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Snowden didn't scare many out of US clouds says Forrester


When evidence of the spooks wading thru their data becomes evident, the clouds are going to vanish faster than a f#rt in a thunderstorm. Will be a great day for server vendors, and consultants again when they are inundated with work rebuilding corporate server rooms. Just a matter of time... What I find most amusing, however, is how everyone has dashed madly ahead into the clouds. It is the fad de jure, and you're too old fashioned, and not yuppie enough if you don't follow the crowd. I can't wait to watch it all go over a cliff!

Festive post-pub noshtastic neckfiller: HEARTY HOG MAW


Corrrr...for us old codgers, ditch the maw, and let us eat Sian!!

Business is back, baby! Hasta la VISTA, Win 8... Oh, yeah, Windows 9


Re: Limited audience

But, Sir, it is as stated to those who are invited, and thus the point is valid. Your opinion in the estranged wilderness is unimportant to them, as is that of their real world users.

Bill Gates-backed SOLAR POO RAYGUN COMMODE unveiled


More cash than sense.

What happened to the good old longdrop? In lands where high tech folks, and funds to buy high tech stuff, aren't in abundance, I am sure there are still the odd chaps that remember how to dig a hole in the ground...

Blighty teen boffin builds nuclear reactor INSIDE CLASSROOM


Good old Blighty! In the USA he would be in jail for terrorism, whilst the NSA, FBI, CIA, etc, etc, would be waterboarding his parents, and digging up his grandparents graves looking for more dirt on him.

Dell charges £16 TO INSTALL FIREFOX on PCs – Mozilla is miffed


Re: RE: service charge

If you think Dell has some person personally sitting there installing Firefox on every machine where it's required, please post the number we can call to order the stuff you smoke before posting your comments. That is the dumbest post I have ever read.

Terrifying photo special: 'Electric Cannon' anal orgasmo-probe in use ... on a BULL


Sheesh - all that palava for such a small wad. The bar flies in New Zealand would not be impressed if that's all they got for their horse semen shots. I can just picture the scene - "Bruce, grab the jug and go be nice to Dobin again, the girls are thirsty!"


Vultures circle to feast on carcass of free remote desktop service LogMeIn


I don't think it is as much that the free is going away, but the way in which LogMeIn has pulled this switch. I remember when I set up a few PC's with it, I was promised free service until 2015. In my opinion, that was a contract. I don't really mind that they broke it, but the abrupt "F you" attitude theydisplayed is really unpleasant, and unnecessary. Would a month's notice, in a civil way, have broken their backs? I don't think so. At least we now know what their corporate attitude is, and I will steer very clear. With that kind of attitude, I would rather pay a bit more elsewhere.

Boeing bent over for new probe as 787 batteries vent fluid, start to MELT


Re: Nationalize it!

Wonderful idea to nationalize it - just like healthcare. Government, being the most efficient, streamlined, and innovative organization ever created, ought to give us a wonderfully expensive laugh on that one!

Microsoft to RIP THE SHEETS off Windows 9 aka 'Threshold' in April


Re: It's part of a bigger picture

A very interesting, and accurate observation. Thanks!


Re: Save billions on marketing

Microsoft TELLS you what you want. Were it not for their money in the bank, I would never have believed such arrogance could work over such a long period. Humanity never ceases to amaze me.

Thousands! of! Yahoo! Mail! users! driven! crazy! by! revamp!


They can't leave it alone, even if it works properly. If they did, they wouldn't have a job. This means we have to sit thru endless iterations of worsening rubbish.

Scientists to IPCC: Yes, solar quiet spells like the one now looming can mean Ice Ages


Re: Energy

Nobody wants to keep their zippers done up!

'Modern warming trend can't be found' in new climate study


Re: Temp data is "adjusted"

Very nice observation, Jim, and most likely dead on target.

Space truck Cygnus left idling outside ISS after data format snafu borks docking


ISS sent Cygnus a message saying they had BSD'd, and had to reboot...

Tesla tops $20bn as Elon Musk claims arm-wave design tech


One wonders how many more white flag designs are needed by the French...

Legal bible Groklaw pulls plug in wake of Lavabit shutdown, NSA firestorm


And so, the powers that be, eventually silenced all communications, and their control of the world was complete.

The world cannot complain. The world allowed it.

Euro fraud cops crush garlic tax evaders


With stupendous taxes like that on a silly thing like garlic, one can only shudder at the thought of taxes imposed upon important things like snails, white flags, and frogs legs! The exposure of this kind of draconian financial vampirism by the powers that be in the European Union cast light at long last upon why they are feverishly fermenting in this dreadful financial cesspool.

Kiwi gals swig shots of horse semen


Are they wankers...

My question is - who gets to jerk the horses off for the pub?!