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Greece ends extra hols for civil servants forced to use hated computers


Re: Turning up for work

That isn't actually a legal requirement for a company to pay leave loading, some larger companies and government departments do, but its not required.

Samsung rakes in record profits as HTC sales dive


My HTC Desire is without doubt the best phone i have ever owned. although it's a bit dated now by gadget standards. I'd probably buy a Galaxy S II if in the market for a new phone.

Alien city lights could be detected across interstellar space


I wouldn't call it arrogant, i would rather human for us to assume that other beings are like us.

Romanian NASA hacker fights 'inflated' damage assessment



He got off lightly with only a 240k fine. I cant stand these little hacker punks that think they were somehow justified in what they did.

I think the purpose of his actions was to show the world "Oh.. i'm ever so smart" look at what i can do.

I say a lengthy prison sentence and a cell with a roomate named Bubba is what he needs.


The US protesteth too much

The damages awarded to NASA obviously contain a punitive component as well as actual damages. It's a way of saying NO, it isn't OK to do this.

Winklevoss twins are back in Facebook's face


Would it have existed?

Just a couple of spoiled little rich boys that couldn't code their way out of a paper bag