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Producers allegedly sought rights to replicate extras using AI, forever, for just $200


Re: Hollywood! Fuck Yeah!

Oh man .. I have this guillotine we often use and written on it is a warning - GUARDS MUST ALWAYS BE IN PLACE.. everytime I use it triggers those lines... 'I'm a Guard' Rofl

Techie wasn't being paid, until he taught HR a lesson


Had a user Called Jon Smith...

Used to get confused as to how all the MS systems knew who he was as it was the placeholder text for name but form wouldn't accept just hitting enter as he hadn't entered anything thinking it's already filled out!

Former Oracle execs warn that Big Red's auditing process is also a 'sales enablement tool'


Re: Oracle? Bah.



just store yer data in a .txt y u need fancy excel

Imagine a patent on organizing computer files being used against online shopping sites. Oh, it's still happening


It's a hypercard stack at the end

Dunno if anyone's noticed - at the patent itself the last page shows a hypercard stack.. These types of filters etc were standard buttons /popups. Strange as previous pages show directories ala dos (C:/ etc) then a hypercard stack on last page...

Web crash and pricing errors hit Argos


Not necessarily

Not necessarily - if the website is only authorising transactions then transaction isn't contractual until vendor 'accepts' the order on processing and 'captures' transaction. Technically an authorisation is not a sale so this way sale of goods act isn't breached. NB this is how all amazon transactions are processed - marking for dispatch actually 'captures' transaction. I have no idea how argos operates though and wouldn't be the first one that might actually be breaching sale of goods contract if it's just charging cards prior to dispatch/processing. Also in cases where it's been brought to anything close to resembling a judge they have sided with the vendor saying that price discrepancy is obvioiusly wrong in cases where a large 50 inch TV was sold for a pound or some such.

HP mounts channel attack on EMC: We're a Bugatti, they're a VW bug


Re: Looks good, costs a fortune, requires specialists?

I would just love to be in the audience to grill the presenter who thought the veyron was a good idea in that slide...

Taken from: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/articles/2012/01/cars/the-true-cost-of-supercar-ownership

to point out the following to him...

So HP is giving me something with no loadspace what so ever (think bandwidth of a station wagon comparison etc) - running costs are what your average house costs - every year!!! Apparently they are up to 192000 a year!!

yes .. I'd definitely take the VW - EMC solution... only thing is I hate emc... oh well..

Set of tyres for that car cost 25000 !!! haha..

whereas imagine the VW camper loaded to brim with backup tapes/hard drives ... hehe...

Consumer disks trump enterprise platters in cloudy reliability study


Re: Raptors

but you don't mention - what life stage occurence happened when you updated your motherboard.. Kids getting born by any chance???


Just who is Apple's most frustrated fanboi? Surprise – it's GOOGLE


Re: They should be forced to use

upvote from a mac nazi .. hehe...

mac enterprise tools bwahahhaha...

Would be brilliant if they dogfooded their own linux and made it a more viable proposition though... getting fed up with apple of late...

FLABBER-JASTED: It's 'jif', NOT '.gif', says man who should know


it's neither..

The G originates from Graphic. - Graphic originates from a greek word. in Greek it's written γραφικό the first letter is a gamma - but there is no such sound in the english language the closest would be the beginning sound of the word Yiddish

So if we go with the ancient origin of the word it would be closer to go for (but still inaccurate).


fyi in greece everyone calls it gif ...though not saying they invented it but it's their word.

Researcher hacks aircraft controls with Android smartphone


Re: Wouldn't it be reasonable to have some sort of security?

don't run windows ya say???

check this picture of an airbus A380


what's behind each of the joysticks?? a screen with ARGGGHHH we're gonna die - windows...

Software glitch WIPES OUT listings of 10,000 eBay sellers


if true and these ebay accounts weren't dormant ebay sucks however

is this related to the following announcement 30 days ago?


were these accounts dormant?

However if they weren't and ebay is not reinstating their history then the icon represents my feelings...

Honk if the car in front is connected

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Re: I see some potential in this...

"MAIN ENGINE SWITCH OFF" - no problem switch to auxiliary!! how far can a starter motor get me ??

Apple to stop European shipments of Mac Pro on March 1?


UL standards?

This appears to be a UL standard - wouldn't this affect more than just europe? just that a european trader got wind of it makes it sound like this is a european withdrawal for this product. Might be they have to discontinue this product as it stands...

Boeing 787 fleet grounded indefinitely as investigators stumped

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Re: Good news

wow best comment in a while - cheers ac. This does look like idiocy extreme... I just knew there would be some nugget of info in the comments and here it was .. Cheers again...

Astronaut yells FIRE ... from SPAAAACE

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Re: Cameras

Also good shot of those massive zoom lenses:


First pic of Ashton Kutcher as the great Steve 'jOBS'

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Re: Who?

and theeeeen??

