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As H-dot Oettinger drafts Europe's new copyright laws – who's he been talking to?


Re: he's talking to the bad guys instead of creators :(

i never had any problems finding straw in a haystack

AUTOPILOT: Musk promises Tesla owners a HANDS-OFF hands-on


Re: We do these things not because they are easy...

The hard part is getting the government to let you do it!

Dread Pirate Roberts' first mate Peter Nash faces life behind bars


Re: The US justice system...

Is not a system of justice......

'Fry-OS 8' iPhone BLEW UP MY PANTS wails roasted Johnson


Apples response....

He was holding it wrong.....

FinFisher, the spyware loved by cruel dictators, stomps all over human rights, says UK govt


Pot Kettle Black........

Don't pay for the BBC? Then no Doctor Who for you, I'm afraid



They'll probably just stick it in with your council tax and you'll all have no choice. Unless you don't live in a house. Unless you're unemployable and then the government will pay it for you so you can sit around and watch telly all day.

Now Samsung's spying smart TVs insert ADS in YOUR OWN movies


Re: How long before Smart TVs

Or they refuse to work unless they are connected to the internet.....

Assange's cop chaperones have cost £10 MEEELLION to date


Looking on the bright side.......

Having him stuck in the Equadorean embassy does seem to be keeping him off our TV screens most of the time. :-)

Facebook worth more than Portugal? Hell, it's worth a LOT more than THAT


Is FB worth anything?

If FB was removed from the internet tomorrow would we be any worse off financially? I wouldn't be, and neither would the vast majority of people. So therefore it is worthless. Which we all knew anyway ;-)

Is is a Bird? Is it a Plane? NO! LOOK OUT it's an ASTEROID!


Re: Frikin' lasers

How are you going to get the sharks onto the asteroid?

‘Whatever happened to Vladimir Putin?’ and other crap New Year prophesies

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Thanks :-)

For an article containing:

1 Bollocks

1 Dickhead

1 Bastards

2 Fuckings

and a Cunt!

Most excellent and worthy use of expletives

Microsoft & Paypal link hands, turn round and slap Apple Pay


Re: Why can't all the players...


Oh I do like a good joke on a friday evening.

Nimble gives Mann severe kicking while he's down


Re: Just not cricket

Oh, but you've got to admit it would be more than a little entertaining watching them tear strips off each other from the sidelines. Wouldn't it?

Windows 7 MARKED for DEATH by Microsoft as of NOW


Re: What's with the numbering, guys?

They missed out windows NEIN!


Hawking and friends: Artificial Intelligence 'must do what we want it to do'


if we agree that there are such concepts as "Good AI" and "Bad AI" then there will be someone who decides that making a "Bad AI" is good for them and will do it. Telling them not to will not help, making it illegal will not help, punishing them for doing it will not help. It will happen because there are "Good people" and "Bad people".

Saudi Arabia to flog man 1,000 times for insulting religion on Facebook


The problem is that religion is ingrained in our society because our society is founded upon religion. However hard we try it is so deeply entwined in everything we do that even us atheists can't help it. Fucking Hell! There I go again and I don't believe in the place. And religions have been fighting each other for thousands of years because it isn't about religion, it is about tribal warfare. We have always been a tribal species fighting against other tribes for supremacy, religion is just the latest face on this conflict. Can we ever escape from this cycle?

4K off, Google Fiber: Comcast, Broadcom tout 2Gbps cable


Only problem is you'll hit your monthly data cap after a day ;-)

Égalité, Fraternité - Oui, peut-etre. Liberté? NON, French speedcam Facebookers told


My 2c

Clearly we don't speed because it saves time, as it doesn't significantly on most journeys. It's much more likely that we do it because it is fun, for 2 reasons:

1 you are being naughty and breaking the rules.

2 it's just so much more fun pushing your car to the limits (a little) ;-)

So the best way to stop us from speeding would be to make it illegal to sell cars that could exceed the speed limit. But they won't do that. Do we really need cars that will do 100+ mph? Do we want them?

Sardine fishing in Kerala: Who benefits from mobile phones?


Re: "Absolute" poverty

No, but we can make sure that the poor people all have 50 inch TVs, playstations and iPhones.

A Cambridge boffin told me YOU'RE A BIG, FAT LIAR


Polygraphs are good enough for Jeremy Kyle!

I'll get my coat, I'm leaving.......

SpaceX: CATS with FRIKKIN' LASERS to blast off to space station


Re: Hey, can I marry Elon next?

Looks like he got off lightly doesn't it?

Reg man confesses: I took my wife out to choose a laptop for Xmas. NOOOO


Look, it's quite simple!

Girls like jewelry, boys like tech. Buy her some shiny shiny and she'll love it.

Norks' internet goes TITSUP in possible DDoS attack


I was shocked to see

That the americans (allegedly) were removing all NORKS from the internet! I mean what are we meant to do for porn now?

Google's first stab at control-free ROBOT car rolls off the line

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I for one.....

Welcome our self-driving autonomous-johnny-cab overlords.

Imagine being driven back from the pub / that party intoxicated in the middle of the night without having to wait 2 hours for a taxi or risk being arrested or killing yourself driving home drunk.

Want to go on holiday but it's a 7 hour drive (yes I do this). Set the destination, go to sleep, be driven through the night when the roads are nice and empty arriving there in time for breakfast. Bliss.

