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What do WLinux and Benedict Cumberbatch have in common? They're both fond of Pengwin

JudeKay (Written by Reg staff)

Re: Re: As was common back then ...

FWIW, I see gwyn listed in Bing and Google's Welsh dictionaries as "fat" as well as "white" - but since it's not listed in the better Welsh dictionaries, such as the one maintained and updated at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, I don't see that as lexical evidence of a Latin-inspired pinguis remnant in 16th century Welsh. Welsh speakers, if you know better, and you think Google/Bing inclusion wasn't a data burp emitted by Google's RNN, please chime in!

JudeKay (Written by Reg staff)

Re: As was common back then ...

You may be right, Jake.

It's worth noting that Sir Francis Drake's admiral, Francis Fletcher, jotted into his log of Drake's voyage on the Golden Hind on 20 August, 1577, as he sailed through the Magellan Strait:

"In these Islands we found great reliefe and plenty of good victualls, for infinite were the number of fowle, which the Welsh men named Pengwin … [The birds] breed and lodge at land, and in the day tyme goe downe to the sea to feed, being soe fatt that they can but goe, and their skins cannot be taken from their bodyes without tearing off the flesh, because of their exceeding fatnes."

On the other hand, as you've remarked, the penguin may have derived its name (or vice versa) from the now extinct great auk, last sighted in 1852, also called "penguin" by early northern explorers. The auk's scientific name, as you point out, is Pinguinus impennis (aka fatty no-flight-feathers).

That said, the great auk was given its name by Carl Linnaeus himself in 1758... centuries after Fletcher wrote his notes. So on the matter of whether both groups of species – auks and penguins (the latter of which stretch across six separate genera, never mind the species) – were named for the Latin word for fatso or Welsh for whitehead, IMHO the real question is which came first... Was Linnaeus being playful about the Welsh name when he sought to give a term for the great auk – that same great auk that was already called pengwin by other, contemporaneous sailors (at least according to Dutch explorer Willem/Guillame Lodewycksz in 1598, writing in Premier livre de l'histoire de le navigation aux Indes Orientales, par les Hollandois) – or were the sailors quoted in the Golden Hind using plain old Latin and/or Early Modern English/Welsh slang derived from the Romance and Latinate sources that are spattered throughout the English and Welsh languages?

Whichever way it went, people were calling the bird by that name before it was given its scientific classification.

If you're right of course, the better pronunciation is ping-gwin. Either way, it's interesting stuff.

Bored bloke takes control of British Army 'psyops' unit's Twitter

JudeKay (Written by Reg staff)

Re: Fake news people!

Please read the whole story... By that logic, The Register travelled to the future when we wrote about that same Twitter account (which we linked to at the time) used by the same unit, back in January 2017. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/01/03/77_brigade_struggling_recruit_40_pc_below_establishment/ (Hint: we didn't.)

Giraffe hacks printers worldwide to promote God-awful YouTuber. Did we read that one right?

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Re: Wack


Japanese cyber security minister 'doesn't know what a USB stick is'

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Re: Re: "the mod queue seems a trifle arbitrary"

Well, let's put it this way: A friend tells you when there's spinach in your teeth rather than posting a pic on Twitter that you only find out about a day later.

The PCIe bus is coming, and everybody's jumping... New York to San Francisco, an NVMe disco

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Re: That headline.

We like to party. We like, we like to party. https://regmedia.co.uk/2018/11/06/trol.png

Stairway to edam: Swiss bloke blasts roquefort his cheese, thinks Led Zep might make it tastier

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Re: Cheddar the Devil You Know

Emmentaler's free .... to feel good!!!

Convenient switch hides an inconvenient truth


If you think you could do better, and wish to have your deeds chronicled beneath the red mast of the vulture, you could just email Rebecca Hill at rebecca.hill@theregister.co.uk. If. *cough*

Russia: The hole in the ISS Soyuz lifeboat – was it the crew wot dunnit?

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Re: Shutterstock!

Us, condescending? Awww. We're so glad you were able to put your feelings into words like that. High five, champ!

JudeKay (Written by Reg staff)

No, we're all much weaker than that bloke - though if you just take the mean amount of power tools each of us has, we probably have heaps more than him.

The Reg takes the US government's insider threat training course

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Re: Re: Off topic...

We've been called worse.

I'd say we're from the Saccharomyces clan rather than Candida but I'm probably just trying to rise to the top of the fermentation vessel like a typical yeasty ne'er do well.

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Re: Off topic...

It's our new homepage design - see here - https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/09/13/register_homepage/. You can scroll to the bottom of the page to opt out, should you wish... or you can give it a little time and see if it grows on you.

New Galaxy un-smartphone can’t go online because Samsung's thought of the children

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Re: Test as anon coward

Hi Anon,

It's because we don't moderate comments on weekends and every user's first three comments are always moderated.



Capita data centres hit by buttload of outages

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Re: Re: Data centres...

Glad you've fathomed what we're after. We're just fishing for replies about your outages and the glassbowl antics that made them happen... Seriously, though - we can protect your identity.

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Re: Data centres...

Our newsroom email is news@theregister.co.uk. Just sayin'

- A friendly Vulture

Look out, Pepe: Martha Lane Fox has a plan

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Re: @judekay

Doh! I should really have put an NSFW tag on that comment.. Don't Google it at work, please!