Girlfriend 'tried to MURDER ME with her AMPLE BREASTS'

IT Angle

but it has...

It has an it angle ... it has a tit angle!!!

SECRET 28 'scientific experts' who Greened the BBC - Revealed!


Re: Impartiality about what?

two down - votes WTF we have flat earthers here...


Re: Impartiality about what?

I thought the existence of a flat earth society was a joke to illustrate the argument...

Hahaha it actually exists !!..

Apple granted patent for ebook page-turning


Re: think of the children!

While I think this patent is ridiculous - on the prior art front only - apple did have this a while ago ... the adventure games mentioned would they be myst by any chance? Myst was developed in hypercard...

Which was around in 1987 - though not sure if this relates or is a reason they were awarded this patent...

I still think it's ridiculous though...

Naughty-step Apple buries court-ordered apology with JavaScript


Re: Pathetic strop by apple

Nope - you don't have to be though I'm not sure you can present yourself as a friend of the court of your own volition, I think it's mostly for when a court needs an independent witness for specific advice on a specialist area...


Pathetic strop by apple

This is unreal...

I got curious and rotated my screen 90 degrees to get a vertical resolution of 1920 - the ipad kept increasing and pushed down the two keynote links underneath it until the ipad was the only thing fitting in both borders... didn't stop until the window was around 1700 pixels tall!!!

To me this is blatant contempt of court - Can we send a 'friend of the court' message to the court about this??

I'm surprised they didn't have the link hovering about as you try to click it !!.

Apple must apologise for its surly apology on its website on Saturday


Highly respected online forum????

Are we talking about the same register??

"From the highly respected online forum The Register"

Hadn't realised the register was a forum ... or respected or highly !!!

So there we have it - the register declared highly respected in a court of law !!...

London CGI firm scores DON'T-HIT-the-PEDESTRIAN test contract


should have commissioned Stainless Games...

and maintained the scoring system !!

Apple juggernaut cranks out big, big numbers


Re: A question on the subject of pixels

argh crap - correction - range of colours that can be represented by a 'pixel' on screen is greater than paper ...

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Re: A question on the subject of pixels

nice term - yes we should adopt this for all cams in the consumer space ...100 MegaBlurxels = about 5 MP in the pro space!!! (as for sounding like cat vomit being sucked up in vacuum - that sums up what I feel about such photos hence quite apt!!)

Can we have it added as an official elreg unit of measure?


Re: A question on the subject of pixels

A few reasons one being gamut or in layman's terms the range of colours that can be represented by a 'pixel' on paper is far greater than a dot can represent on paper. The CMYK range has much smaller available colour space so even a 75 dpi image will look better when printing at 150 or even 300 dpi because the dots on the paper can be mixed to approximate the original colour better.

Another reason - which might be even more important - are the 5 MPixels the camera real or just blur pixels (my term!!) if you zoom at 100% and you just see loads a noise - the 5 MP are just theoretical.. as megapixels have been hijacked by marketing departments and are now a useless metric on the quality of an image that a device can produce.

Goldman Sachs in email muppet hunt

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Re: That word you keep using...

careful or you might be extrapolated next mate....

LMAO - hadn't noticed that cheers...


One more thing....

Greece ... 100% enabled by GS in what it's done all the way back to 1999 (uk documentaries mention some deals made in 2003 but there were more interesting stuff going back to 99-00)

Not saying GS made Greece to fail but it could have prevented it with some prudence on it's part to tell the client their chosen course was self-destructive in the long run... They would have been entirely justified to say "you're a muppet if you think mortgaging ALL state income form public works for the next 20 years so that u have no revenue over the same period which is about 50% of GDP as it's about that percentage that is state owned, and basing all finances on the new low rates that euro membership would allow.

It's like paying out all your income to get a house but you fiddle the books so that it doesn't look like that is what you are doing so that you can 'qualify' for the mortgage. You make your income look bigger by buying services from yourself through intermediaries (ie GS), inflating your apparent income but if u look closely u'll realise it's just the same money going round before ending up as mortgage payments... When payments need to be made u slapped everything on Credit cards (EU Loans/grants for public works and over inflated invoices) and somehow also got loans to cover the minimum payments further cooking the books to hide the situation... Meanwhile the fees GS was making out of all this affair further exacerbated the situation as they were in the order of astroludicrous.. and they are not fully apparent as they are disguised as services from other ventures etc...

That's about the summary of what happened in Greece...


Re: So if they find an email along the lines of:

eigh rit to ru rit too nnnnggghhh.....

/why u look at me strange??


So if they find an email along the lines of:

To to toruru turiru - manamana - toruru toruru toruru -nn rrrr repa mngh nnnn..... Manamana turiru tururu rut tururu ....

Does that become a sackable offence????

More evidence that neutrinos are NOT faster than light


Re: Speed of what kind of light

' the more slower than vacuum light speed they travel at....'

