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Star Trek Beyond: An unwatchable steaming pile of tribble dung


I have to slightly disagree with the post here. Although I can agree that this film will not be winning any awards it is a passable entry to the franchise. It eludes to shathers troubled thoughts in generations of his life in space and as for the explanation at the end this makes sense if you have seen any of the later series of enterprise. So its a good atempt to write it off without the proper perspectives is just wrong.

EU cloud data can be secretly accessed by US authorities

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shouldnt multinational companies have the option to obey local laws (exclusively)

Now im in eu so dont know allot about the patriot act, only what we see on the tv, but from what we have seen they can do what they want when they want to and call it "patriot act" so they dont have to explain themselves. So when we sign up for a service in the EU and the EULA states local law rather than US law then shouldnt this be the case, if i sign up in EU then if there is a problem or the authorites do want to see my data then they should have to follow that and not their own. If this isnt the case how does the rest of the world get on. Forgetting microsoft for a minute, what are the rules for other companies like sony or toyota, they deal internationally and are based in chine that has restrictions gallore, so are their satellite services like sony reader for instance under their law or local law...

in this day and age you should be bound by the law of the internet if you buy a service from a provider then the location of the provider not their parent company should be used, if i buy windows in london then how can they enforce their EULA if they are then gonna tell me the USA is on my machine under the Patriot act.

BBC mulls talent Twitter ban to prevent storyline spoilers


Free advertising is not a bad thing

Rather than see this as a bad thing the BBC (which is not funded by advertising) should embrace social networking and use it as an unofficial method of advertising things.

The fact that celebrities have litterally millions of followers should be a great source of viewers, the bbc cant advertise like other channels do, they cant justify spending the licence payers money. So rather than banning social networking just issue some guidelines so not to spoil viewing pleasure.

I dont want to know the script but if i know someone is doing a new show im more likely to watch it if its on twitter these days.

Come on bbc embrace dont scold


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