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Inside the Box thinking: People want software for the public cloud


Gob smacking oversight

They give you a "box sync" tool for offline file access which is a must for road warriors, except you have to be an editor on the folder in order to use it. Now I have 100 users who I only want viewing content stuck with the choice of no offline file access or an editing free for all nightmare. Wish I would've known this before as I would've told them to take a hike.

Micron bought the ashes of crashed Virtensys


I think this article misses one crucial point, the product didn't actually work! It never was a switch, you still had to put a switch in front of the virtensys kit in order to access any SAN based storage.

Also, best practice would dictate having 2 Virtensys units for redundancy but if either failed it caused your host to BSOD/PSOD. Nice!

VMware backs down on vSphere 5 virtual memory tax

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So happy, common sense prevails!

VMware taxes your virtual memory

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Allocated RAM per VM or actual usage?

I'm confused, say my vSphere environment has 10 virtual machines each with 2GB of vRAM for simplicity. Each VM is only using 50% of its vRAM.

In the new licensing model am I using 20GB from the vRAMpool or 10GB? Nonsense nonsense nonsense!

Application providers that demand 32GB+ of RAM for a VM are bad enough as it is, with v5 they will be expensive too!


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