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Croatian EV maker Rimac claims 412km/h speed record


It not the speed that kills.

It's the stupidity. €2 million for a toy while people are sleeping homeless on the street is obscene. Once everyone is fed and housed, you can play with your capitalist toys, but until then you should have some common decency.

I'm happy paying Twitter eight bucks a month because price isn't the same as value

Black Helicopters

Haha. For the last 10+ years, I thought it was a scorpion icon.

President Biden signs CHIPS and Science Act into law


Failed investments

Not just the government, plenty of private companies and funds invest in companies and ideas that go belly up. Funding industry and taking small risks is generally a good thing. Small as ~$400m out of a 2015 US federal budget of $3.7t, or 0.01% (or about $1.50 per US resident). Based on my income that would be the equivalent of investing about £7.

Copper shortage keeps green energy, tech ventures grounded


Re: Meanwhile

US pennies are only copper clad (2.5%). The inside in zinc.

That's a signature move: How $320m in Ether was stolen from crypto biz Wormhole



How is separating a currency from an element a scam?

Hidden text in MacOS 11.3 beta suggests removal of Rosetta 2 compatibility layer in some countries



What in the good name of Jesus is "urn", as it quite clearly states

"Applications requiring Rosetta will no longer urn”

'Angry Bird' netflinger projectile brings down drug ultralights


This is necessary

Because the DEA has a $2B budget to spend, and like all budgets if they don't spend it, they lose it. It will never be effective at stopping the inflow of drugs, but neither is the DEA despite a 40 year old "War on Drugs".

I can get any recreational drug any time of the day in any city in America, except alcohol and cigarettes. I love prohibition.

Amazon intros $199 movie Kindle


£89 = $79

It is because everything, except milk, is more expensive in the UK, because everything is more expensive. For example, petrol in the US = ±64p/l. Sales tax in the US (not added into the price) varies around 6%.

HP's WebOS mess: When smartphone assets go toxic


not printing

Trivial, but the governments didn't print money to support the banks, they borrowed it. That's why inflation is nowhere to be seen. I wish they would borrow and spend more.

Amazon throws tax hissy-fit, dumps California affiliates



"Taxes are assessed to pay for the benefits they provide. California offers Amazon no direct benefits."

Not so much. Taxes are assessed to pay for benefits for the people (AKA government), not the entity paying the tax.

"If California chooses to charge California residents for internet purchases, they need to pursue the residents, not the retailers."

Really? When you buy petrol, the government ca't charge tax via the petrol station, it needs to pursue directly?



I'd be happy to enlighten you. And there is no need for the tax system to be complicated.

Taxing income is how US personal income tax works, albeit with a minor percentage rate increase as income grows. I pay a personal income tax regardless on how much my kids school cost, how much my phone bill is, etc. The Feds and my State don't care how profitable I am as an individual. They bill me on my income. Why should it be different for corps?

As a business, the rate I pay for my paper, utilities, travel, etc is largely independent of how profitable I am. If I print frequently, then 10% of my income might go on printing. Why should taxes be different? Why should the tax structure be biased against profitable companies, but sympathetic to companies that can't make profit (or pay taxes). Why should other tax payers support low profit companies? Why should working class, or indeed any tax payer, subsidize lawyers, advertising, sporting events, the olympics and fancy hotels, or any business activity that a business requires to function? If the business needs lower taxes, reduce the headline rate.

Moreover, a tax system should be fair and equatable. Profit based taxes induce all sorts of undesirable behaviour, from booking business class tickets, as "otherwise it will go in taxes" to cooking the books/system to appear to make no profit (off shoring, Ireland until recently etc.) benefits for firms that can afford good accountants, etc. Please note that this is income tax I am referring to, not a UK style VAT.



Not the last refuge of a tax feeder, the last refuge of a tax payer. Every time someone avoids paying tax, legitimately or otherwise, everyone else pays the tax for them. Every idiot knows this, which causes the persistent race to pay as little in tax as possible.

I am amazed that, as a business entity in the US, every time I fly, eat a meal at work, buy a computer or pencil, some poor, hourly worker is paying for part of my expenses. It is true insanity. Even more so when fortune 500 corps lobby to write the tax code to their advantage.

Taxes should be based on income, not profit, and for business, a simple fixed percentage. That way, I could fire my accountant and calculate my own taxes, and large corps would have no advantage when paying taxes. It would even support the bullshit meme about business confidence being undermined by uncertainty.


no excuse

No coherent coherent system of determining how much tax to pay? Its called a Data Base. You can see a list online, here:


Surly Amazon could write a small pice of code to calculate the tax based on zip code, just like other large retailers. If I order online from HP, they manage to calculate the tax without a problem.

And even if it is difficult, it the law.


Nexus, not presence

The 1992 Supreme Court ruling spoke not of a physical presence, but of a "nexus". As such, Amazon appears to violate state tax law.