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Orange can't find BlackBerry maps


you can upgradre your firmware

My out of the box bb 8320 actually had bb maps installed despite me having the orange branded model. But it was a really old firmware version so it couldnt do anything with it of the "smart phone" variety.

So i found this link


and upgraded to the lastest firmware (4.5) and now everything works great, i can connect to my wifi network and watch video on it. BB maps however is installed but i cant access it.

The only firmware version i could find is intended for some Indonesian vendor, it was impossible to find the updates for the uk version. You just had to delete the vendor.xml file though and then it's fine to use.

Anyway, bb maps is shit, googlemaps for me is much much better, you get aerial photo's as well

EA Europe struggles squeezing out Spore


That's EA for you

Who cares if it works or not?

I stopped buying anything with an EA logo on it after BF2. That was the most buggy game i have ever paid money for. It was a farce, the game would run fine for about a day then would crash to desktop and never start again. The 2 expansion packs i purchased both did the same thing, i got no support from EA at all. I paid £80 in total for that game and it's various expansions. I eventually discovered that i was able to play a couple of multiplayer maps without the game crashing until one day i tried to log on to find that my serial number had been banned. EA didnt answer my emails so i was left unable to play the game.

With all the bugs that BF2 has they never fixed it and went ahead and released 2142. Bastards.

It's tantamount to theft

I'll be stealing the cracked releases from now on to check to see if they work properly or not

UK ISPs agree to menace their filesharing users



"I dont care about the RIAA generated crap anyway, as long as it's just music i can keep downloading my movies..."

The MPAA are involved, so sorry

Zmodem : "If the riaa etc had any form of intellgence they would create a shadow proxy that blocks the dns all known and found updated server lists."

Thats not how bit torrent works, there is no central server to block.

Most if the decent trackers are using ssl for their tracker traffic and http browsing while most torrent clients support encryption. These types of statements being released are merely ensuring that the vast majority of p2p traffic will be encrypted rendering this another inert bit of posturing .

While it is fairly easy for the average user to encrypt all of his p2p traffic these days most people do not do it because the default settings on trackers and clients are left to send data in the clear. Much the same as most windows machines have a blank administrator password.

So by requiring encrypting by default this little problem will go away.

Nobody has the resources to crack the millions of encryption keys being exchanged.

So all in all, just a bit of hype, not a serious problem at all, only the ignorant are at risk

Swiss start-up re-broadcasting UK TV channels


re:Govt. Closing 'Loophole'

becuase we're paying for it and those fuckers are getting it for free. If they want to watch BBC then they can, but they have to pay the license fee

Chinese hackers call off CNN attack


RE: elReg should publish they SSH and FTP log files

Your refering to brute force attacks. Your right in that any ftp server and or ssh server using default ports and open to anyone will suffer from brute force attacks (people / apps trying to guess the root password etc...).

*Some* older versions of sshd and inferior ftp servers may fall over in the attempt to brute force them.

No Paris here - because i'm not keen on really stale, tired and unfunny jokes.

Phorm admits 'over zealous' editing of Wikipedia article

Paris Hilton

They should have got somone else to edit it

If there genuinly were inacuracies then they should be corrected. End of story. You cant all complain about the wikipedia being a joke and then moan when someone corrects it.

On the other hand who can trust this lot to edit their own page? so they should have just got somone else to do it.

Paris - because i'm not funny at all and i like stale over done jokes because i'm not very original

Scientology threatens Wikileaks with injunction

Paris Hilton

A title is required

Pairs : becuase i like stale and unfunny jokes

Mozilla plugs 10 security holes in Firefox


re: Not Again

So you would prefer it if Mozilla didnt fix the bugs ?

Dont be fooled into thinking that IE does not suffer from the same problems, the difference here is that Mozilla actualy fix the bugs where as Microsoft choose to ignore theirs.

Mobile snap murderer jailed for life


15 years?

is that all?

so the guy forces his way into a seemingly innocent mans home, violently murders him and poses for photo's with a smile on his face (clearly he enjoyed the experience) and he gets 15 years?

