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Megaupload extradition bid - Feds WON'T have to hand in their evidence

Chris 228

He'll get his day in court

The FBI doesn't need to show all of their evidence to have Dotcom extradited. He'll get to see all of the evidence long before he gets to trial. All the FBI or other proper authority needs to do is present reasonable evidence of the perps alleged crime. Extradition is not a conviction, it's part of due process. Once he's extradited due process can continue and the FBI must prove their case. Considering how easy Dotcom has made it for authorities, that won't be difficult. The only qustion is will the punishment be appropriate or just a slp on the wrist?

Japan has made the process crystal clear on digital crimes. You pirate you spend 2 years in prison plus a fine. You facilitate piracy as Dotcom is alleged to have done, you spend 10 years in prison plus a huge fine. All countries should adopt these mandatory punishments so there is no place to run to or hide after committing digital crimes.

Chris 228

All evidence is presented

This is not some unusual procedure regarding extradition. All evidence is presented to Dotcom's attorneys prior to trial. The extraditon process only requires that proper evidence is presented to the country where the extradition must be processed. Dotcom will get a hearing and bail and then have a year or more to file stalling motions before he ever gets a trial. There is nothing unusual at all about these legal proceedings.

Satanic Renault takes hapless French bloke on 200km/h joyride

Chris 228

I call B.S. !

There is no way both the brakes and the ignition failed to stop the vehicle, in addition had he switched the trans into neutral the car would have coasted to a stop.

Once again we see why people without proper driving skills should not be allowed to operate motorized vehicles, aka machinery. In the hands of unskilled operators - and they comprise 95% of vehicle operators on the roadways, an auto can be a lethal weapon. Get these incompetent people off the roadways before they kill more innocent people.

Get up, shake off the hangover: These 57 Microsoft holes won't fix themselves

Chris 228

What's the big deal?

It's only 57 security holes. When they patch the remaining 100,000 then that will be news worthy.

After Sandy Hook, Senator calls for violent video game probe

Chris 228

Now we're in trouble...

In addition to guns, the world needs to eliminate all subway's and trains as they are lethal weapons...


Chris 228

Guns are not the problem

Guns are not the problem any more than alcohol is the cause of auto accidents. People who make bad choices are the problem. In the U.S. it's a Constitutional right to bear arms so guns are not going to disappear even if they actually passed a law banning them, which they won't. If they banned guns then law abiding citizens would be defenseless against criminals who do have guns.

As we see in Europe where there are fewer guns, mentally unstable people still slaughter children in schools. If people want to kill other people they will find a way be it a gun, knife , bomb or grenade. The NRA made a valid recommendation that all schools have armed security. While I have never supported the NRA their suggestion is appropriate in this day and age. The school security personnel should also be properly trained to deal with both domestic and foreign terror threats, as they are as real today as a heart attack.

Micron struggling to get its flash surfboard up on the crest

Chris 228

Micron bought Numonyx to diversify

The DRAM Biz ain't what it use to be and PC sales are struggling. That's why Micron has gotten into SSDs and other areas to bolster their revenues. The acquisition of Numonyx could make or break Micron. Only time will tell.

Senator pushes data cap and ISP monitoring legislation

Chris 228

Unnecessary legislation IMO

Many ISPs already offer various data volume plans and tools for users to monitor their usage. By necessity the other ISPs will be forced to provide the same options of lose business. We certainly don't need some paid-for-politician passing bogus legislation to benefit his money master.

Assange: Google, Facebook run 'side projects' for US spooks

Chris 228

Typical Assange

Attention seeker.

House passes, Obama disses 55,000 visas for educated immigrants

Chris 228

This is unlikely to pass

It's unlikely this bill will pass and that's a good thing. In the very terrible economic conditions that exist in many parts of the world today, the U.S. doesn't need more foreigners taking their jobs nor does the UK. Certainly a few very qualified people per year would be a reasonable exception but until the U.S. can stem the flow of illegals, they can't afford any more loss of jobs.

With CEOs like Tim Cook exporting tens of thousands of jobs to Chinese slave camps such as Foxconn, so that he can rake in hundreds of millions in personal compensation yearly, U.S. and UK jobs are decreasing steadily. One day many people will wake up and wonder why they are unemployed.

Volkswagen Beetle car review

Chris 228


The '98 New Beeetle was an excellent update on the original Beetle and sold well as a result. The latest rendition roughly based on some early drawings of the original Beetle that Ferdinand Porsche wisely chose to abandon, is FUGLY and not selling well at all as a result. The latest model was some pipedream of a marketing group who thought the New Beetle was too feminine so the current model is suppose to be more masculine. People voting with their wallet have decided the current model sucks.

AMD revs Opterons up to 6300 for fat x86 servers

Chris 228

This is a good CPU for servers

Abu Dhabi brings a ~40% improvement in performance per watt so this is a nice performance bump for servers.

FTC shuts down five US robocall operations

Chris 228

These crims belong in prison

These crims should be in prison with Bill Gates, Paul Otellini, Tim Cook and other unscrupulous CEOs.

FBI cuffs 14 over $1m 'Gone in 60 Seconds' casino scam

Chris 228

They gotta ask...

