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We sat through Apple's product launch disguised as a dev event so you don't have to


Re: The WWDC presentation was no great shakes, but this article is worse

You’ve been reading Register since at least 2011 and you still don’t know what it’s about?

Japan's asteroid probe reportedly found 20 amino acids


Each evolved life form on whatever planet wherever in the universe developed the technology to destroy itself before it developed the technology to reach out to find other life.

So we never get there and neither do they.

Taiwan bans exports of chips faster than 25MHz to Russia, Belarus


Re: Digital Cameras?

The Lomo cameras, by the maker of Lubitel, has had a small but dedicated following practising Lomography despite the digital dominance.

Small nuclear reactors produce '35x more waste' than big plants


Re: Does anyone want cheap and reliable energy?

I've met a few dumbos in life

Finally, something believable from you.

Birds of a feather etc.


Re: I'll take the bait

You seem to prefer the entire planet being contaminated, from the ionosphere down. Why are you continually ignoring the damage already done and continuing to be done makes any nuclear past incident tiny by comparison?

Export bans prompt Russia to use Chinese x86 CPU replacement


Re: Computers in general aren't really corporate trash pile material.

I don’t think US is the only nation disposing of obsolete Xeon based hardware.


Re: Yablochka redux?

Pi4 definitely makes a more than adequate desktop PC for me. I don’t watch video on it though, because I have a telly for that.

Meta to squeeze money from WhatsApp with Cloud API for businesses


Definitely do not use it, nor anyone in my family or immediate circle.

Wouldn’t touch it or Faecebook with yours.


Re: In all seriousness, people still use WhatsAPP?

We had a boss man tell us he’d created a WhatsApp group for us and suggested we all join it.

The unanimous response of “I don’t do WhatsApp” was very entertaining.


Excellent. The more people that close the lid on that sewer the better for everybody.

Asahi Linux project shows progress in graphics drivers on Apple's M1


Re: Worth the effort?

Ooh a thumbs down! How masterful of you. FFS, does anyone over 12 actually care?

Wearable hybrids prove the bloated smartwatch is one of Silly Valley's biggest mistakes




Re: re: That's bollocks, it really is.

"What's the compelling use case for a smart watch then?"

What's the compelling case for a smartphone?

What's the compelling case for a watch?

If the smartwatch means no more ringtone and an easy glance to check notifications, that's a really useful thing for me. Of course it's not compelling, but very little is compelling in anything.

Nissan 'fesses up to fudging emissions data


Re: 1.6 litre!

These modern small capacity turbos have been designed to short-circuit fuel economy test cycles and don't hold up in real world use.

That's rubbish. The problem is the driver, the small capacity turbos have a different driving style and a competent driver gets really good MPG.


Re: 1.6 litre!

"PS: No such thing. Only aggressive dog owners. Any dog can be trained to be aggressive.. I speak as someone who has owned Boxers, half-rottweilers and half-Staffies. None of whom were aggressive - although the Miniture Dachshund was.."

OK. So the security industry and the police should ditch their dobs and rotties and replace them with miniature dachsunds.

Seriously, some breeds have been selectively bred for aggressive working roles and have an aggressive appearance which, like the other items on the list, act as a crutch to sad insecure little men. So nit-picking isn't going anywhere. You know what he meant.


Re: Holy carp!

Could be worse - they could be Italian..

Fine when the sun shines but gives up at the first sight of rain - much like old British electrics did)

How is life back in 1983?

Shouting lager, lager... Carlsberg's beer AI can now tell pilsners apart


Re: The real test

Corona premium? You mean 12 bottles for a tenner in Tesco Corona?

Nothing premium about it, not even pretend premium.


Re: Someone has to tell you...

"But then you seem like a proper snob, looking down at 'chavs' for liking things they 'shouldn't' like."

Yep, that just about sums it up, thanks for the compliment.

And the mass produced chemical conveniently produced and packaged lager industry is so far removed from homebrew that your comment completely defeats itself. Nonsense R U.


Re: The real test

If must be ascnowledged though, that the American are fucking brilliant at brewing and have a huge choice of fabulous beers. Just not the ones that cost 0.0001 cents per litre to make - including the dreaded rice beer.


Re: Someone has to tell you...

Definition of pilsner can be simplified to over-hopped lager.

So like lager but slightly less abhorrent.

Lager being the drink that suits the breweries more than the consumer because it is cheap and easy to make, store, transport and dispense. So marketing teams convinced chavs that there are such things as "premium lagers" (meaning generic lager with marketing and costing more) and it's really good business.... such is life.

Open plan offices flop – you talk less, IM more, if forced to flee a cubicle


Re: Those cubicle things

Fuck that. If I was expected to work in one of those little boxes from shit 1980s American films then I would walk. Just inhuman.

I'd rather have faces to work with and communicate with.

Foot lose: Idiot perv's shoe-mounted upskirt vid camera explodes


Re: The real question is: did he want to get arrested?

Attention seeker with a mental health problem.

Automated payment machines do NOT work the same all over the world – as I found out


Re: Similar experience in the USA

Green pump nozzle in UK- Unleaded.

Green pump nozzle in Florida - Diesel


The petrol pump card payments are not all the same even within the UK

Buttonless and port-free: Expect the next iPhone to be as smooth as a baby's bum


Re: Nobody thought of ...

Apple haven't said they are doing any of that.

You are shitting yourself about a speculative article.


Re: 6s plus was my last iphone

Unfortunately the Fairphone is Android. No deal.


Re: New Apple invention :)

If induction charging gets included in the next model won't that mean Apple has just invented it like many of the other features?

Wireless charging is already in the iPhone 8,.