This is the kind of person we need to remove from the streets of Britain permanently, not for 15 years.

We need to lock these Chavs up for life, and i mean life, this guy has nothing to contribute to society

I'm astonished at this sentence.

A lot of people have gone down for longer for less.

No parris hilton thumb on here becuase it's just not funny at all anymore (hint hint)

Ofcom says yes on more TV ads


to all the people who complain about the adverts

Would you prefer to pay even more in subscription fee's?

If channel owners cant make revenue from advertising one (or both) of two things will happen

1 - they will make their money by increasing subscritpion fee's

2 - They will take the channels off air as there is no point in doing it if they cant make any money out of it.

The business model of modern TV revolves around advertising, without it we would have to pay a serioulsy big TV license fee.

The business model does need a shake up, but the advtertisers are not going to go away. When people finally give up on the linear TV model and move to hyper distribution (p2p - bit torrent) then the advertisers will sponsor programs and have little bugs / logo's on screen instead.

And i'm not putting a bloody paris hilton icon on this and that reminds me, will people please stop making jokes about bloody paris hilton - you are not funny, the moment has passed

(i hate ad's as much as the next man, i just dont see a viable alternative)

Channel 4 cans Celebrity Big Brother


hopefully for good

now if they just can the other big brother i'll be able to watch TV again in the summer

eBay seller nabs $1500 for Jesus-like garage stain


go back to your caves christians

religious nuts scare me more than anyone else, anyone that can so blindly belive the unbelivable with absolutly no factual evidence to support there conclusions deserves no place in the science and engineering world.

go back to you caves and leave us alone

European court protects file sharers


re: Good news for Belgium?

it's ok - most p2p platforms support encryption - so the "filter" wont actually know that the traffic is p2p related and therefore will nto be filtered


When will they realise they cant stop people sharing?

The RIAA and it's henchmen need to wake up and get with the times, file sharing is not the problem, the problem is the recording industries refusal to adjust its business model meet the needs of today's hyper-distribution technologies which like it or not are here to stay and will only become more and more efficient over time.

No longer can the industry offer people physical media over electronic media at frankly over inflated price when the "illegal" methods are more efficient, better organised, more cost effective and generally reflect the needs of the market place.

There is a well known bit torrent music tracker that has an index of more than 200000 albums and can tell you the exact technical specifications of each and everyone of them (bit rates, encoders used ect..), most people I know that use the site would pay for the privilege to access this vast and organised library if there was a legal alternative - which there is not, and no - sorry but iTunes does not cut it, 128Kbps is not good enough given the prices charged

BBC, ITV, Channel 4 plot single broadband TV player


What he said

I agree with Ned in terms of the pathetic bandwidth available in the UK for domestic users, a TV service using the public internet requires a very large amount of bandwidth when compared to web browsing (which seems to be all that UK based ISP's consider to be acceptable use)

On the other hand a P2P based IP TV system is a brilliant idea, somthig like 80% of the costs involved with producing and distributing content are given straight to the broadcasters (the people that put the tv channels on the air), with a P2P based IP system these costs should go away leaving more cash to make some programs worth watching, ie: less reality TV shows

Windows recovery loophole lets hackers in


This is not a vulnerability

every OS has this feature, i love to bash microsoft when they deserve it but this is just gettign silly

OSX, BSD, LInux all have this same feature, if sombody can gain physical access to you server then your in trouble anyway as it would be far easier for them to switch it off or just steal the hard disk or take a sledge hammer to the server, being able to log on as root is the least of you worries


This is not a vulnerability

every OS has this feature, i love to bash microsoft when they deserve it but this is just gettign silly

OSX, BSD, LInux all have this same feature, if sombody can gain physical access to you server then your in trouble anyway as it would be far easier for them to switch it off or just steal the hard disk or take a sledge hammer to the server, being able to log on as root is the least of you worries