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Uh-oh! Kim Dotcom is back with a brand new Megaupload site


Re: seems reasonable

"Nice idea, but to put it into perspective, that's like a drug mule or afore-mentioned Al-Qaeda courier trying to avoid prosecution by not knowing what was in the briefcase. If you have reasonable suspicion to think that the bloke you are selling a firearm to is going to cap someone with it and they do, you bear a share of the blame in the eyes of the law. Which is kinda fair enough, when you think about it: Willful ignorance shouldn't be a carte blanche to engage in smuggling, or to aid and abet criminals."

Couriers... not a drug mule. A courier may carry certain items that are illegal but under their terms and conditions you are not allowed to do that. Similarly i would presume you are not allowed to host content on me.ga that is unlawful/copyrighted etc. However, just cos they provide a hosting service doesn't make the company unlawful or guilty of a crime. They provide a service just like a courier does. However, if you are willingly providing a service to known terrorists or drug barons then of course ignorance isn't going to save you.

Nationwide DOUBLES card payments in fresh banking gaffe


i disagree

Santander are the most useless bank in the world.

Im the world most notorious money launderer for having someone pay and £800 cheque into my account. 3 months down the line i finally got my account unlocked and access to my wages and the £800 that my friend gave me to build him a gaming computer.

i'd be a pretty shit money launderer on £800. I think the only reason it got unlocked because i decided to book meetings with the bank manager every lunch time for a month. if the meeting wasnt scheduled i walked in gave the cashier hell till they got her out. As you can imagine id had enough by this point, no one was helping me so i had to yell at someone with power to try get it sorted.

When finally unlocked "We can transfer all the money via bank transfer for you?" "No thanks last time you tried to handle my money i spent 3 months fighting you. Give me it in cash now and ill walk to halifax and pay it in."

incompetent is an understatement.

Can neighbours grab your sensitive package, asks Post Office


delivery companies are slippery though. We got a note through the door saying they had left it in the recycle bin.. Wouldnt usually be a problem but the rubbish was being done that day... Company i purchased from sent me another presumably they chased the delivery company for the loss though.

Watch out, Apple: HTC ruling could hurt your patent income


Someone with sense dealing with patents? Suddenly I find myself searching the sky for flying pigs..

Advertisers slam Microsoft over 'Do not track' decision


and yes i know this post is about do not track and not adverts directly but the money drop involved is all the same.


A lot of people have over looked the fact that online advertising actually helps maintain the internet. Yeah it might be a crappy model and not very well regulated but "do not track" is no where near a solution. Its just hiding the the issue. The money brought in from advertising helps company, charity, hobby and other websites to keep running. Without this inward money what do you think will happen?

I understand Microsoft might(yeah might..) be trying to do the right thing (for once). I for one dislike being track so i can understand why people would be happy about this. However, they should of considered many of the alternatives that have already been posted in the comments here. The move they have just taken directly harms the internet. Very stupid move Microsoft.

Lets watch the prices across the internet go up as MS release yet more crap on the world.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

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Enemy Territory

I used to play enemy territory. It was released free. A class based FPS and was absolutely brilliant. If youre used to TF2 its like that but without cartoon graphics. If anything TF2 copied the ideas from ET (but likely they got the idea from somewhere else).

RTCW, such a cool game :)

Apple blocking Dropbox SDK over in-app buying


Re: Anti-competitive?

"actually what is illegal: the warranty void after a simple software manipulation."

Depending on the stance taken, i also understand that as you own the device you are allowed to do whatever you like to it. Including take it apart, attach some leds and wings and fly it around the room like a UFO. Or in the iCrap case use it as toilet roll when desperate. Completely legal. So you might argue that jail breaking is someone doing what they like on a device that they own.


the way I have understood googles stance on in app purchases is: they want control over it to allow for a better user experience. Currently there are so many ways that people can make in app purchases that its horrendously disjointed. There have been parents complaining that their children are buying in app items and the parents didnt realise. yes, the parents should be doing a better job but with a standardised way for payment it would be easier to handle. As for the apple stance on things, i don't understand how you can stop someone going to a website and signing up. its a typical apple thing to do, block anything which might compete. With the currently cloud storage market heating up its just one way apple can abuse the companies that keep them alive.

Apple must have some of the smartest brains in the world working for them yet they can't see that the rest of the world looks at them like a little kid throwing a tantrum.

Virgin Media blames Activision for Call of Duty lag problems



with VM its the jitter which gets you its well known they are crappy for it. I thought it was my router and stuff. turns out it wasnt. and things only got worse when we upgraded to 50mb. then took us 2 months to downgrade and get our old equipment back. Its still not right but its livable.

Winklevoss twins drop Facebook settlement appeal


quit moaning its how IT works..

all moaning if zuckerburg had talent blah blah blah. Lets give you a history of the IT industry. Apple stole from xerox. Microsoft stole from apple. now zuckerburg stole from winklevoss. It how stuff works and always has done.

go learn some history..