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Ofcom head Sharon White slams 5G hold-up in spectrum auction


5G auction is unfair to rural consumers and businesses

In addition to the absence of backhaul, as has been stated by others the number of base stations required will force the mobile operators to only deploy in cities leaving the spectrum fallow in the rural areas. The rural WISPs require this spectrum in order to be able to deliver high availability ultrafast service. Ofcom have decided that the mobile operators only will get this spectrum leaving 93% without either 5G or high speed broadband.


An additional problem with this auction is that Ofcom are not following their statutory duty with regard to spectrum efficiency where the spectrum will only be deployed by the mobile operators in 7% of the nation. The spectrum could also be made available to WISPs for rural broadband without affecting cities where the mobile operators will deploy. Ofcom have chosen not to do that without sufficient explanation or apparently understanding of the probable mobile deployments.

Chinese coal blamed for global warming er... cooling


The Sun's Energy is low

How come these clever people have not accounted for the change in sun spot cycle. I'm sure they have really it just makes a good story not to say so.



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