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Google shreds Reader in new round of 'spring cleaning'


First Notebook, now Reader...

Anyone know any good RSS readers? Preferably browser-based like Reader.



Re: Gmail Drafts

Similarly, you can take advantage of the fact that you can add "+whatever" to your email address and the email will still be delivered to you.

e.g. If you're "fred.bloggs@gmail.com" you can send emails to yourself at "fred.bloggs+notes@gmail.com" and it will still be delivered. You can then use gmail's filtering to spot the "+notes" part , add a "Notes" label to the mail and skip the inbox.

Then all your notes get tagged correctly and don't interfere with your Drafts folder.

Wikipedia to shut down Wednesday in SOPA protest


I'd have thought SOPA has an awful lot to do with Wikipedia. As I understand it, if anyone posts something that infringes (or even looks like it infringes) copyright on a website, under SOPA the copyright holder can get access to the whole website shut down (at least within the USA), without any sort of due process. Now look how easy it is to post something on Wikipedia - anyone can do it. I'm sure it wouldn't be long before Wikipedia was shut down.

ALK CoPilot Live Premium HD



It needs permission for phone calls because it can make phone calls - find a POI on the map (e.g. a restaurant or chemist) and click on it, you'll get info about it, including phone number and "Call" and "GO" buttons. Click the call button to make a phone call to that location.

I imagine the other permissions have equally explainable purposes.


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