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Unilever cutting tech bods, moving jobs to Bangalore: 800 face axe


Re: it's always necessary to boost ceo pay

It's 20x and it has been just introduced in France for state owned companies.

Red faces abound as boffins build gamma ray lens


Re: More than 20years ago

I remember 15 years ago you could buy russian made x-ray lenses quite cheaply too. But these are gamma rays and I cannot remember there was anything available back then (since I've left the field).

Ten... Satnavs to suit all budgets

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Re: Motorbike Satnavs?

just put under the windscreen (if the bike has full fairing) or in a transparent plastic bag. I've just done 2k+ miles without a problem (garmin nuvi 3790) under a miserable weather (three day under heavy rain!).

Galileo 'can deploy 24 satellites with existing funding'


5b only?

it looks like a bargan .. and it will generate quality jobs ... and they will make things ... people might found it useful ... and there's sombedy complaining about a cost overrun? Rescuing banks wasn't exactly a cost overrun and it has lost jobs, destroyed economies and it was a utterly gift to the already richer.