Google Tax part 94: EU's H-dot wavers over copyright levy


Re: bluff

I wouldn't be so sure about that. Google are quite likely to stick to their guns to avoid setting a precedent that involves them paying for content!

Uber surge pricing kicks in during Sydney siege



Where is the option for "all of the above" in the poll? They all seem equally valid to me :-)

Hinge: An app that scours Facebook friends for dates banks $12m


Re: What happened to the website?

Good, so it's not just me that doesn't like the new look......

Hipsters snap up iPod Classics for $$$s after Apple kills rusty gadget


Re: hard drive players...

Wow! You have a stereo cat!

Govt spaffs £170k to develop the INTERNET OF SHEEP


The man is clearly madder than a bag of hamster on acid

Mom and daughter SUE Comcast for 'smuggling' public Wi-Fi hotspot into their home


I find BTWifi-with-FON annoying

When I get home my phone connects to that rather than my home network giving me a shit service until I remember and manually kick it over to the right network. I have never found it to be useful as it is *always* so pitifully slow to be unusable. What a complete waste of time! Grrrrrr.... Maybe I should sue them for wasting my time! aha!

Apple lawyers fight to silence dead Steve Jobs: 'No right' to hear him from beyond the grave


So each iPod user will be entitled to 17c as usual and the lawyers will get fat as usual.

Orion 'Mars' ship: Cosmic ray guard? Go. Parachutes? Go. Spacerock shield? Go!


Re: Hold!

Sink 'em!

Two driverless cars stuffed with passengers are ABOUT TO CRASH - who should take the hit?


On the other hand

You'll probably have to sign to say you accept full responsibility for the actions of your driverless car when you buy / rent / lease it. Therefore whatever happens will be your fault, even if you had no control over it.

The Pirate Bay co-founder exits jail, now, er, free to eat vegan food


Re: But..

I know, shocking isn't it!

Why Comrade Cameron went all Russell Brand on the UK’s mobile networks


Re: Not following you

People going overseas already have to pay a disproportionate roaming charge that they are not happy with.


Boffins who stare at goats: I do believe they’re shrinking


Re: There is a solution to this dillemma!

Or eat them!

MMMMMmmmmmmm goat curry.......

Down-under record: Australian gets $140k for pussy


Everything has it's price......

Greedy datagrabs, crap security will KILL the Internet of Thingies


I think you're all missing the point here

If you think we have a choice about this. They will create them and there will come a time when any fridge / washing machine / doorbell / catflap etc you buy will need to be connected to the internet to work correctly. Failure to do so will void the warranty and terms of use that you agreed to when you bought / rented it. Enjoy the future it's coming and nothing you can do will stop it.

Son of Hudl: Tesco flogs new Atom-powered 8.3-inch Android tablet



I wonder how many tescos vouchers I have accrued this year? I have the original HUDL (cost me 10 quid plus vouchers and a £20 off electrical items offer) this time last year and use it on the train, but the battery life is dreadful.

Big racks? Pah. Storage boffins have made a BIONIC BRAIN material


Re: As a word...

Only if you're not Russian

Apple blacklists tech journo following explicit BENDY iPhone vid


And in other news..........

The screen on the 6+ breaks if you drop it. Some sorry individual sat next to me the other day had the first broken iPhone 6+ I've seen A lovely spidery-web of cracks coming from the corner it had presumably landed on :-) And he'd gone to the trouble of putting a screen protector on it. Oh how I chuckled quietly to myself :-)

Canberra drone team dances a samba in Outback Challenge


No-one drinks that over there, you're more likely to end up with VB.........

equally bad however,

EE buys 58 Phones 4u stores for £2.5m after picking over carcass


Re: Decline of the High Street ...

A bit like the pound shop then?



In my house

The only good spider is a dead spider!

Giving your old Tesco Hudl to Auntie June? READ THIS FIRST


Can I patent this idea as it's on a mobile platform now?

Stalwart hatchback gets a plug-in: Volkswagen e-Golf


Re: Maybe not the whole car....

I *love* my heated windscreen :-) Turning the engine on and watching the ice melt in seconds is always a joy :-)

YES: Scotland declares independence ... from the dot co dot uk empire


Can we?

Build a big wall to keep them out if they leave the UK?

July 14, 2015. Tuesday. No more support for Windows Server 2003. Good luck


The problem is......

Not whether or not the software will continue to still run perfectly if you don't upgrade your servers to a supported OS, but, in many organisations, whether or not your compliance processes insist that all software is running on a manufacturer supported OS.

Dead letter office: ancient smallpox sample turns up in old US lab


Is it just me.....

But why do they need to confirm if it is viable smallpox? Surely the best thing to do with anything that says "Smallpox" on it would be to destroy it straight away!

Google Glass faces UK cinema ban: Heaven forbid someone films you crying in a rom-com


I enjoy going to the cinema

Our local cinema has a bargain Tuesday, each Tuesday all films are only £3.75. I take my own bags of sweeties in to munch on but do pay £3.05 for a drink, sneaking one of those in could be a bit awkward (perhaps I should try it) and mostly I have a good evening out for 2 for under a tenner. We have our favourite seats where there aren't any phone wielding twunts infront of us and have seen some excellent films. But I must admit paying full price to see a film does make my eyes water.