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We wuz right: Big Blue ARE stuffing System x boxen with ULLtraDIMMs


Working sets are generally being modified byte-by-byte by the application.

Last time I checked, flash memory could only overwrite bytes that had been zeroed first, and zeroing occurred page-by-page.

Unless they've managed to make flash behave like RAM, they are going to be using it as a fast swap space, just like EMM386 used to do.

Will this driver be needed in every operating system or just the hypervisors?

Think Amazon is CHEAP? Just take a look at these cloudy graphs...


What kind of instances?

Thanks for the great charts.

Just wondering if these prices are for Spot Instances, On-Demand Instances, Reserved Instances, Dedicated Instances, or their equivalents with the each provider? Any idea how the cloud hosting market share is split between pre-paid workloads (i.e. reserved or dedicated) and on-demand?

Please keep up the good work.

IBM gooses 'business class' mainframes with z12 engines


Re: Why?

IBM won't license its operating systems zOS, zVM, and zVSE on Hercules. Customers that run apps on those OSs are locked into IBM mainframe hardware.

Ethernet at 40: Its daddy reveals its turbulent youth


Re: "History is written by the winners"

T-R was logically a ring, but wired as hub-and-spoke. When a spoke was broken the hub had to detect the problem and bypass that node in order to maintain the logical ring integrity.

IBM embiggens iron with System zEnterprise EC12 mainframe


opportunistic locking?

Or is that optimistic locking?

Postgres-on-steroids wields bare metal in Oracle, IBM skirmish


HP needs a database?

HP already has a Postgres-derived, clustered database: Vertica. But wide-area replication is not (yet) a Vertica feature.

Oracle bestows Sparc T4 beta on 'select' customers


@Joerg Moellenkamp

I think you might be double-counting the benefits. The SPEC report for T3-1 shows that 127 copies were needed to get a 166 peak rating. That's about 1.3 per thread. If the T4 is 5x faster running a single thread per core, that works out to a rating of 6.5 per core, not 53


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