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UK Ministry of Justice secure email system browns out



Just use gmail, to be honest it's probably more "secure" than what they have already. I mean you can trust google right?

Scottish MP calls for drone-busting eagles


Re: Best idea yet

Suits me. I'm sure the Eagles have a long list of potential targets


Best idea yet

Could we not give the Eagles missiles or guns to take out the bigger drones? Even better take out the idiots flying them.

$17,000 Apple Watch: Pointless bling, right? HA! You're WRONG


Yellow gold is pure gold

Wrong. The gold edition is 18 carat gold which means it contains gold and other metals including likely silver. 18 carat rose gold contains gold, silver and copper in addition to other materials. 24 carat gold is 23,75 carats usually of gold. Pretty bloody useless for a watch and strap as its a bit too bendy. So an 18 carat rose gold item has the same amount of gold as 18 carat yellow gold. I dunno, kids these days.

Inside GOV.UK: 'Chaos' and 'nightmare' as trendy Cabinet Office wrecked govt websites


I see your problem

"Poor design and chaotic management by the supposedly crack team at the Cabinet Office's Government Digital Service (GDS) left huge swathes of the British government in disarray"

Poor design and chaotic management by the on crack team at the Cabinet Office's Government Digital Service (GDS) left huge swathes of the British government in disarray

Fixed it for you

UK chip champ ARM flexes muscle: Shows strong profit and sales


Everybody become a chip designer

Can't wait for Cameron and clegg or milliband to come out with "arm is a great British success" so therefor every kid should now get into processor design.

Jupiter Ascending – a literally laughable train wreck of a film


Trailer was bad enough

To be fair I saw the trailer and it looked pretty wow for 10 seconds, until they then started with a bit of plot and acting at which point it became toe curlingly awful. I suppose if it was on sky on a wet sunday afternoon in january I might watch it. Pay money to go and see it though are you kidding, I'd rather gouge my eyes out.

'The writing is TOO SMALL': MPs row over Parliamentary move to Office 365



Hmm office 365 for hosting mail isn't that bad to be honest. Is the problem office 365 or is the problem some twat deciding to try and customise (mangle) how they use it so it hasn't got a hope in hell of working. Wonder how much testing and validation they did on this?

One year to go: Can Scotland really declare gov IT independence?


If it means getting away from morons like you then I'm all for independence. Learn some facts before spouting tripe. We pay more per head into the uk than you do. You'll find plenty of English and other banks involved in any bailouts. So go shove your money up your ass.

WAR ON PORN: UK flicks switch on 'I am a pervert' web filters


Re: All censorship is political

GCHQ that bunch of dwayne dibbleys? Anyway there you go you just created your own database of undesirables. Wonder how many mp's and lords and lady buttfuckr will be on it?

Failed a uk morality check? Death by a thousand lib dem broken promises

'New' document shows how US forces carriers to allow snooping


So here's the surprise

Your belief that they are only after wrong doers and miscreants. What next if you've nothing to hide you've nothing to fear. These things should be outed everytime.

Snowden leak: Microsoft added Outlook.com backdoor for Feds


Go Cloud

So I can tell my strategy guys that their plans to move Large financial organisation data to an external cloud based service will be fine and that they don't have anything to worry about?

So lets have an analogy, Store your data with any US and probably most other cloud hosting company equates to standing in the high street on a saturday afternoon naked.

BadNews, fandroids: MILLIONS of Google Play downloads riddled with malware


Re: the sky is falling

Actually whats being said is that if you have an open store where anything goes then you're going to end up being shafted by someone who wants all your data. So we keep getting told how great android is and how like its free and open and thats soooo fantastic, till you get your data slurped and then well you know maybe theres a reason for some comapnies who think that owning the platform all the way isn't always a bad thing. It's your choice pal, you can go take your chances with the dodgy daves and get yourself a bargain or you can go to the highstreet and buy something thats genuine and pretty much zero risk.

Microsoft: Worried about web privacy? Tell us everything...


Re: I Don't Understand

Actually DNT is more about cookies tracking your activity. I guess you've never looked at a web server log to see whats actually in there.

Sysadmins! There's no shame in using a mouse to delete files


Re: Why?

You must have strayed into the wrong forum. That's far too sensible a comment for the frothing hordes here.

Windows 8 'bad' for desktop users - Gartner's one-word review


Re: ok

No it should be pretty obvious when you are trying to do basics. I've had a look at win8 on a vm. So far with metro i've had to google for update and restart, make a website a favourite and a lot more of the mouse clicking waving around nonsense. The guy has a point. If you want folks to use it then dont turn your OS into a guessing game. Even switching from macos9 to osx wasnt this much of a pain. If the techies are struggling to work out how to use it then what chance does your average office worker actually have. Microsoft have some good ideas but the good stuff is being smothered by this obsession with metro.

Psst, UK software devs: Up for a Cyber Security Challenge?


Short of candidates

Course you could outsource it :-) i mean come on what has the uk got thats worth protecting.

Seize your moment, Microsoft: iPad is RUBBISH for enterprise


Did anyone actually say...

Ipads or whatever are good for the enterprise? Also all the bitching is about apps not the actual hardware or iOS, so yeah you'd be a real prat to use an ipad or any device from anyone if the type of apps you needed just weren't there. However and pay attention here, JUST BECAUSE IT DOESNT WORK FOR YOU DOESN'T MEAN IT WONT WORK FOR ANYONE ELSE. Ok, make sense? Now go play in the traffic.

Whether surface will gain traction in business is open to debate. However as its a MS product, it should play nicely with windows environments, so there will be some who will deploy it as a preferred device. Its down to whether the apps are in fact there and if there is a suitable variant of the MS products like office, project, visio, one note etc etc then it would be a sensible option. Otherwise it'll be no worse or better for business than any android or ios device.

Psst, kid... Wanna learn how to hack?


pretty cool

We have something similar for an OU course I am doing. though thats more a hardware and software combo. Principle is the same. Something to cut your teeth on and learn some fundamentals that doesn't need any real support.. Often the simplest solutions are the best, and this is pretty simple.

Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is dead at 56


Thanks for everything

Thanks for all the cool products and all those "one more things".

Oh and why do people need to say "I never bought your products", what difference does that make? Finally good to see the retards are here too. Wouldn't be a reg forum if there weren't some dickheads posting the kind of crap above.

HP murders webOS tablets, phones


That market is already taken

That'll be IBM territory then. Except they'll flog you a mainframe too.

Facebook begins to challenge Google in UK internet


Default search

Hmmm, my copy of firefox has google set as the default search engine. Infact so does safari. including on my phone Even my work pc has google as the search engine. So how many people are making a conscious choice to use google? How many people couldn't care less about the fact that the search engine they use is google as long as they find what they want?


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