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Epic Games gets itself epically banned, launches epic Fortnite death match with Apple over App Store's epic 30% cut


You realise that the other game platform wouldn't have that game that Epic bought exclusivity for, right?

You realise this was all done to avoid having to actually compete against Steam - and therefore actually having to make a decent product or do something that helps us - the consumers. I would like competition between marketplaces - to encourage cheaper games, better features etc., but that's a fight that Epic is scared to go into; hence the exclusivity deals.

It was and is a horrible practice, that should not be encouraged.

Irony isn't dead... Facebook sues EU on data privacy grounds for requesting too much personal data


I'm not American, so it might simply be differences between cultures, but why on Earth does the employer (Facebook) have information about employees including:

"medical information, personal financial documents, and private information about family members of employees."

None of that seems like it would be particularly relevant (or even legal?) for an employer to possess?

IBM == Insecure Business Machines: No-auth remote root exec exploit in Data Risk Manager drops after Big Blue snubs bug report


Re: And thus is why hackers profit...

Blood and organ donations usually don't pay, because that creates unwanted incentives.

"Well Grandma is probably on her way out, and that nice Mr. Edward Vil says he'll pay us $10,000 if we unplug her now."


"I need food. Someone buy my kidney!"

The only comparison I can see would be the developers of these programs purposefully putting in exploits for their mates to "discover" later on. That might be happening, but surely there is some tracking happening. "Herbert, this is the 14th flaw found in your coding", so doesn't seem like it would be a great move.

You could approach developers of companies to pay them to include vulnerabilities for you to discover, but then you have to figure out how much you'll likely get and I doubt the amount you'll be willing to hand back is enough to get developers to intentionally make bad code.

Watch as 10 cops with guns and military camo storm suspected Capital One hacker's house…


Re: I'm confused.

10k computer is more likely her room mates having no idea.

"This computer is worth more than you make in months!" she snarled.

"Okay, sheesh" - two months later - "and her like $10.000 computer or whatever".

Crowdfunded lawyer suing Uber told he can't swerve taxi app giant's £1m legal bill


Re: Who is ultimately responsible for collecting/paying the VAT

He obviously can't get a billion pounds from Uber on the grounds that Uber hasn't paid VAT.

He can get a legal ruling that states, that Uber must pay VAT, which means they will owe money to the UK who will be getting the billion pounds. For him it seems that will merely mean that he can claim the £1,xx on a returns form somewhere in the bureaucracy.

In what way would he ever have any standing to get VAT money from rides others have bought from Uber (Or should that be from their respective Uber driver who is in no way an employee of Uber?)?

American bloke hauls US govt into court after border cops 'cuffed him, demanded he unlock his phone at airport'


Re: Just say "Yes Sir"

- No you are not under arrest. No you may not see a lawyer. Yes you did provide us with the code to open your laptop, but you'll have to provide us the code to your well-encrypted cloud storage container as well - national security you understand. No you may not use the toilet.

Funnily enough, China fuming, senator cheering after Huawei CFO cuffed by Canadian cops at Uncle Sam's request


Reusing is better than recycling, right?

Here's a link to my comment in the previous article about this story:


And here it is in full:

"There seem to be details missing in this piece?

As others have pointed out Huawei are surely free to trade their own products to Iran, though possibly (I don't know) at the cost of being able to do business in the US?

As far as I know the issue is, that Huawei have been allegedly circumventing a ban on selling US-products to Iran, by selling HP products to Iran via a separate company (Skycom) - one where Weng was briefly a board member, and which at least at one point was entirely owned by a management company owned by the Huawei parent company.

There was a news report of this way back in 2013 already:


Huawei CFO poutine cuffs by Canadian cops after allegedly busting sanctions on Iran


There seem to be details missing in this piece?

As others have pointed out Huawei are surely free to trade their own products to Iran, though possibly (I don't know) at the cost of being able to do business in the US?

