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tsoHost pulls plug on Gridhost service with just 45 days' notice


Absolute scam

I have been a customer of TSOHOST now since 2009.

They claimed to have e-mailed me multiple times.

I did not receive a single e-mail in my inbox or my spam account.

And I know I was checking my e-mail because during the period they claimed to have warned me, I was ordering domains and checking for the e-mails.

This is some sort of pish take going on , they didn't warn customers adequately.

I also notice they didn't migrate my account either? It's sitting there with the Grid Host service that doesn't work - why if they were shutting down the service did they not migrate me?

Ukraine invasion: We should consider internet sanctions, says ICANN ex-CEO


It's over

Net neutrality is a pipe dream. The rubicon has been crossed. The world is infected by an insufferable woke cancel culture disease and there isn't a line they won't cross.

Cogent pulling the plug was just the start. Never mind the fact it reduces the ability for innocent citizens of an oppressed regime to access an alternative view point. Just cancel them all.


its over

Remember when we used to believe the internet should be open and accessible to all?

Net neutrality is a pipe dream. The world has been infected by cancel culture and there isn't any line they won't cross.

How does Monzo keep 1,600 microservices spinning? Go, clean code, and a strong team


Re: Banking isn't really a highly computational process

You're many orders of magnitude wrong in your assessment of the computation power required.

Payment systems are incredibly complex and there are many layers, from the merchant, to the terminal, the merchant acquirer, the scheme provider etc....

Those 1300 card transactions per second probably equate to over 50,000 transactions at the data/message/API layers at least and that's just at the scheme end, and because it's payments, everything is logged up the ying yang.

Source: I build platforms for payment providers.

Review of IR35 is in: Quelle surprise, UK.gov will forge ahead with controversial tax reforms in the private sector


Crap country

Brexit, IR35. We're finished as a country.

Akamai CEO: Playing games from the cloud? Seems too expensive to be viable right now


Lots of readers are missing the point....

Technically the solution works and well. Obviously you need a good low latency connection to a local data-centre however with that in place, you really can deliver a decent 60fps low latency experience which is good enough for the vast majority of games out there. Certainly anything on console is easily playable.

So the question is not whether it technically works. The question is whether it's economically viable. Are there enough people with good enough connectivity to take advantage of the service?

Apple reckons mystery new material will debug butterfly keyboard woes in latest MacBook Pros



It's hilarious how many people have convinced themselves that the Mac keyboard is actually decent. It's like they've only ever typed on an phone screen before and so find the keyboard novel and marvellous. Meanwhile the professional keyboard nerds who've studied typing will tell you that you need more travel.

I just recently got treated to a ThinkPad X1E. What a marvelous laptop keyboard. It's far superior to anything Apple have ever put out. It's been unfortunate having to switch to Windows 10 but I can't live with a MacBook keyboard. They will have to redesign it completely.

Mind the crane: Windows Server containers loaded up on the Azure Kubernetes Service


Microsoft leading cloud provider......

Who would have thought not even 5 years ago that Microsoft would end up being the world's leading cloud provider.

Chinese dev jailed and fined for posting DJI's private keys on Github


Exactly. Developers like this should never ever have access to the production SSL certificates or private keys.

The fact he had access shows how terrible DJIs internal development practises are. It's shocking.

These days private keys are held securely in systems which do not allow casually exporting. Instead they are packaged up and deployed securely when required.

Secret mic in Nest gear wasn't supposed to be a secret, says Google, we just forgot to tell anyone



The Nest Secure home alarm is not available in the UK and therefore does not cost £99 because you can't bloody buy it.

Great, you've moved your website or app to HTTPS. How do you test it? Here's a tool to make local TLS certs painless


Lol arcane knowledge of memory management

Nobody ever taught memory management to anyone.

As the tools get better, we can spend less time faffing around and more time getting things working.

Lenovo tells Asia-Pacific staff: Work lappy with your unencrypted data on it has been nicked


Re: Meet our CSO, Mr. Hindsight

Yes it's one of the reasons I have a thinkpad for my work. It's encrypted and as far as I know should be completely inaccessible without my biometrics AND boot password.

The fact this wasn't default at Lenovo is simply unfathomable.

While everyone coos at the promise of 5G, UK network Three asks if it can tempt you with 4G+


Re: Interesting...

Then I think you misunderstand the point of 5G.

It's not just about theoretical data rates to an individual phone. It's about scaling data rates in aggregate in congested areas where there simply isn't enough 4G spectrum to go around.

