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Fellow AI nerds, beware: Google Cloud glitch leaves Nvidia T4 GPUs off estimated bills for some virtual machines


Can some of you please do me a favour and prove me wrong? Asking the Google assistant if it will cause world war 3 or if it will start world war 3 seems to never get recognised correctly. It always chooses world war 2 no matter how I say it. Now maybe it is because I'm a Yorkshireman with the associated accent and not because Google is plotting against us but can all you non Yorkshiremen put there give it a go and see if it recognises the same question, will Google cause wwiii? Or will Google start wwiii. Please post your results to this paranoid Brit. Thanks

VMware to finally deliver full-function HTML5 vSphere client


C# vSphere client was - how shall we put this? – bad. Just bad

C# version bad? It works, refreshes properly and is stable. Not sure the consensus is that it is bad, or is it just me that preferred it?

Can't log into your TSB account? Well, it's your own fault for trying


Proper time wasting

Alistair, you need the pub asap.Consider this a prescription.

Apple bag-search class action sueball moves to Cali supreme court


Re: Dear Lord!

So if the iThing you want to steal is pocket sized, happy days! Maybe no iMacs or iPads but iPhones are just asking to be pocketed by non bag carrying staff! If the policy doesn't cover all items, its pointlessly invasive. But then again, what if an employee slips an iSumthin down his/her knickers, searching 'down there' would be a very, ahem, grey area. Seems more like a control thing to me than a useful policy.

Vodafone customers moan about sluggish data abroad


Speedtest.net was giving me 36MBPS over vodafone in Palma last week, that was consistent and never seemed to falter. I don't think it is a great deal different to anywhere in the UK, there are massive swathes of Wales and Scotland and even England where speeds across all networks will be pants due to lack of coverage. If it was Alan Sugars money, would he fund the erection (ahem) and maintenance of a 4g mast to support a community of only a handful of folks or would he deem it non-profitable. Even in towns, blank spots are inevitable as we all know too well.

Foot-long £1 sausage roll arrives


What happened to shortcrust pastry Sausage Rolls?

I used to get these from a small bakery in York and they were fantastic. Tried making them myself but never could get that taste which only a well worn bakers oven can infuse....

No, Apple. A 4G Watch is a really bad idea


The battery life kills most of these projects, nobody wants to recharge their watch every night or have it shut down. I had a pebble which was better at this, was great for being able to see who was messaging or calling whilst driving, but it looked awful. Got a Skagen Connected now, hybrid analogue/smart - useful for reminders and fitness, looks good, 4 month battery life, just over £100 in their sale and does the job for me. That said, even the idea of a watch as a timepiece is getting somewhat pointless, ask anyone the time nowadays and they likely look at their phone or a wall clock or computer, its not like the 18th century when finding out the time was a chore, it's available everywhere now. A new apple watch for silly money? - Sim card smart watches are available for a tenner on amazon, yes they will be pointless and pants, but so will the Apple one, just considerably more than a tenner.

UK government's war on e-cigs is over


Re: Jesus, NO!

"For bystanders, it may be annoying to some, but there is no level of risk, zip, zilch, none." - And your evidence for that is what? Even major drug companies are only just starting their research into this (I know, I work for one) yet you have the results already? Not to mention that the fact that vapers take the risk but enforce the outcome on others when they exhale. What about all the lung flora that exists in every person, bacteria, infections etc being diluted into a cloud of steam so it can be shared with others. Nice.

Tim Cook's answer to crashing iPhone sales: More iPhones


Multiple phones=multiple SIM=Multiple Phone numbers???

OK I know you can have more than one SIM but has Tim Cook forgotten that these are first and foremost telephones, complete with a phone number that is tied to a SIM that is supplied by a non-apple owned telco and as such having more than one is not an option for most people unless you want multiple contracts and different numbers per device. Sounds like a desperate statement to me which could be translated as "we have sold as many of these iThings as possible but I can continue to justify my salary and job if I can persuade the shareholders that people will buy redundant devices even though the whole idea is impractical, expensive and useless"

London's Met Police has missed the Windows XP escape deadline



Traffic cops seems to be getting new cars and mobile speed camera vans at a rate of knots as that's easy income and crime stats for plod, budgets for what really matters like officers on the beat or upgrading archaic internal systems seems to be ignored, funny that......

Amazon fires rocket up FAA for dithering on drone approval


Cheap drone parts, get 'em whilst they're hot!!

Won't people just nab these drones when they arrive? Order a 1.99 item and grab yourself a few hundred £££ worth of drone parts for free! I bet hundreds will go missing. Yes they will know it was at your address, but proving it was half inched by someone at that address is something else entirely. "I delivered my parcel then flew off officer, it was fine when it left...."

What! is! the! point! of! Yahoo?! To! sell! more! and! more! ads! says! CEO! Mayer!


Gotta say though, Marissa looks a damn sight better than Larry Page or Satya Nadella, El reg needs more news articles about her. With pictures.

BOFH: Is WHAT 'running slow'!? GOD


"When people say 'memory' when they mean 'disk'."

Does anyone else get really annoyed at the ads on tv talking about memory as a singular thing or is it just me? Things like laptops advertised "with a huge 8gig memory" - since when did memory become a single thing measured like this, 2 little missing letters - "of" would make all the difference, 8gig OF memory, !!!, Its not just grammar, it just shows the companies advertising the things have no idea what the subject actually is and compound it by propagating newbie language onto a new generation.

Its awful being pedantic......

'Occupy' affiliate claims Intel bakes SECRET 3G radio into vPro CPUs


Re: Antennae

You're nuts. Go see a doctor,or if you don't trust them, go upstairs and ask your Mom to help you.

Femtocells at tipping point: Don't want to become also-RANs

IT Angle

Back to the old days

Funny isnt it, we used to have wires that provided a phone service to our houses and offices, then we all went mobile and the phone line became more useful for internet access, first via modems, then broadband. We now find that mobile covereage isnt good enough to handle everything we need, so someone says, hang on, theres a wire going to those houses, how about we pump all this data down that and over the internet to get round the poor signal problem! And so we come back to our original setup of needing a wire to our houses to use a phone. Ok we can also send more than just voice down it now but fundamentally we have fallen back to 19th century technology to get round a 21st century technological shortfall.