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Facebookers bring HSBC to its knees

Jonathan Roberts

Re: Sick and tired

>things were tight for a couple of months - i pretty much didn't leave my flat apart from to go to work."

You poor lamb. Welcome to the real world.

Breakfast with bin Laden

Jonathan Roberts

Electing Blair?

The only people in this country who voted Blair in were the constituents of Sedgefield, as anyone with even a basic understanding of the UK electoral system would know. Other constituencies returned Labour MPs to parliament, they didn't vote for Blair.

Large-scale DOS attack menace continues to grow

Jonathan Roberts

Re WOW!! etc...

What a bizarre comment to make. Stating that "Estonian officials claim..." isn't "repeating after estonian nazis", it's merely reporting what has been said and is a perfectly legitimate journalistic statement. If the article had said "The attacking computers had Kremlin IP addresses..." without anything to substantiate it, that would be another matter entirely.