The crims when in prison have gotta ask themselves: "Was it worth it" ?

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Fans' loyalty questioned as iPhone popularity plummets

Chris 228

The sheeple are slow to learn

Maybe at one time there was some merit to buying Apple products but not in the last five years.

Hurricane Sandy: Where are all the cynical online scams?

Chris 228

Re: Obama vs Bush

I guess this is meant to be sarcasm? Those in need certainly aren't getting help from anyone but locals and charities. The Feds move very slow and it has nothing to do with who is President.

The damage from hurrican Sandy is surreal. Pricie gouging before and after the storm is as you'd expect in the Rotten Apple. The lack of petrol, food and supplies is only a small example of the pain that so many are suffering with 68 known dead and unimaginable property damage.

If Obama gets re-elected people in the U.S., Europe and Asia can expect more economic stuggles. Get the facts. Obama has never had a real job in his life and doesn't have a clue how to create jobs. No new jobs means a stagnant economy and with the U.S. being a very high consumer country that means less sales for Euro and Asian products.

All the politics in the world can't create real jobs.

New York tech firms form 'bucket brigade' to fuel flagging servers

Chris 228

So sad

At least 68 people are dead and likely more. Lives and property destroyed forever. The damage pictures are surreal.

God Speed people...

Plextor M5 Pro 256GB SSD review

Chris 228

I like this SSD

I purchased and installed a 128 GB. M5 Pro in an older laptop and it is a nice improvement in speed in a slow laptop.

Assange chums must cough up £93,500 bail over embassy lurk

Chris 228

You lose

Never trust an unscrupulous jerk.

Microsoft: 'To fill 6,000 jobs, we'll pay $10K per visa'

Chris 228

Re: You seem cornfused?

Your "special people" argument sounds more like a personal problem... Maybe it's the corporate culture you've experienced but it's not an industry mainstay. Your arguement does amount to nonsense, hogwash and BS, as you state in the title.

Companies like Microsucks, Google and others will use the lowest cost commodity work force they can hire. They don't care about the people, all they care about is achieving whatever goal they have. Employees are just a means to an end for most large corporation.

Smaller companies are generally much different. Some of them actually appreciate and respect their employees though others can be one step above a sweatshop. Hiring immigrants is a cost savings measure not something worthy of a humanitarian award. In fact failure to hire residents of the country where the company exists is disloyal and ignorant, especially with high unemployment in the U.S and EU. If these large corporations could use Chines slave labor, that is what most unscrupulous big corporations would use and not feel a bit guilty about paying their CEO $700 million compensation while the Chinese slaves are exploited and abused.

Chris 228

Re: US/Canada - "always at the office" culture

It really is sad that in the U.S. many people do not have a real life. Vacations/holidays are working holidays for most and the time away from the office/job is very short compared to Europe where people generally have 4-6 weeks vacation/holiday per year. Most American's are burnt out from too much work and nothing else. Then there need to go to therapy to deal with the stress. Of course to pay for the therapy they must work harder or longer... It truly is a vicious downward spiral cycle of demise.

Microsoft hiring from outside the U.S. when there are so many unemplyed people in the U.S. is absurd. They have no scruples at all and never have ahd IMO. They couldn't pay me enough money to work in that company.

US said to designate Assange 'enemy' of the state

Chris 228

Juli knows his days are numbered

I imagine he'll try to escape in disguise but it will only be a matter of time before he is caught and brought to justice. He's got a lot of court dates in numerous countries to fill the few days he has left on the planet.

Portugal’s prosecutor punts P2P case

Chris 228

Won't be sustained under review

Obviously this matter wasn't thought thru very well.

Based on this decision a person in Portugal could buy one copy of say Windoze 7, software or a music CD/download and share it with all of their friends who could share it with all of their friends resulting in only one legitimate copy of Windoze or software or music being sold in Portugal and all the other copies would be pirated digital goods.

You know that this isn't acceptable and won't pass musterd in any legal community. The Freetards are in for huge disappointment.

Juries: The only reason ANYONE understands patent law AT ALL

Chris 228

Re: Not even related.

There are very few "useless cases" that are ever litigated. The patent office isn't the issue at all. A litigious society/mentality is the real issue.

'Stuff must be FREE, except when it's MINE! Yarr!' - top German pirate

Chris 228

Re: Not a problem

As long as they fine pirates 25K Euro per copy, it's all good.

Thomas-Rasset faces $220,000 file-sharing bill after losing appeal

Chris 228

Note to the clueless...

Copyright fines are not intended to equal the cost of the stolen property.

Punishment for a crime, such as stealing and or distributing copyright protected works, is intended to be a clear message to the perp and a deterrent for other morons who believe they are above the law. Too bad this dumb bitch didn't have to pay $150K per copy or spend a few years in the slammer. If she lost everything she owns and went to prison - then maybe she'd understand she isn't above the law?

Ultrabooks: objects of desire but just too darn expensive

Chris 228

I doubt it!

