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Meta to try 'cutting edge' AI detection on its platforms - asking people to add labels


Re: Dumbass mouthpiece strikes again

Is that "post organic", as in "post modern"

Trump-era rules reversed on treating gig workers as contractors


But how are we going to get our Brawndo?

Kaspersky reveals previously unknown hardware 'feature' exploited in iPhone attacks


Re: Rogue Engineer

I see on his Linkedn page that he just left his job in Poland working for a train maker. If you need him better be quick, I'll bet Boeing want him back to make some more plausibly deniable software.

What comes after open source? Bruce Perens is working on it


Re: It ain't going to work

It is true that artists only get a sliver of what is collected, but it is also true that they actually do get that sliver, instead of nothing.

However one, if not the major factor that allows that to happen, is that big focused music corporations also get money that way that they would not otherwise get, and a diffuse cloud of corporations (your hairdresser) get milked for it. This dynamic makes it work (legally and politically).

Free software is the opposite - big focused corporations don't want to pay, unless they are going to be getting lots more money from the great mass of unfocussed corporations and consumers. They currently see "cloud taxing" and free software as the way to do this.

To see how completely unprepared to pay-up megacorps are you just have to look at the Apple - Qualcomm fight. Apple is not prepared to pay anything significant for what is the core underlying technology of their whole product. It is only by being utterly ruthless and toxic that Q can get paid royalties at all. It seems delusional that Apple would share anything but floor sweepings with people who do not carry a very big stick.

I recently was at a supplier fishing event for tradies. Someone pointed out that the plumbers turned up with raycraft, and the sparkies turned up with tinnies. It was true: electricians will undercut each others rates. plumbers don't. Who knows why, but the result was very clear down at the boat ramp. I didn't notice any free software developers - I suppose you don't have to catch ramen noodles.

Good luck with your project Bruce, but looks to me more like something that cannot really do better than put free software developers on welfare or subsistence, not a decent living, and is more likely to see a big income stream going to megacorps if it works at all.

Cruise admits its driverless robo-taxis need a human at the remote-control wheel


Re: There were 1.5 remote assistance employees for every Cruise taxi

... just not for his workers

EU right to repair updates pass latest hurdle



Where do I vote for Anschluß with Europe, and jack booted squads of euro-goons dragging Apple executives and appliance makers into the streets to be publically whipped with usb-c cables?

(Oh , time for my meds already, Nurse?)

LibreOffice 7.6 arrives: Open source stalwart is showing its maturity


> That applies to just about the whole world and everything in it.

Except Beer. Beer was swill when I was young, and is infinitely better today. Eye wateringly more expensive too, but still better even at the price.

US military battling cyber threats from within and without


... Beijing has buried malicious code in computer networks controlling water supplies,...

Nowhere is safe from the yellow devils.

Soon it won't even be safe to drink the water in Flint.

Australian Senate committee recommends bans on Chinese social media apps


TikTok was also lashed, with a finding that it "engaged in a determined effort to obfuscate and avoid answering the most basic questions

What? Haven't these people heard of a poomoji autoresponder?

First of Tesla's 'bulletproof' Cybertrucks clunks off production line


One upvote for a truly obscure reference

Missing Titan sub likely destroyed in implosion, no survivors


Re: Titanium and compression cycles

You have to lift it out of the water and ship and truck it around, so weight in air is a big issue.

In water you still have 100% of the mass, to accelerate and slow using battery power, and when manouvering around a wreck.

So,it is indeed a big issue.

Amazon confirms it locked Microsoft engineer out of his Echo gear over false claim


He works for Microsoft && services are powered by Amazon, so it should be available (340/365)^2=316 days.

If he further expected his Google cloud mail to work as well, he'd be down to 294 days...

Eating disorder non-profit pulls chatbot for emitting 'harmful advice'


Re: Staff laid off because too many calls?

Helping the punters was starting to eat into the funding and adversely affect the executives desired outcomes and metrics.

Chinese state media hails Tesla megafactory in Shanghai as sign foreign business is on board


"The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ Bank) has stopped handling cash over the counter at some branches"

It's not much of a bank, is it?

Finest in the district sir!

Musk said Twitter would open source its algorithm – then fired the people who could


Re: Not the first time

Or just make a new and slightly bigger one to eclipse the previous one.

As Big Tech lays off staff, TSMC swoops in to hire 6,000


Man, how stupid are those Taiwanese!