As far as I know the issue is, that Huawei have been allegedly circumventing a ban on selling US-products to Iran, by selling HP products to Iran via a separate company (Skycom) - one where Weng was briefly a board member, and which at least at one point was entirely owned by a management company owned by the Huawei parent company.

There was a news report of this way back in 2013 already:


YouTube supremo says vid-streaming-slash-piracy giant can't afford EU's copyright overhaul


Re: Too hard

Is this not a situation where capitalism might actually be good for something?

YT: "Well we'll just leave the EU then!"

EU: "Oh noes... What should we do"

Group of EU Citizens: "We'll start our own streaming service with blackjac... a slightly altered system and the possibility for content creators on YT to also upload to our service for both the EU audience and beyond."

YT: "But that'll mean videos on your platform will be viewable by both EU and non-EU citizens... That's a better value-offer for content creators than we're offering... Oh no!"

YT melts away/fixes itself.

(or maybe an existing platform will do it. Whatever)

US Congress mulls expanding copyright yet again – to 144 years


Re: Copyright, Patents all screwed.

How's about author's life + 50, but no more than 70?

Get the best of both worlds - though perhaps author's life + 10, but no more than 30 might seem more reasonable to me.

If your song suddenly resurges after 30 years, then hopefully you'll have other ways of supporting you by then - and you can still take the band on tour, since the original creator ought to attract a crowd (assuming the song is popular enough).

FBI chief asks tech industry to build crypto-busting not-a-backdoor


Who keeps inviting these guys to speak at conferences?

Could you not give their seats to someone else, and maybe just play a video recording of the last time they talked - if you insist on having these "points" being made?

Ethics? Yeah, that's great, but do they scale?


Providing ethical tools for people to consider their actions is a good thing.

We should, however, also be careful that this is what is being done.

It can easily turn into talks or courses, where ethical theories are discussed, but really we're just looking for a plausible way to defend current practices - perhaps with a few tweaks to make us all feel as though we've really changed for the better.

Awareness and tools are great, but putting a pseudo-ethical veneer onto a field is not.

Memo man Damore is back – with lawyers: Now Google sued for 'punishing' white men


Re: Funny how...

I think you all misunderstood me.

I know SJW stands for Social Justice Warrior.

I meant to ask: What does "SJWing" - as a verb - mean in this context? What exactly are the Google staffers doing that can be described as SJWing?

If I am to go by one of the replies I've gotten, it means Google has employed people who "end up unemployable".

I was asking for some specifics to help me understand what the comment was meant to say. Do Google hire people to simply roam around doing SJW stuff - and in that case what is that stuff specifically and why is it good or bad - and why do Google think it worth paying someone for?

I ask, because until there's some actual meaning placed to the term SJWing, it's a catch-all into which we can all pour our best or worst interpretations, and then argue endlessly because we aren't arguing about the same thing at all.


Re: Funny how...

What does SJWing even mean?



I don't think a KKK member would sit well with advertisers, but perhaps that's not what you meant?

5 reasons why America's Ctrl-Z on net neutrality rules is a GOOD thing


Re: @dan1980


You are probably correct - but my comment is for harvesting upvotes for a future, as yet undetermined but most assuredly nefarious, purpose!

Mua ha ha ha


Re: @dan1980

Just a note for Bombastic Bob.

I actually got through your entire first post, but I simply could not for the second.

You do REALIZE that writing LIKE this, just makes READING more annoying, RIGHT?

IT'S not HELPFUL, and it DOES not actually give emphasis to the WORDS. It's just ANNOYING for any "reader".

So what happened with the patent judge and the Euro Patent Office?


On the document count

I could easily imagine some earlier points in the meeting simply having additional documents added, which then shifted the numbering of the documents, in order to preserve a progression from 1-X instead of going 1-15, then 22-26, then 16-21.

So if that's the only evidence of personal tampering - in this particular instance - then I find it somewhat lacking.

