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Outlook 2013 spurns your old Word and Excel documents


Apologies for double posting, but just read the announcement, looks like it's for Import / Export (such as saving messages as Word docs).


Outlook 2013 is still a standalone program*. I presume they're talking about Document Previews, where some attachments can be previewed inside the message pane of Outlook instead of launching them in the appropriate program (Word, Paint, etc.)

* There's also a web based Outlook (Outlook.com) more akin to Hotmail.

Phone-hack saga: Police cuff man in southwest London


Damn! Apparently Piers Morgan is 47.

So close!

Is it all over for UK.gov's G-Cloud 3.0? A footnote in history awaits

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Just looked at the product store.

Frames and table-based layout galore! It's like it's 2003 all over again!

Nowhere to hide for Google users as Play is given Plus treatment


Youtube are pestering users to use their real name instead of screenname in certain areas.

You can still tell them to sod off for a number of reasons, such as your channel representing an organisation or being known primarily by your screenname (your tobuscuses, pewdiepies - shudder - and such). There is an option to decline but I'm not sure how long this'll remain a choice given this news.

Microsoft shoots Windows Live Messenger, brings in Skype IM


Re: MSN and Skype privacy


This took me all of 30 seconds to find.

Windows 8: Is Microsoft's new OS too odd to handle?


Re: I'll pass on this one

"My stonking great finers really don't work all that well with tough interfaces."

I'm honestly not sure whether tough interfaces was intentional or a wonderful Freudian slip.

Microsoft job ad advises 'Xbox 720' out by Feb 2014


"Analysts and other observers have been forecasting a 2013/2104 launch for both the next Xbox and the next-generation PlayStation."

Covering all bases then?

Microsoft and NYPD install big data crime-fighting system


Re: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

In theory, yes. But most of the public are happy consuming lowest common denominator media like the X Factor and reading Hello! magazine instead watching the state and following current affairs.

Raspberry Pi served with Ice Cream Sandwich


Re: This is the reason why I bought my R-PI!

The Joke

Your Head

Microsoft: MED-V won't help you escape WinXP end-of-life


"However, MED-V won't be updated to work on Windows 8..."

No bother, doubtful many enterprise's machines will be updated to run Windows 8.

Romney promises to announce VP choice via mobile app


Can't wait to see who's running alongside Mitt to be the next Prime Minister of Amercia!

Beeb stuffs $21tn into Olympic-sized swimming pools


How many more swimming pools if we include the money BBC stars (were supposedly forced to) "squirrell away" in self owned companies to avoid tax?

RIM: What's all the 'bleeding' fuss about BlackBerry developers?


Re: YOu lost me here...

I'm presuming those extra 20 billion are from pre 2009. Simple.

Mexican election loser and Anonymous say vote was 'fraudulent'

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Re: Or,................

Thanks for that valuable expert analysis Ellipsis Man!

Google ditches the bits in the bottom of the box


Re: Symbian’s shame

Some sort of post-modern poetry I think.

Fujitsu phones to guide the blind through homes


Can this tech be applied to anonymous El Reg commenters too?

"You are veering madly off topic. It is in the direction of six o'clock, three miles away"

Windows 8 Release Preview open for download


Re: What has happened to Microsoft?

"Remember how explorer closes one folder when you look at another so you can't do side by side comparisons on folders?"

CTRL + Click on a folder to open it in a new explorer window.

Steve Jobs speaks from beyond grave: 'iPads are toys'


Re: "world's biggest recycler of Bill Gates' best ideas"

At least she's gone a whole Apple related article without calling them Foxconn-rebranders.


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