

But what about the ban on x86 John?

Apparently all the systems here were upgraded last year. No state department needs a new PC for a few years. Additional optimization is being done here on gpu/cpu coprocessing as a stop gap measure, and is showing some really surprising results. It's unbelievable just how break-neck the chinese tech industry has become over the past three years. Looking around I see a wave of 5.5 inch 1080p chinese made smartphones, a size of which the West still has yet to accept without ridiculing one another. They also seem to embrace the technology itself above the name brand stamped on the device. Quite a peculiar way of thinking I'll never understand but it seems to be paying dividends here in China.

John looking around there it somewhat reminds me of the glory days of US manufacturing with the K car.

(ok surely the Sherman is a better representation of glory days but I digress)

Firefighters deliver trapped student from GIANT GERMAN LADYPARTS


Re: I bet he felt a massive twat

His greatest folly

Not going balls to the wall

Look inside ELON MUSK'S CAR! Tesla S wundervehicle has voom


Re: Still waiting to see where the power's coming from


Just install some wind turbines... All the magical power of sunshine and butterflies will provide you with all of the electricity you will ever need.

Isn't that right Ontario Canada?

Or maybe it gives you crumbling electrical infrastructure and a good portion of that 300 billion dollars of provincial debt.

Nvidia unveils Titan Z: An 8TFLOPS off-the-shelf supercomputer disguised as a gfx card


Re: "well at least you will be able to paly crysis at full detail in 1080"

Hunh? I get 45 - 55 fps on crysis3 with a gtx 760!AMP and an overclocked q6600 with everything maxed except AA

Women! You too can be 'cool' and 'fun' if you work in tech!


Re: Not enough Women in the Drainage and Sewer Maintenance industries either.

Now that is 'fun'[ny] shit

And who downvoted the post above me?

I thought it was hilarious!

He could have said the last time he saw a woman on the bins he was inserting her pieces into them, which is where I thought he was going..


Re: Wow this new monitor is the coolest

Somebody sticky taped some c+ syntax on it and she is enjoying all the codey 'fun!!'

Software needs meaty cores, not thin, stringy ARMs, says Intel


And that steam engineer would be right for the same reason we don't couple diesel engines to generators for anything greater than local emergency power. When you want to drive an 880MW turbine you use steam. The worlds electricity is powered by it for a reason. Energy per KG@538C is not something to be taken lightly. Steam locomotives had to die more due to combustion efficiency and fuel capacity limitations, and of course that pesky risk of BLEVE [boiling liquid expanding vapour explosion] but not power ;)


Re: Intel will be happy to know I have 6 beefy cores all rated at 3.5GHz

Now if only lt had 12 cores or even double the power consumption it would be as fast as that Intel chip

Unless you have a product from the future where AMD is once again competitive

You’re a LIAR and a CHEAT... la-la-la, I can't hear your lawyers



Lol! You got me. Admittedly I carried on reading, albeit like staring into the sun. I didn't however make it to the actual story, or find out there is an app to avoid.