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Glowing Nook knocked to under 50 quid for Xmas

mike cupcake

With the glow model make SURE to get a protective case, the screen gets scratched very easily and this allows the light to shine through very brightly. Isn't noticable when reading with the light off thankfully.

Not cool, Adobe: Give the Ninite guys a job, not the middle finger

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to automatically untick 'install Mcafee'

try my Greasemonkey script: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/145983

Currently runs on the Flash and Reader install pages.

GoDaddy puts gratuitous sexy pics on IT content

mike cupcake

Re: JDX: images, images!!

Related, this userscript to change google's link behaviour is worth a look: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/121923

iPhone 5 adaptors goldrush begins

mike cupcake

Would you consider linking to a company that pays its taxes instead of giving Amazon even more promotion?

Users still slack about passwords: Trustwave

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Nothing wrong with purely alphabetical per se, password length is more important than including sp3c1al ch@ract3r$

Complex cyberwar tool 'Flame' found all over Middle East

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half a decade?

Anonymous hacktivists dump 1.7GB load slurped from DoJ site

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Re: Worrying...

Could make the difference between an unworkable amount of FOIA requests + data collation and having it all ready for analysis in the time of a torrent download, I guess?

The Pirate Bay cries foul over Pirate Bay copycats

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Re: Disappointed

Agreed, this is a poor article.

Ofcom calls for end to 0800 charges on mobiles

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Re: Amazing,....

surprised you aren't offered a cut of the revenue for people calling your 0845 numbers, when I had an 0845 with the Phone Co-op they let me choose to send a small amount per-call to charity.

mike cupcake

0800buster is incredibly useful. Ofcom could be promoting... perhaps not them specifically but raising awareness that services like this are available.

Aliens Blu-ray disc set

mike cupcake

Please consider not promoting Amazon in the future, for many reasons but most recently this:


AVG nukes stalking ads at press of BIG SHINY BUTTON

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Re: Ad-Block Plus

The default Adblock lists don't block tracking scripts or social buttons.

mike cupcake

Look forward to someone finding time to compare this in detail with Do Not Track +, Ghostery, etc.

I suspect I'll stick with DNT+ as I've been put off AVG's extra features by the amount of unwanted bloat it tries to lump me with.

What's in the box, Windows sysadmin?

mike cupcake

xyplorer can't make up their mind

if their software runs on Windows or Mac-operated-by-attractive-blonde.


Hackers may be able to 'outwit' online banking security devices

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Barclays doesn't use the current time in that way, you can make yourself a long list of login codes and then as long as you use them in order they'll work for months into the future.

Man reveals secret recipe behind undeletable cookies

mike cupcake

The opt-out

isn't anywhere to be found on their website. What distasteful people behind this.

Patriot hackers disrupt al-Qaeda websites

mike cupcake

I thought the cupcake PDF hack story

had been proved untrue?


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