That being said, I hope Battistelli is punished and the EPO brought back to some semblance of sanity.

Also I can't help wondering what's in document 18 (now 23), since it seems like it must be relevant to the case, but apparently isn't? Perhaps it's a sign that the linear progression I speak of above isn't actually relevant...

Canuck privacy commissioner to dig into Uber data breach


Re: "...CA$100,000 for a failure to do so..."

Or make it a percentage based fine with a minimum amount if the percentage is lower.

5% of annual revenue or CA$100,000 - whichever is higher.

Facebook Messenger ... for who now? Zuck points his digital crack at ever younger kids


Re: @ Dr Stephen Jones As a childless curmudgeon.

It seems to me, that painting poor people who are dependent upon government assistance as moochers does a disservice to the real moochers in society.

The tax evaders, government-rescued bankers, and others of that sort.

People with economic troubles will not have the mental surplus to do much else than trying to find a way to get by. That's the exact reason why you need a better and more comprehensive social assistance system. Not a system that merely sends you a wad of money at set intervals, but that tries to break with a "family tradition" of low social status.

The lack of mental surplus is why people in dire financial straits might be more inclined to grab at whatever money is offered, while people doing great have the mental surplus to try and work out how to better screw over society and avoid contributing.

What should be done is not cutting welfare, but increasing it's type and cost to create benefits in the future. It isn't just about the parents, it is about ensuring that the child or children have an actual chance at leading a life worth - to themselves - living. Just because a child's parents find themselves "mooching" is no reason to punish the child, and if you do, you'll almost inevitably end up condemning the child to a similar life.

Amazon to make multiple Lord of the Rings prequel TV series


Re: Could go either way

Moria could work.

But I think you'd need to make the whole thing an anthology series.

So you get 2-4 episodes focusing solely on one aspect of the story.

Moria storyline could run through everything since the Hobbit up until "Mellon" (heard in the dark after a "time passes" sequence, at which point a door cracks open and the episode ends), without having to keep apace with other stories being told.

It'd be less restrictive and so long as they don't write themselves into a corner (Whoops, forgot that person X was shown during one anthology to do this at this time - now we need X to do something else at the same time), it could be quite enjoyable.


Re: via some sort of fantasy magic resurrection handwaving...

You just start of the series with the creation myth by Eru, then you append the slight change that Eru - like all great composers - did not create just a single masterpiece.

Tada - Alternate timeline, do what you want!

Paradise Papers reveal Apple moved bits of biz offshore

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Invest heavily in exterior decorations - check

Force slaves to mimic merriment on a nightly basis - check

Haul off wagons of empty pots in the morning to simulate cleaning - check

Haul in wagons of empty pots in the afternoon to simulate filling your stock - check

Wait for rich dude to demand an estate swap - check

Didn't install a safety-critical driverless car patch? Bye, insurance!


"Software vendor/car manufacture could/should be required to prove that the recipient car has successfully installed the patch "

But the issue would be, that the insurance company claims you didn't have Patch 1.0001 installed, you'll say you tried, but the system didn't work, and software vendor will claim that you probably didn't try because see how many other times it did install without trouble.

It's in the interest of both insurer and software vendor that you didn't try to update - so if you did you best have a video recording of your attempt.

The Google Home Mini: Great, right up until you want to smash it in fury


So that's why they can't seem to understand things on the first go??

Supreme Court to rule on whether US has right to data stored overseas


Re: Of course, the DoJ will win

If the case originated with Obama's administration, can't we be almost 100% sure that Trump will be against it?

Google touts Babel Fish-esque in-ear real-time translators. And the usual computer stuff


Hopefully your puck tester will remember to test

if the voice differentiation can be fooled.

If parents limit the usability of the device for children, then surely those children will try to imitate their parents' voices to undo this, no?

Will there be some kind of codeword or will it simply be voice for id?

"No no, it's mom speaking. I just have a cold"

Unloved Microsoft Edge is much improved – but will anyone use it?