So if I got this right, this is why my dyson is purple? I often wondered that....


and yet no one has mention this yet...

oh well my turn...


Is private cloud the next step for the data centre?


Re: Private Cloud? Buzzword for Accountants!

I have very little experience with movable workloads in clouds or other fluffy nonsense - would it be possible though to make a cloud that is compatible with amazons so if say the private cloud fails or is overloaded, it can then expand into amazon? thus you get just the smallest service available with amazon but build you own cloud in a dc somewhere at much lower cost. If it goes titsup then if kept in sync with aws it just glides on over .. is this possible at all?

Not sure amazon would like that usage profile if it expanded hehe...

Election hacked, drunken robot elected to school board


Re: Sheer stupidity not absent technology

You are justifying this?

If you find this understandable then would love to see your network.

As for the questions you ask - yes I'm damn sure. Everything is scanned/probed routinely and anything found like some odd back door is either disabled or if not possible the kit is thrown out and replaced. And even if a printer or a fax machine get's somehow pwned then all that can happen is maybe some paper waste at most...

I do this for my own micro enterprise cause it's my background but I'd expect an even higher level of checks for something like elections...


Sheer stupidity not absent technology

The technology and the means do exist. Who on earth invites hackers to hack system but leaves admin/admin as user/pass? is this for real ? that' s not a test it's a joke. If that's the best they can manage then best they scrap all e-voting machines asap...

Indiana Jones flicks out on Blu-ray this Fall


Re: Re: thats all wrong

somehow got stuck with starwars now gotta find Indie to hear what it's tune is like !!!

me likes in this order 1, 3 ,,,,,,,,2

there was a 4th one apparently? thanks to mind wipe services ltd it's been erased, - the trama was too great to keep on living with... I'm to refrain from ever attempting to watch that pack of shite ever again.. !!

IT staffers on ragged edge of burnout and cynicism

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I agree

Finally someone seeing it formally at last. 3-4 years ago I upped sticks walked out of the company I was in employ with due to useless managers that tried to pin something on me. I had already started an ecommerce venture for my wife which now is sustaining us both. I've been offered work (even from the same people I walked out on) but now just tell them to eff-off.. I'm sure I could do better but I like our little shop and there's no one on our backs - just chasing suppliers heh..

Several people were in same boat - walked out and refused to have anything to do with them any more...

Work in a company me? no thanks ...

Virgin Media broadband goes titsup for 3 hours

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virgin media is pretty good overall

We've been with virgin/ntl for at approx 10 years in various locations in the south east. for about a year I had adsl services as no ntl at location at time. Had more downtime in that one year than I've had failures with ntl/vm in 10 years. Must say though the modem/router combos they supply are absolute shite... But can't fault the service though. As for yesterday's downtime - I generally avoid calling support unless I determine there's a local issue. I logged on my 3G to see status/ twitter and couldn't even reach VM website - figured this is a big one no point calling this one in!! Wife was going no u must call them they might not know - I was like I'm sure they do... 10 mins later everything was back on (after assembling lenghts of usb extension cables to get phone to a good reception area in the house.... typical... spent 30 -40 mins doing this then it all comes back !!

Cheers VM!!

The moment a computer crash nearly caused my car crash


give us a streetview point / google maps then we can see exactly where u were

as per title


which renault?

I have a scenic phase2 (2000 model) where I've done all sorts of silly driving in snow even took out fuse of abs to try with and without - loads a fun but nothing like having to reset it like this... the only thing have had to replace HT coils three times now it's on a set of bosch HT which seem to be fine now.

But I drive just for practice with it in snow and ice even going crazy wheelspin intentionally but not seen this behaviour as described in this article - whichever this car is it's computer is shite. Though I agree the driver should not have continued to drive and place himself in such perilous danger when he knew the car was misbehaving.

Natwest net and phone banking goes titsup


heads up - alliance leicester and possibly Santander next!!!

Saw this when logged in:

"The service will be undergoing essential maintenance on Sunday 6th November between 3:45am - 7:00am. Customers may experience some disruption. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. "

What are the banks up to I wonder....

Maggie Philbin on tech, teens and cardigan fear

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FU matey

Wifi is superflawed. The reason it doesn't work most of the time is due to congestion when everyone uses everywhere and there aren't enough channels to hop around. While you can move about antennas until you fix the problem that is only until yet another Wifi hotspot appears in the neighbourhood.

Effectively there are only 3 channels available so in effect if more than 3 are transmitting/receiving at the same time bandwidth starts going down. What works are cables. If Wifi works for you it's because your area isn't congested or you use it when everyone else is not using it.

so STFU..

One in 10 Brits leaves web passwords in their will


all in the same day???

that's why I use tripwire for bank account software!!...

seriously though - impulse purchased a new kitchen??? just walking by B&Q or somethin?