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Cambridge gets a white (space) wash


The Anonymous Mr. W...?

Hi Mr. W, is that you, or just someone aping your style?

Bottom line is that before these things are allowed to be released 'into the wild', we should all be 110%, no 150%, no 200% certain that they are not going to interfere with existing licensed users of TV white space...who wants their £75 U2 (insert band of preference here) live experience screwed over by interference from unlicensed, free loading white space devices? Spectrum efficiency vs. entertainment delivery?

Before we all tumble headlong into a brave new white space device future, let's take some time to consider what the unintended (or otherwise) consequences might be to both those that receive DTT, as well as those that are responsible for the production of the content that is carried on whatever network.

Caution, that's the way...the sharing of TV whitespace with new services has never been attempted before...should we be screwing up our ability to make and deliver TV content just so we can all upload our pictures to facebook that little bit quicker...?

Think about it....



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