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Councils and police to publish speed camera data


From an ex-speeder

I used to speed but more recently realised the futility of this: -

Speeding whilst working? So I can pay for the ticket with the money I just earned!

Speeding on a 5 mile journey - gets me there seconds earlier!

I decided to take the IAM course (just 135 quid - bargain!) and began to understand how I SHOULD drive. If you don't want to get caught by the cash-cow don't speed - simple.

You car speedo is set to record faster than you are actually going (1% - 10%) so, given that the police allow you 10% +1 mph you'd need a speedo reading of approaching 40mph before you'd get a ticket (in a 30mph limit).

I'm still a rubbish driver compared to the level I want to be at, I don't drive like "driving Miss Daisy" (in spite of rumours, that's NOT what IAM is about), I do (and will continue) to upset others by driving in built up areas up to the speed limit and, if they don't like it they'll have to pass me (and some nutters do!!).

The fixed cameras are a farce and a poor attempt at raising cash on the sly while the mobile cameras are positioned to catch rather than deter but what is the solution to stopping speeders? Maybe we should all have digital tachographs fitted in our cars - then we could get rid of the cameras and the speeders!