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India to add seven new elite IT training institutes


Google-Copy-Paste skill will not help in long run. The job market will vanish when other countries stops outsourcing.

Need to bolster talents and creativity. Most of them don't even vaguely understand how the frameworks are working under the hood, so once their "tool-driven" skill gets obsolete so does the guy.

India's MOM Mars mission makes final course correction


Re: Nail on the head.

No need to force-feed India with worthless aids...

FYI, India's GDP is at par to UK's GDP.


India doesn't need your aid..

If you still want to force-feed, then do it :)

BTW, India's GDP is comparable to UK's GDP

NEC claims terabit-plus record with 10,000 km hop


FYI (only)

optical multi-tone generation -> multiple freq generation (for WDM)

large core -> large diameter of light carrying portion of optical fiber (generally single tone requires narrow core, and multi-tone requires wider core to propagate all wavelength properly)

ultra low-loss fiber -> usual

digital coherent detection -> receiver side reconstructs clock freq/phase from the incoming signal itself. So receiver would not require to generate a separate & discrete clock for synchronization.

digital equalization-> different wavelength gets attenuated differently based on its freq/wavelength. So equalization will make all wavelength with same amplitude (as for multi-tone signal)

NSA constructs hardened Android, unleashes it on world


NSA already added backdoor to FreeBSD

what stops them to add similar into Android source code ??

The peculiarity was that, time taken to notice such backdoor was long and few releases were released for public (many had installed the version with added backdoor)

Android source code is also huge, time to scrutinize each file will take time.

their version: http://seclists.org/fulldisclosure/2010/Dec/669

The cure for US job woes: More immigrants


So you want to hire SLAVES ?

Just saw "The HELP"

Nokia to sell off luxury phone brand

Thumb Up

Good riddance

So long and thanks for all the fish .. errk cash

Chrome passes Firefox in global browser share


That lame excuse is not valid for every occasion

"Unused memory is wasted memory"

If keeping junk data indefinitely in RAM was good, then Garbage Collector related research would not have been needed.

Why fill up RAM with junk data about Tabs that was closed 15 min ago ?

Not everybody has 4+ GB of ram.

GCHQ code-breaking challenge cracked by Google search


Looks like a old COM file

First byte "EB" means the first jump as in a standard COM file.

So it could be a obsecure COM file's hex dump. Need to boot up old MSDOS 6 in VM...

(I hate it that my Win7 x64 can't run 16 bit progs)

Assange: 'iPhone, BlackBerry, Gmail users - you're all screwed'


Carrier-IQ comes to my mind


HTC forecasts stormy future, laments Apple S3 defeat


Suing an American company in American soil :)

That's bound to happen, when you sue a home grown company in its own country.

I won't blame ITC (predominantly an American lobby), if they rejected a foreign lawsuit ...

Fujitsu parades 16-core Sparc64 super stunner


Is it TeraFLOPS or PetaFLOPS ??


NASA: 2012 solar flares could DEVASTATE CITIES!


Reminds me of Y2K warnings


Were Lavasoft's buyers once on its hit list?


Stop going to nasty sites

Chicken fillets: The affordable alternative to Bulgarian Airbags


Boobs - Bombs - Babes

Baby I love this job!

Gadget Shop kingpin cuffed in nightclub 'toilet sex' incident


So Cuckold Dreams are real ?!?


OpenBSD 5.0 reveals MAD-themed release


Secure (unless the Backdoor installed by FBI is removed)

World's stealthiest rootkit gets a makeover


java CAN call native api

That's part of JNI spec ... U can call any c++ dll stub via JNI.

Google Maps API now costs $4 per 1,000 requests


First 25000 hit is FREE (PER DAY)

For first 25000 hit/per Day is free.

If its more than that , then you'll be charged $4/1000 hit

But for Styled maps, the FREE limit is reduced to 2500 only.

Check out TOS : http://code.google.com/apis/maps/faq.html#tos_pricing

It'll be costly for huge/commercial sites, but individual like me will be spared.

FYI, my humble site gets daily hits of ~3000, which is way less than 25000 hits.

Tosh puts 1TB in the palm of your hand


Toshiba's after sales support s-u-c-k-s!

USA/Taiwan may be spared but for rest of the world - its pathetic.

Better buy Seagate/WD/Samsung/XYZ , atleast they provide decent warranty service

India cracks down on the Blackberry


US has more interception capability than any other country

It may be true for some country which does not get frequent suicide bomber/car bomb explosion.

But for some countries, it is essential.

Remember even US has set up many huge data center to intercept any email/voice call/sms/text message/chat/social network post after 9-11 incident.

It has a long history, since World War II (German enigma decryption team/machine).

So before you bark on other country's policy, think about your country first, what it does to protect its citizen.

Behind Microsoft's $15 Samsung Android royalty claim


Why not change SDCard's filesystem from vFat to ext3/4 ?

Most of the claims here are based on stupid ISO standarized vFAT allocation on SDCard.

As the android kernel is Linux, why can't we move to something else ?

Say ext3/4 or RaiserFS or something else ??

Only problem I see is when you'll mount the drive after connecting mobile device to PC.

That problem can be solved by EVERY handset manufacturer by providing driver software to read ext3/4 in Windows system .

A simple update from google and every manufacturer will suffice.