Re: Every time you visit Google with Edge, you see an ad for Chrome

I just visited my local google. and was met with:

"Google recommends Chrome. Do you want to try it?"

in the corner.

And I am well and firmly inside the EU.

Hi Amazon, Google, Apple we might tax you on revenue rather than profit – love, Europe

Paris Hilton

"want to levy more tax then draft better laws."

Isn't that what they're proposing?

Sub plot subplot thickens: Madsen claims hatch fumble killed Swede journo Kim Wall


Re: inconsistent

It was falsely reported by ElReg, and others I'm sure, that he changed his story a week later.

The story we're now hearing is actually the story he told the police and courts on the day he was found. It happened behind closed doors at the courts, so the only publicly known story was the initial one about dropping her off.

I commented this same fact on the relevant article:



I believe his claim is that he panicked and sort of became suicidal.

I have no idea why he'd dump the body, but he apparently then sank the boat in some idiotic suicide attempt.

At least I think that's his version of events.

Private sub captain changes story, now says reporter died, was 'buried at sea' – torso found


Just a note. According to the courts he originally told the courts that she had died and he had buried her at sea, but due to closed doors that information was not revealed.

About a week later it was decided to release this information partly to end any discussions of searching for her, and what could have happened.

So he might initially (when he was pulled from the boat) have given one story, but - as far as I know - he has maintained the now-revealed version of events from the very first day in court - that is last Saturday.

http://www.dr.dk/nyheder/indland/retskorrespondent-peter-madsens-forklaring-skal-afmystificere-ubaadssagen (second to last section of this article)

Europe's 'one patent court to rule them all' vision may be destroyed by EPO shenanigans


For the love of...

Why can't these people just fucking work in the way they're meant to (or in the way we're told that they're meant to).

Google hit with record antitrust fine of €2.4bn by Europe

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The aftermath will be interesting

In my eyes, it's nice to see the EU show some guts or - proverbial I guess - balls. Good job Vestager.

Backdoor backlash: European Parliament wants better privacy

Paris Hilton

Re: Excellent

"The only impact of anti-gun laws is to encourage bad people into using unbreakable private end to end gun"

I don't get it.

You're all too skeptical of super-duper self-driving cars, apparently

Paris Hilton

Re: I'm in charge of me


Surely the makers of the automatic cars will be the ones who need to insure them?

You insure your car in the event you break it. If [CAR COMPANY AI] is the one driving it, surely [CAR COMPANY] should be liable if the driver wrecks it?

You might have to have a passive insurance for such things as doors in parking lots, weather events, keying etc. - but accidents while driving must surely be the responsibility of the driver - that is [CAR COMPANY]?!

Google can't spare 113 seconds of revenue to compile data on its gender pay gap


Re: S to the izz-J to the doppelt-V

Presumably whether employees are being discriminated against (in terms of pay) on a basis of gender is what the US Dept. of Labor is trying to find out - no?

Google DeepMind's use of 1.6m Brits' medical records to test app was 'legally inappropriate'


Re: Ha!

Well maybe it wasn't combined with Google products, but Alphabet products?

If something like that happened, however, it was obviously a rogue engineer behind it!

You have the right to be informed: Write to UK.gov, save El Reg


Solution seems clear

Make it so the loser has to pay his own lawyers plus pay the winner the same - or up to the actual cost of their lawyers.

So I've spent £25,000 on my lawyers - you've spent £50,000. No matter who wins the loser pays the winner £25,000.

I'm sure there are twists to work out, but that seems like it could provide a fair enough system, if implemented well.

NFL is No Fondleslab League: Top coach says he'd rather use pen and paper than Surface tab


I wonder if he'll be fined

League players have been fined for wearing the wrong headphones and similar, so I reckon it's possible.

Sex ban IT man loses appeal – but judge labels order 'unpoliceable'


Forgive me for being a bit out of the loop...