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We clearly don't know sectarian violence in the Philippines, or porn, the way that some of you do... Acronym expunged. **Crosses fingers and hopes expunged isn't also some weird goatse-type sex act on 4chan**

Which reseller pleased fatcats today and rhymes with let's mute a centaur?

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"Yon boot - polenta?

YouTube sin-bins account of KRACK WPA2 researcher

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Re: Coverage ?

Hi. Since the announcement, we've published https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/10/17/kracken_patches/ (on Tuesday) and https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/10/16/wpa2_krack_attack_security_wifi_wireless/ (on the day of the disclosure)...

PARIS, because Stars are Blind .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Mj776YiPCU

British Airways waves Bing dong: At least it's not a tech cockup

JudeKay (Written by Reg staff)

Can confirm: all of our browser histories are NSFW

Atari shoots sueball at KitKat maker over use of 'Breakout' in ad

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Re: @Sub-vulture re. "Breakout"

I wasn't taking issue with the capitalisation - that just makes it a proper noun rather than a common noun: ie, it remains very much *not* a verb/verbal phrase.

Adult toy retailer slapped down for 'RES-ERECTI*N' ad over Easter

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Re: Easy Beat Gold Eggs

Beats us as well

China's first large passenger jet makes maiden flight

JudeKay (Written by Reg staff)

Thanks for all the good journalism tips, Mediabeing. This is great stuff, keep it coming....

Recent posting of "About ElReg" and the T&C.

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Re: Recent posting of "About ElReg" and the T&C.

Good morning Jake. We updated our Ts&Cs - and we created a new article because the old one was not in the requisite format. Sorry it's not a particularly interesting one this time.

Oculus Drift: VR gaming boss out at Facebook

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Re: Pretty cool

April Fool's!

BOFH: The Boss, the floppy and the work 'experience'

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Re: 1..2..4?


If you were cuffed during Trump's inauguration, cops are trying to crack your smartphone

JudeKay (Written by Reg staff)


This isn't fake news, buddy. These are court documents.

Court documents. That's what real journalists do. Look at real facts like things that have actually happened and then report on them.

Google promises policy review after several big brands pull YouTube ads


Re: Why even link to a paywall article?

It's a hat-tip to a journalist who breaks a story/has uncovered a point of fact you've mentioned in your story. Sometimes that story is behind a paywall.

Nimble offers AWS and Azure cloud-wrapper

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Re: Nimble are only imitating what Zadara Storage has delivered for the last 6 years

Hands up ... who DOESN'T work for a storage vendor?

Well-rested women in danger of bouncing their men into early grave


Re: I think the article might be a little confused...

Cardiovascular events are a bad thing, I'm told.

Drones will be able to carry 120GB footage of you in the shower if Seagate has its way

JudeKay (Written by Reg staff)

Re: Re: "Drones" ... "footage of you in the shower"

Yep, it's a jokey headline on a story about storage for drones. We should have written a seven-decker containing an intricate explanation of NVMe. That's us told.

Russian 'grid attack' turns out to be a damp squib

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Re: Spelling Correction

Everyone has a blind spot, Roy.

Get patching: Xen bug blows hypervisor security to bits – literally

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Re: A little alarmist

Happy thanksgiving, Anonymous.

Allow us to sum this up: UK ISP Plusnet minus net for nine-plus hours

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Re: Re: Welcome to Post Truth journalism.

Aw shucks, whimsical, we're blushing! We are totally down on Facebook, aren't we? http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/11/18/fake_news_facebook_moral_panic_overblown/

AI gives porn peddlers a helping hand

JudeKay (Written by Reg staff)

And by pull the plug, you mean...

The Reg Coding competition – 10 times as hard as the last one!

JudeKay (Written by Reg staff)

Re: ...and the winner is?

Hi cford. We ran the announcement on September 21, here - http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/09/21/programming_competition_roundup/

Despite best efforts, fewer and fewer women are working in tech

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Re: Paris

We'll never forget PARIS! Heresy

When Pornhub meets the Internet of Fridges

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OK, who signed the Reg up to live sex cam spam?

Speak up, you lot. Normally when we get an email with "discreet" in the subject line, it's somebody misspelling discrete and it's about disk drives.

Ye Bug List

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Re: Whitepaper downloads broken on mobile

Thanks for letting us know – our tech team is currently addressing the problem.

Fanbois iVaporate: Smallest Apple iPhone queues ever

JudeKay (Written by Reg staff)

One day we'll grow up and be the kind of journalissss ... zzzzz I'm sorry, I fell asleep there for a moment.

Great British Great Bake Off gets new judge

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Re: WTF?

Pleased to have gotten a rise out of you, Version 1.0.

Crash test dummy? Love the excitement of breaking an OS? Fedora 25 Alpha has landed

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Speaking in Tech: Nope, sorry waiter. I won't pay with that card reader


Re: where's the article?

Do you mind letting us know the make/model and mobile OS running on your phone? Here's a direct link to the podcast, though you should be able to click on it in the story. http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/3/2/f/32fdf2db1e219a9b/SiT223.mp3?c_id=12432262

Microsoft adds new 'Enterprise Products' section to privacy policy


Re: Secure Architectures. Microsoft options and alternatives.

I see what you did there