Suckers staffing up when western tech geniuses are shedding dead wood

Who needs sailors? US Navy's latest robo-ship can run itself for 30 days


Re: Never mind, the original Mayflower landed in the wrong country

the USA lives under constant threat of Cuban invasion

My son lives in Florida, and he can hardly sleep at night. I'm pretty sure a Cuban is responsible for that.

Meta, which pays for web scraping, sues to stop web scraping


"This case is all about public data: whether the public has the right to search public information,

Since when are paid creepers, "the public"?

Google institutional investor calls for wider cuts: 30k jobs


Re: Arsehole

"Hi Chris."

"Hi Sundar, Nice to hear from you. How life at the Big G"

"Oh you know, just fired 12k.

Getting a bit of blowback about my stock options though.

Could you pop out a press release asking us to fire 20k instead."

"No Problemo - Why don't I make it a round 30k, that should make them properly grateful eh?"

Corporate tussles: It's actually like WWF wrestling

It's been 230 years since British pirates robbed the US of the metric system


Re: Hooray for Avoirdupois and pounds, shillings and pence

"if you rotate a 4x2 through ninety degrees it becomes a 2x4"

Ah, I see, 2x4s are made for dwangs.

Techies try to bypass damaged UPS, send 380V into air traffic system


Re: Critical

So for such a critical infrastructure, the fuse needs to be built in such a way, so that a human feeling clever wouldn't be able to easily install a wire to bypass it.

You aren't familiar with Mr Darwin's theories are you?

Two Scotts among volunteers helping NASA to track Artemis mission


Re: waste of money

Much as rockets and space are very cool, I think we get little payback from it.

Compare spending just on the SLS with the total US spend on fusion power.


One of these things pushes the boundaries of pure science and applied engineering to the very limits, so far we are not even certain of an outcome. It might give the whole planet a way out of existential threats.

The other retreads the 1960's, but even when/if it succeeds there is no significant payoff for the people who paid for it.

NASA details totally doable, not science fiction plan for sending Mars rocks to Earth


Re: new samples

Take it some cold beer or hot plutonium for all it's trouble!

Wind, solar fulfill 10% of global electricity demand for first time


Re: :(

You seem to be supporting my point, not contradicting it.

Since baseload electrical generation (of the kind you describe) can't be shutdown quickly, you need to have loads that can be turned on and off at whim instead.

Process heat, augmenting existing fossil fueled furnaces with renewable electricity is that kind of of load. You can turn the heaters up and down as fast as you can send control signals. Your process always runs as normal, because it is (initially at least) a fossil fueled system anyway

This is economic because the (pre-existing) fossil fuel furnace is sunk cost - so there is no penalty for not using it when cheaper renewables are available.

Of course this is a transitional tool, in 30 years time, long after today's furnaces have been scrapped we need to do something different.


Re: "clean" solar energy is genuine greenwash.

correction: Solar 46g vs Coal 1064g I think.


Re: "clean" solar energy is genuine greenwash.

Easy to find some number for that: 46 vs 164g/kWh

Total life cycle GHG emissions from solar PV systems are similar to other renewables and nuclear energy, and much lower than coal.


It is true to point out however than renewables are front loaded: most of the emissions happen today, not over the lifetime.

It is reasonable to expect solar to improve by a factor of 2 over time, while coal won't.

(My mate just added new panels and they are ~30% lighter/W than those installed 6 years ago)

Google kills off Stadia


Re: This may come back to bite Google eventually

Say what you will about MS, they can and frequently do gnaw at a bone until it works. If anything that has been their strength. Surprisingly for an american megacorp, they play the long game.

Scientists overjoyed after DART smashes into asteroid Dimorphos, contact lost


Re: There goes the prime directive... Murica Successfully Saves the world AGAIN with a bomb

Assuming your figures (18km/yr) are correct, then:

To miss a 12600 diameter object you have to move 6300km / 18km/yr = 350 x 570kg=200,00kg

SpaceX Starship is ~100T dry mass and 100+T payload = 200,000kg


Facebook settles Cambridge Analytica class action for undisclosed amount


Hard to understand how a class action can be settled confidentially.

Do the class members all settle without knowing what they settled for?

How Arm popped CHERI architecture into Morello Program hardware


Re: Seen it before somewhere

"This time it was right, it would work, and no one would have to get nailed to anything."

I paid for it, that makes it mine. Doesn’t it? No – and it never did


Re: Before computers we used to make stuff that worked

From cars whose engines overheated when the sun came out,

I still remember shock at British Leyland when they discovered that in some parts of the world, water fell from the sky unexpectedly fouling the ignition system that was right behind the front grille. Luckily they were able to put a piece of cardboard in to stop water.