Apple whispers how its face-fingering AI works


At what point did the Apple fanboys take over thereg?

Was a time when they would be laughed out of the shop.

Spotty battery life costs Apple's MacBook Pro its gold-star rating


Re: I agree but

>The estimated time remaining was always a bad idea.

You don't know what you are talking about. Batteries are very well understood, you can know with near certainty how many watt-hours you have left in the cell and you can calculate fairly precisely know how long you have left _BASED ON CURRENT USAGE_. It's quite simple. If you have 50 watt hours in the battery and you are drawing 5 watts, you have about 10 hours of battery life. If usage is fluctuating then you simply take an average say over the past x number of minutes.

So the problem is not having an estimated time - the problem is dimwits who don't understand what it means. If you are writing e-mails and it says 15 hours and then you jump into final cut pro and render a bunch of videos - do you really expect to get 15 hours? Apparently from your comment you think this is an actual problem. No this is stupidity.

Gov.UK goes TITSUP


Re: DNS issue?

DNS it not hard. Building a resilient system is child play. The failure today is akin to accidentally sexting your mum. It was completely and utterly avoidable and everything worked as expected given the inputs of the user.

Google to kill passwords on Android, replace 'em with 'trust scores'


Re: The end of passwords?

I used to find the comments on The Register to be highly entertaining and or insightful.

Seems to have regressed to a state of mostly unintelligible criticisms of technological progress.

But but what If I don't have bluetooth? What if I'm in a foreign country? What if I lose my thumb and can't use my thumbprint scanner? What if I have a face transplant and it doesn't recognise me? What if I want to set a password?

I wouldn't even mind but it's almost always said by people who massively overestimate their own knowledge and experience. Presumably earned from years supporting users.


Re: Sooo...

Then obviously it will fall back until it can authenticate you. If that means asking you for a password then I imagine it will.

Not-spot-busting for the home: Eero thinks tiny mesh router's a winner


Overpriced and designed for plebs....

Alternatively you should look into Ubiquiti UniFi.

I just put 3 of their fantastic Unifi AP's into my house and I can now max out my 80mbit internet connection no matter where I go. It's bloody fantastic.

British Gas applies to wind up UK colo outfit Alphadex


It's just a petition at this stage


AMD unveils Godzilla's graphics card – 'the world's fastest, period'


Piss off, period.

That is all.

Japanese password protector floods screen with hoax cursors


Re: Easy to defeat.

This is about stopping outside observers from seeing which keys on a software keyboard are being pressed.

I don't think you have a clue what you are talking about.

Heroku cops to poor tech performance for last THREE YEARS


Re: What's the point of cloud again?

Cloud has never been about standards based.... Because there has never been a single "cloud" standard.

Good news! UK IT jobs up. Bad news? They're with a bunch of bankers

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Ride the gravy train

As an IT contractor I have great hope for the future of this profession.

The majority of companies I have worked for are totally crippled with permie dead weight that they have no choice but to hire contractors. Layer upon layer of managers all fighting their way up the totem pole leaving the people on the ground apathetic to near comatose levels.

Samsung's squillionaire supremo scuttles siblings' shares snatch


presidential pardon

He got a presidential pardon FFS after being convicted of fraud.

What chance did his siblings have of getting any money out of him, clearly he's got friends in high places.

Oh, Sony, you big tease: Mystery PlayStation reveal date set


If they offer download distribution they completely ruin the shops that sell these games and the distribution which they rely on to sell the actual console itself.

That and not everyone has the connectivity to download a 25GB game....

PayPal plugs SQL injection hole, tosses $3k to bug-hunter



What a paltry shitty sum, especially from a company such as Paypal. $3k for such a flaw.... pathetic.

I wonder if it might work for a company such as Paypal to offer a bounty to people able to hack their systems and provide the winners with real money for doing so.

When your squash partner 'endorses' your coding skills on LinkedIn...

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LinkedIn a waste of time

As far as I'm concerned LinkedIn is nothing but a waste of good time. Time and time again I'm told by my colleagues that I should be on LinkedIn, because ALL the recruiters use it.

The problem is that fundamentally it's a load of horse shit. People use it to craft this image of themselves which in most cases tends to be a complete lie. One particular example is an ex-colleague of mine who I had the misfortune of training some years back, his LinkedIn reads like some epic novel of achievement when in reality he was completely incapable of very basic tasks.