I doubt many people will want an underpowered Ultrabook regardless of price when they can soon have a quality Trinity powered laptop at a very affordable price. Demand looks to be staggering for Trinity laptop at this point, which is no surprise based on performance and value. Intel might as well concede defeat and move on to something else like servers.

Global DNS takedown plotters disowned by Anonymous

Chris 228

What makes you think they aren't?

The NSA should be dealing with all of the threats current and future. Would you prefer your tax money be spent at the Pub by politicians?

Anonymous knocks FTC site offline

Chris 228

Teach your children well

Hacking is a crime. It's parent's responsibility to teach their children well. If the parents have no respect for law, why would their children? While building new prisons is a means to create jobs, teaching people to make better choices would prevent them ending up in prisons.

Chris 228

Re: Re: Hello

As ye sow, so shall the reap. Reality 101.

Disk fab output pumping up, prices 'to stay high and dry'

Chris 228

PURE nonsense

What you are seeing is supply, demand, ignorance and price gouging. Patents have nothing to do with the current prices of HDDs.

If consumers want to see HDD or crude oil prices drop-like-a-rock, all they need to do is stop buying these goods for a few weeks. A barrel of crude isn't worth the barrel it's in if no one will buy it. Same applies to HDDs. If no one buys then the HDD mfg. will have a fire sale like the DDR3 RAM makers have had to do for the past three months to move inventory.

Intel pays peanuts to settle NY antitrust suit

Chris 228

It's a disgrace and it sends a very clear message

Crime pays.

Chris 228

It's a crime

For Intel to get off Scot Free is the real crime IMO. Intel has been convicted by the EU and fined $1.45 Billion and here they don't even get fined lunch money. Intel has also been convicted of U.S. tax fraud and has proven to be an unscrupulous company costing consumers dearly. Crime pays very well for Intel.

Chris 228

No problem with evidence - there was plenty

Intel has been convicted on three continents for their habitual violation of anti-trust laws - for profit. Until they get fined $300 Billion, (that's with a "B"), they will continue to violate law for HUGE financial profit.

Chris 228

In America he who has the gold makes the rules

Criminal corporations in the U.S. have proven time and again that they can buy all the justice they desire.

IT guy answers daughter's Facebook rant by shooting her laptop

Chris 228

How unfortunate

...that some folks do not understand that this girl has serious psychological issues that will eventually required professional help. Many young people live in a drug crazed world of fantasy be it legal or illicit drugs. If she's not on drugs she has even more severe issues.

Her father probably did her a big favor by shocking her into reality. Let's hope with continued guidence by her caring father, this delusional girl will eventually get in touch with reality because she's in another universe at the moment.

Chris 228

Did she learn anything?

She's a spoiled little brat without a clue. Maybe she learned something from the video but it's doubtful.

Chris 228

What a pity...

Many of the entitled generation never had it so good and they are so completely clueless and unappreciative of what they have.

Music fans not welcome in RIAA-backed .music

Chris 228

I have no issues with music domains

There is no reason to not control copyright protected works so this is a good idea as far as I am concerned. I'm sure pirates may disagree but who cares what they believe?

Airport bomb Twitter joker in second fine appeal bid

Chris 228

Are you clueless

Every incident cost money to "process" over normal activities. Being clueless or in denial does not change reality. Now he will pay for his stupidity.

Chris 228

It's still a crime

Determining the merit of the threat is important but making the threat is still a crime. The idiot knew it was a crime and now he should be punished for his crime. He should also be forced to repay all costs associated with his crime including financial losses to travelers, airlines, investigation and prosectution costs, etc. Then we'd have justice.

Germany stalls over ACTA treaty ratification

Chris 228

It's only going to get worse for the pirates

The laws and punishment are just going to get worse for those in denial over copyright laws and piracy.

Chris 228

It doesn't matter

As long as they continue to prosecute pirates, it's all good. Laws are only of value if they are enforced. Piracy or "infringement of copyrights" if you prefer is a crime. It's very simple, punish those who violate law.

AMD doubles down on existing Opteron server sockets

Chris 228

Piledriver cores should be a nice up-tick

The Piledriver cores should keep the Opteron CPUs alive and selling with increased IPC and low power consumption.

Retailer drops Eee Pad Transformer Prime, claims quality issues

Chris 228

...except Microsucks rarely actually fixes anything

IME Asus and Microsucks tend to cause great harm in all of their so called "fixes". I hope Bill Gates and other CEOs who operate an unscrupulous Biz end up in prison for 30 years.

Ukraine file-sharing site disappears

Chris 228

Poof - gone in a heartbeat

Nothing surprises me about the Ukraine. Maybe the perp was shot or shipped to Siberia for a Winter "holiday"?

AMD uncloaks tablet processor plans

Chris 228
Thumb Up

Lots of good news for AMD and it's customers today

AMD definitely has plans to do it's own thing and it looks good for consumers.

Cray shrinks XE6m supers down to a rack

Chris 228

That should help AMD some more

More Opteron 6200 sales is a good thing for AMD/Cray and consumers.

Judges set timetable for McKinnon case resolution

Chris 228

Extradition treaties

Extradition treaties are for all crimes not just terrorism. That's why Assange is going back to Sweden and McKinnon to the U.S.



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