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LoTR fan film set for net premiere



check out Born of Hope (bornofhope.com) too, it uses quite a few of the same props/costume and many of the cast/crew worked on both.

Quake rocks Britain



Back to work with a shrug after terrorist attacks, but a slight shake at 1am and it's all i hear about all morning...

Phone with foldable e-paper display to get summer roll-out



it come in red with the words 'don't panic' on the front?

Major HTML update unveiled

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At least...

the CSS 3 spec is looking better. The mailing list discussion has been very positive and productive.

Shame html 5 looks like mind piss.

Clash of the compacts: Eee vs Air


:( boo!

i want a new 12" powerbook-like machine :-(

It was the MacBook Air sub-notebook

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have to wonder if...

The first 'smash this device' video on youtube will be it snapping in two like balsa wood?

The art of software murder

IT Angle


.docx ah ever a frustrating lunchtime when all our students descend on our computer suite... only to be informed that the word version of their important coursework on their shiny new student laptops isn't compatible with word 2003...

Firewire to gain 3.2Gb/s bandwidth boost


here to stay.

'Sorry, but Firewire is a bit of dead as a dodo. I have very rarely come across it, the only places I have seen it is on a Apple laptop and on a car stereo. I even had to look it up in a book to find out what it was.'

Then you havn't used DV/HDV Cameras, where firewire/ilink is the norm because of it's two-way interface. Same goes in music hardware, and decent external HDD's. Firewir is here to stay in industry at least, and for consumer peripherals. Still, choice is a good thing.

Opera hits Microsoft with EC complaint



Linux and mac bundling comparisons are irellevant.

Linux distro's come with any number of different default browsers, and many have more than one bundled, and they can usually be totally removed.

Unlike a PC with windows, Apple Mac's are just that - Apple Macs. You know what you're buying into as it's a specialist market for the most part (as is linux).

In the PC world it's different, because Windows in the defacto standard for pre-installed OS's and many users don't have an immediate knowledge of alternatives; I work as support in an FE college in Leicester (UK), and many users can barely work a computer confidently, far less make software choices!

I think it would be a great idea for all OS's to bundle, give an option the first time you boot your computer or install the OS to choose a default browser from a list. But I doubt that would ever happen...

Microsoft wireless keyboards crypto cracked

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Finally got to put that first year uni coursework into practice :)

Orange to offer unlocked iPhones for €749

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749 euro's?

and you cant even send texts to more than one recipient at once. Sod all the other features, it cant even do bog standard basic stuff.

I agrree with thecomments above; cheap contract, free phone and iPod touch for the cheaper than a N800 web browsing device with better media capability. Maybe an industrious thrid party developer will do what apple forgot to do in february and make it do the stuff that every other mobile phone on the market can do, might be worth it's price tag and crap contracts then... but i doubt it.

PlusNet blasts email into blackhole (again)



I jumped ship from plusnet last year when they managed to delete all the websites by user names beginning with A or B (so mine...) and all my email for a month - interestingly, when the sites went down, they emailed us... only the emails were all deleted!

I had a static line, and the downtime was awful; i'd be working away online and suddenly BOOM nothing. Happened every day for about a month before I said bollocks and switched. On an up point, their customer service were very quick to give me my MAC code.

Apple unwraps trio of aluminium iMacs



You used to be able to upgrade the graphics card...

Strong laptop demand drives Apple US retail share to 13%


On gaming

At the WWDC, it was announced EA will be porting games to the mac, notably, the cash cow franchise that is harry potter, and their sports titles.

I still play a lot of games, albeit dual booting into windows on my mac, and the machine (in this case an iMac) is more than capable of running games (w00t oblivion) even under vista. It is a bit of a pain, but really, when i'm playing games, it's not like I'm doing anything else, so booting into windows isn't really that much of a problem. Hopefully, in the future I wont have to, but it's hardly a chore doing it now.

Apple's Safari lacks bold vision


Makes a change

At least it proves Apple aren't infallable. Although it gives all non-apple fans something to gloat a bout.

I must say, i havn't had any problems yet, but i'm not using it for anything but browsing (no passowrds, no foreign language sites, no banking etc..)