I'm not gonna bother for now, I've never had a problem getting a job through the usual channels and I don't intend to whore myself out to another social media wank fest unless it's absolutely necessary. (that is, every single agent on the planet starts using LinkedIn exclusively)

Mighty 4 Terabyte whopper crashes down on the desktop


Maths fail?

>The WD Black 4TB GB hard drives, with capacities ranging from 500G to 4TB, are available through WD's channel now, with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $339.00 and at £239.50 in the UK, a cost averaging out to around $10/GB - or a cent for a megabyte. ®

The maths is wrong here. AT 10$ per /GB, the a 4TB drive would cost $40k. Using the figures in the article, a $339 drive with 4TB would mean a cost per GB to be $0.08/GB.

And how long has it been since $10/gb? Surely about 15 years or more?

How to spot a terrible tech boss within SECONDS


Re: 5 years?

That is a seriously pathetic self imposed blocker to hiring the best person and frankly you are the type of person this article is poking fun at.

It's one of the reasons I contract now because the permanent marketplace is full of people like you who think long term loyalty is the most important thing. It's not. I'd rather have someone who came in for 2 years and worked at a high pace before getting bored, than someone who just plods along playing the long game.

I keep getting offered long term permanent positions in my contract roles because they see the pace and passion I have for the job, what they don't realize is that I am that way precisely because I'm not gonna be sticking around for 5 years.


5 years?

>You are in effect trusting him or her with your earnings for the next five years...

Forget that. If you want to make money you got to jump ship. I've had 6 IT jobs in 10 years and I'm making 400% more than I did when I first started. Might not work for everyone but I've found it's the quickest way to build up a vast amount of experience and understanding.

Don't be put off by people who tell you that it will look bad on your C.V. There is no point sticking around a dead end job simply to satisfy some imaginary arsehole who might take exception to your work history.

Carbon fiber MacBooks to appear soon?


working with

CFRP isn't that easy to work with.

Any patents would related around their moulding process

Hackers spunk 'pcAnywhere source' after negotiation breakdown


A bad name?

These guys are clearly Anonymous... isn't that what the entire concept was based on? We are all Anonymous... etc..etc..etc..

O2 leaks 3G users' mobile numbers to every website visited


Absolutely shocking

This is terrible.

Dutch ISP calls the cops after Spamhaus blacklists it


Spamhaus don't block anything? What a load of....

Spamhaus are a bunch of self righteous tw*ts.

I have had numerous run-ins with them over the years and they have never failed to treat me with contempt and always leave me feeling like I want to smash someones pathetic face in.

I don't spam... in fact I hate spammers, but they don't seem to want to help the situation at all and they are downright obnoxious.

And at the very end of it they sit back and say "we aren't block your mail, play by our rules or go away".

Unfortunately LOTS AND LOTS of people around the world use Spamhaus whether they like it or not because some administrator has decided to subscribe to the Spamhaus feed and treat it as gospel.

Which means when they block your IP.... expect to see at least 40-50% reduction in message delivery, if not more.

I know for a fact that they are all evil b*stards because they once blocked a large international house hold name Charities e-mail server during a large campaign relating to a recent humanitarian disaster. I won't go into specifics but it wasn't the charities fault and it took something like 4 weeks before they finally removed the block.

Exploit writer spills beans on secret iPhone function


Removing the debugger...

OBVIOUSLY it means they will only be able to debug older IOS versions that still have the debugger. Taking it out of later releases will mean it's harder to crack those versions of IOS.

Game graphics could be 100,000 times better


Add physics and it will fall over...

Lets see them add some physics into this and watch even the fastests quad GPU rig fall over.

Apple Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Part One



Honestly that is your own stupid fault. I too use my system for music production and I'm still on Leopard, despite having copies of snow leopard and now Lion for my laptop.

I won't be upgrading my studio machine any time soon because more than likely everything will break.

Ofcom maps state of UK broadband


Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink....

Is how I feel living on the Isle of Dogs, surrounded by Datacentres and buckets of connectivity.... yet I can only manage a meager 5mbit.

If I had the money I could pay for some roof space at any of these DC's and get myself a nice 100mbit+ wireless LOS link. Unfortunately that would probably cost me over £5k a month.

Sony to launch PlayStation 4 in 2012, say moles



Mouse and keyboard works just fine on the PS3. I've played Unreal Tournament on the PS3 with a mouse and keyboard no problem.