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If I know that I'm driving to Belgium, I might be able to load the maps for google maps for a given route, but can I download the maps for the whole country, so that I can choose a new route when I get there?

CoPilot certainly used to use UK traffic data from ITIS, which is a commercial supplier. It gets some of its data from GPS units on lorries & coaches. The data from the Highways agency is OK, but it doesn't give the speed of a delay that you could use to predict the journey time for a detour.

I don't mind CoPilot charging for things which other people do for free, if they can do it better. At the moment, I've let my traffic news subscription lapse, but I might buy it again if others find it works well. At the moment, I use the free RAC traffic news app and http://www.trafficmaster.co.uk/__ajax/live_traffic.htm


Reasons to Choose CoPilot over Google Maps

It is really nice to have full street level maps for Europe on a phone. You wouldn't want to use Google maps to use when you're roaming unless you have a phone plan where downloading data is cheap. In the UK, it is nice to not rely on a mobile internet connection to get the maps.

I do have Google maps installed, and the aerial photographs are nice, but I don't use it very often as I find it easier to define routes with CoPilot.

I'm not an expert with Google maps, but I don't think you can get it to give warnings for speed cameras - which show the speed limit as well as your current speed. With some roads, CoPilot shows the speed limit, which helps sometimes when you join a road, and can't see any repeater speed limit signs.

In the long term, I like having a relationship with a company which is focussed on getting me to spend money on upgrades and features, rather than one which has a underlying aim of selling advertising to me. Google still own the operating system, so I'm going to be targeted with some advertising, in any case. However, it does mean that I'm not going to find an update sent out which drops adverts into the route guidance.


At the moment its a useable beta version

At the moment its a useable beta version

I bought this a few days ago. I already have CoPilot 8. There are some nice new features. However, the new version is quite buggy, with things that are easy to see, so I'm sure there are more bugs lurking out of sight.

There was a comment from CoPilot at http://getsatisfaction.com/copilotlive/problems/common the other day that the UK fuel prices are unreliable.

The Wikipedia search has a bug where you get sent to the wrong location. For instance, if you search for the Stamford Bridge football stadium, it sends to into the middle of the Thames near Erith. That location has the same longitude, and the latitude is the same, but E of Greenwich rather than W of Greenwich.

The bing Local Search only lists sites in the USA. The battery life is really poor. Some people report are occasional random lockups.

These aren't show-stopping problems, but they are the sort of thing that should have been sorted out with beta testing, before releasing it onto the market.

There is a 50% discount which runs out today, and it might well be worth buying in any case. However, if you need a reliable, fully functional program to use today, then you might want to go for something else, or wait a while.


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