BT accused of 'misinformation' campaign ahead of strikes


Re: Misinformation Is Cheaper Than The Truth

"Up the workers!", as we say in the Labour party.

Massive solar project in Tennessee is all about Google


This -> 100.5 tonnes is f-all.

And obviously wrong since 100T of carbon is ~10 truckloads of coal - not exactly going to run a power station for a year is it?

I roughly calculate that 100MW @4hrs/day average = 105,195 tonnes CO2/year for coal fired power.

At 2 years for construction energy and 25 year lifetime to 50% output, that's 1.8MT CO2

You've stolen the antiglare shield on that monitor you've fixed – they say the screen is completely unreadable now


Re: Shameless repost, but it fits :)

Had one trs80 come in with cat piss.

Not a lot of tracks left, and had to sit outside and try to fix it, the smell was so bad, even after the hot detergent wash treatment.

Assange extradition case goes to UK Home Secretary as High Court rules he can be sent to US for trial


Re: Missing the point

He is a foreign citizen charged in another countries local courts with what are styled as "treasonous" crimes.

There is unlikely to be anywhere on earth you would expect that to well for you, and certainly not the US.

Canon makes 'all-in-one' printers that refuse to scan when out of ink, lawsuit claims


Re: It is still multifunction

and it serves as an advertisement for other brands

Like Lexmark , ah HP, no I meant...

Google won't fight South Korea's new app store payment laws requiring third-party payments


Prosecution: "Microsoft only charge 10% on their store"

Apple/Google Defense: "We rest our case your honour, no further witnesses"

DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats sue NYC for trying to permanently cap delivery fees


Re: Working class?

> "or carry-out as my Scots relatives describe it"

Is it just me who finds this brings to mind not so much hot chips, as something moved in a wooden box or roll of old carpet?

Academics tell UK lords that folk aren't keen on predictive policing, facial recognition, heightened surveillance


Re: Me....or Peter Thiel?

> soon I will be forced to retrofit "phone home" technology

As long as its authentic Lucas (aka The Prince of Darkness) kit, you should be good

Toyota resumes autonomous Paralympics buses after vehicle hit judo competitor, forced him out of match


A Toyota spokes droid said:

"Our autonomous vehicles are working unstoppably to qualify more athletes for the next paralympics"

Restoring your privacy costs money, which makes it a marker of class


Re: It's today's world

pro tip: Wet the string with prussic acid to stop eavesdroppers

Law prof: New Chinese data regulations make it 'very hard for foreign firms to comply'


Re: Data under multiple jurisdictions.

Oh No! Once Aliexpress does lawyers, the US economy's monopoly on shoddy law is breached.

FYI: Today's computer chips are so advanced, they are more 'mercurial' than precise – and here's the proof


> "The other half is a mix of false accusations and limited reproducibility."

Perfect for AI facial recognition workloads in Apple stores then.

Philanthropist and ex-Microsoft manager Melinda Gates and her husband Bill split after 27 years of marriage


Re: break up after a long marriage

> Didn't cost that much to get married in the first place!

Marriage is a loss leader for the legal profession...

Cockup or conspiracy? Popular privacy extension ClearURLs removed from Chrome web store


Took a while to actually find it. You're not doing yourself any favours Kevin.


In Opera, download, click it, go to extensions to enable it.

Don't be a fool, cover your tool: How IBM's mighty XT keyboard was felled by toxic atmosphere of the '80s


Re: Smoking

>4 metres on a side, with an ashtray on a 2-foot pole.

I think that's a mixed metraphor

Apple seeks damages from recycling firm that didn't damage its devices: 100,000 iThings 'resold' rather than broken up as expected


> Apple in response [PDF] insisted it has lost money on repairs every year since 2009

True, true. But hardly surprising when you make it un-repairable, and you scrap and replace instead.

Spain's highway agency is monitoring speeding hotspots using bulk phone location data


Re: Perhaps the answer...

> drive into the back of a stationary Motorcycle in broad daylight

Oh yeah, I was stopped at a pedX for an old lady to dodder across, and (improbably) noticed a car coming up behind didn't seem to be slowing. The screaming wheelie I did at the last possible second probably saved the old lady too. I dare say she didn't think so.

Top Chinese central banker says Beijing’s digital currency must be restricted to big commercial banks


Good to know that in chinese, the word "Banker" still has the silent W used in the west