But why exactly is his access to technology being place under scrutiny?

Did he meet the person, whom the police couldn't convince a jury that he had raped, online?

EU says dominant Google ILLEGALLY FIDDLES search results


Re: "Convince us you ain't"

Except that's not what actually said.

What was said was: We believe this is the way things are. We will investigate, and should it turn out, that we are right - we will take action. Should you have relevant information regarding our investigation (and if you're Google you'll likely wish to provide information to disprove the initial belief), then you now have the chance to prove that we're wrong.

Watch it: It's watching you as you watch it (Your Samsung TV is)


Re: "...some voice commands may be transmitted..

Let's be fair. Riker would need to provide a command override to the privacy settings. Once his envy became apparent, and his knowledge was found to be too great, Picard would check the system and BAM: "Ensign Riker reporting for duty"

Further of course, the vessels of Star Fleet will be command vessels, and authorized personnel will need the ability to - within very strict privacy and command override protocols - to access information if it is deemed necessary for the safety of the people aboard and the integrity of the mission.

Hola HoloLens: Reg man gets face time with Microsoft's holographic headset


Looks amazing!

Surely they'll save some battery life by not including internet access... right?

Denmark mulls new EU-defying session-logging law


It used to just be session logging of internet, but this time they want to add phone location to the list, which is just terrific!

Oh wait.. I meant terrifying!

The minister has also said that the police have requested these tools to do their jobs, but when pressured about who specifically, she wound up saying something like: "Politicians make the laws, and we of course confer with the police and relevant authorities, to make sure it's practically feasible" - aka; "I've never said that the police made requests".

I'm guessing it's the NSA pressuring to bring it back, so they will have less work to do with monitoring the Danish people... Or well I might guess that, if I were a crazy conspiracy nut, right.. heh..

Denmark BANNED from viewing UK furniture website in copyright spat


Re: A little outdated on our news are we?

Except the sites that had this done in May have just now been blocked at an ISP level.

I mentioned it because this article seemed to imply that "if something like that were to happen", despite the fact that it happened literally a day before this article came out.


A little outdated on our news are we?

"According to Danish digital rights group IT-Pol, the next step could be the furniture industry taking on Danish internet service providers in court to secure a blocking injunction. The industry is certainly going all out here – it also sought, and was awarded, an order for Voga to block even pictures of replica furniture."

Uuuh... This already happened: http://jyllands-posten.dk/livsstil/ECE7278991/Slut-med-adgang-til-netsider-med-kopimøbler/ (in Danish). Granted it was for other sites, but same issue entirely.

Note that in this case the british websites had been court ordered in May to do what Voga.com has now been ordered to do.

So by all means continue with the indignation, but fast-forward it a bit please.

Nokia: Buh-bye Lumia and cash-sucking handset pals... let's make some money!


Re: Nice

Once whatever non-compete clause was in the deal with MS wears off, I'd look to Nokia re-entering the game. I'm hopeful as ever of a Jolla purchase :)

Google Contributor: Ad-block killer – or proof NO ONE will pay for news?

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I'd probably not mind paying sites for an ad-free version (ad-free does not mean thank-you laden).

I would mind paying Google to pay sites for an ad-free version.

ElReg you could pave the way. However much you earn from ads per person/month = monthly subscription fee. That buys user ElReg lite. No ads, no trackers, no nothing. (granted it might cost a bit to set up - but think of the potential end result: "Vulture does, what Google can't")

Payment options should of course include crypto coins, paypal, credit cards - to suit the assorted mix of people on here :)

UK PM Cameron says Internet must not 'be an ungoverned space'


It's nice and comforting to know, that Cameron will protect us from extremist material!

Public discourse, education, and tackling issues head on is always a waste of time. It's reassuring to know that we can simply ban extremist material, and then the people who previously held these views will realise the error of their ways, and embrace good ol' fashioned British values!

God bless David Cameron!



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