They would have to deal with making the magnet work without messing with the compass function.

No top-ups, please, I'm a millennial: Lightweight yoof shunning booze like never before


So the moron ritual of people cheering on and praising other people who do idiot things with alcohol is dying out? I hope so.

And people who vomit, piss themselves, pass out and make a twat of themselves and have to hibernate for 2 days to recover. "yeah it was a great night". Weird UK approach to alcohol which I hope is also heading for the bin.

Take-off crash 'n' burn didn't kill the Concorde, it was just too bloody expensive to maintain


Re: Brooklands

I was lucky in 1991 as a competition prize I won a flight in G-BOAE for a Bay of Biscay flight to 60,000 and Mach2.

The takeoff in a lightly loaded (reduced fuel, no baggage) Concorde is stuck in my memory and was more amazing and exciting than I had even anticipated. Just mind-blowing.


Re: Not just operated by BA & Air France

One was also leased to U airline Braniff out of DFW.


Re: Hounslow 17:56 weekdays ...

it would have been politically impossible to spend US taxpayers money on what was only ever going to be a playboy project.

It was spent getting a dozen people to the moon and back instead.

Star Wars BB-8 toy in firmware update risk, say UK security bods


Re: Interesting

Wonder what kind of firmware would an attacker want to load a Sphero BB8 with?

Something that could do some malicious work from the inside of your home network.

Bloke sues dad who shot down his drone – and why it may decide who owns the skies


Re: He didn't have specific intent to photograph the property

That's proven by the fact that Meredith had time to retrieve his shotgun and shoot it down after he saw it.

How do we know he had to go and retrieve his shotgun? He is an American yokel FFS. And anyway, had he seen the drone flying in the general area he could have got the gun ready and waited for it to come within range.

However, having shot trap down the line before, even with a long choked down barrel and heavy shot, 80 metres is a bit of a stretch.

iOS 9 kludged our iPhones, now give us money, claims new lawsuit


Re: Can't switch?

No you misunderstand.

These users have purchased apps, and those apps remain purchased in Apple's store so when they get a new device they just re-download them. They may have a big investment in those.

If they go to another eco system then those purchases are lost.

And if they have their family and friends regularly using iMessage and Facetime, FindMyFriends etc, changing means they drop out of that circle.


Re: The masters of enforced obsolescence...

I've been using the same Poundland cable for years.

A message comes up and says this is not a genuine device and may not work as expected.

But it still works.

More likely the regular updates are because of the cat and mouse battles with the jailbreak artists.


Forced Updates

Apps and app updates in the app store start to prevail with the message "Requires iOS 9 or later" etc.

Aroused Lycra-clad cyclist prompts Manchester cop dragnet


Re: "Interesting debate"?

Going equipped?


Don't be silly, who wears their waistband at nipple level? Surely he would need to be tucking it into his collar?

Rebels defeat the Empire (again) by giving BB-8 an API



Dreams indeed.

When I was fourteen I really wanted a girlfriend. Instead I got an Amateur Radio licence which meant I had no chance of getting a girlfriend.

Now after many years of marriage and two children I can see myself playing with a BB-8 droid, though as my children are both teenagers I can't use them as the excuse for getting one. But I will.

Having sat through the film wondering how I could make a thing that rolled like a BB-8m thanks for the information!

Edit: OMG they are £130 !!!

Getting metal hunks into orbit used to cost a bomb. Then SpaceX's Falcon 9 landed


Re: A bit negative...

They fail when are breached and release from somewhere other than the thrust nozzle, thus igniting and burning much quicker than intended.

On another point, SRBs thrust is not controllable in the way that a liquid motor with pumped accelerant/oxidant is.


Re: Unreservedly, unabashedly euphorically optimistic

The first stage doesn't achieve orbit and so doesn't have the same heating problems of re-entry that an orbiting craft would. In fact it has completely reversed direction from the launched orbit, so there is none of the orbital energy left. it then slows its reentry by burning the rockets again.

I would think that lower atmosphere airflow cooling is the biggest difference between flight and static test.

Software engineer sobers up to deal with 2:00 AM trouble at mill


Re: Christmas

Tuesday was my last day this week, off all christmas until 4th Jan.

On Tuesday afternoon something major broke and I had visions of my time off being delayed, working late and the next day.

I found myself extremely focussed and concentrated on my task that afternoon.....


Re: AC for obvious reasons but...

Coders and developers don't usually do on call do they? Seems like a good way to make sure you get reliable code.

Except I was doing on call some years ago, and the devs were contactable as a last resort. One in particular used to write deliberate bombs into the code and then remind me that he was available if needed and to not hesitate to call, because he was on £120 remuneration if called out, and was not pleased that I figured out how to work round his "bug".

Riddle of cash-for-malware offer in new Raspberry Pi computers


Re: Malware?

This is The Register. An opportunity to be sanctimonious will always be seized.

IT bloke: Crooks stole my bikes after cycling app blabbed my address


Re: Common sense

Make your start point and finish point a mile or so away from home. Use the travelling to the start point as a warm up and travelling home from it as a warm down. Don't record the warm up / warm down.

A few years ago I bought a new bike, it was stolen the same night. Quite a lot of it was happening, people were being followed home from the shop.

Windows for Warships? Not on our new aircraft carriers, says MoD


Re: Pedant alert

That's only to be expected as we are a subject state under a US hegemony.

Brit 'naut Tim Peake tucks into space bacon sarnie


Re: Surely ketchup

Get ketchup anywhere near my bacon sarnie and I'll show you the mother of all tantrums.


I have my own personal gravity that without fail attracts whatever I am eating to the front of whatever I am wearing.