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BOFH: Our Excel-lent new boss and the diagram plan

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The blocked toilet analogy is the best ever. Tears after the "proverbial chain".

MYSTERY programming language found in Duqu

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Brainfuck translated to INTERCAL and then to C++

BOFH: The day the office budget bombed – literally

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CSI Luton

"one where they don't have to call in the kebab fat spatter analyst or rely on a shell-suit arse print to identify the culprit"

I can't stop laughing and I cannot even tell my colleagues why:)

Anti-PowerPoint Party vows end to death by slides

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Terrible Cliparts

I agree, the worst are those cliparts that some feel is mandatory to be included in a way or another on each and every slide.

BTW PP is a very good tool for... drawing schematics that you can then copy-paste (paste special as DIB) in a document - far better than Word with which drawing is just a bloody non-funny joke. And then you can also use Excel to write letters (true story). Long live MS office!