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Greener, cheaper, what's not to love about a secondhand smartphone?


Thanks Bex.

I'd like to thank my niece for giving me her ex-contract phones. There's another one coming at the end of the month.

Windows 10 users report app gremlins after Microsoft update


I imagine these irreplaceable, old PCs wouldn't be connected to the internet, will only have one function and so wouldn't need to be kept up-to-date with all the latest bells and whistles. They can be left alone to chug along until the hardware dies. A customer of mine still uses a Windows 95 PC to run their packing line because, as you say, the line software won't run on anything else. It'll keep going until the availability of spare parts runs out, not because of a software update killing it.

Google introduces phone-shaped housing for its AI tech



Will the non-removable battery last for seven years?

Have you ever suspected your colleague doesn't hope this email finds you well?*


Social Media

Finding a worker messing around on Twatter or Faceache when they should be doing something more productive.

Full disclosure: I am self-employed and work alone.

Sometimes I disappoint myself so much.

YouTube's 'Ad blockers not allowed' pop-up scares the bejesus out of netizens


Too Expensive

I'd happily pay for YouTube as I watch an awful lot of it. I don't have any traditional TV packages but I still have to pay for a TV license to watch BBC iPlayer etc.

£12 per month on top of that is too much for me. £5 and they've got a deal.

Microsoft's AI Bing also factually wrong, fabricated text during launch demo


Interesting Tom Scott Video

Tom used ChatGPT on a little coding project with interesting results...


Atos, UK government reach settlement on $1 billion Met Office supercomputer dispute


Re: Seriously

Farmers find it pretty helpful, especially around harvest time.

Aircraft operators find it quite useful to know when to use wing de-icers.

Armed forces think it is useful to be able to predict and use atmospheric lensing to fool the baddies into thinking gun fire is coming from a different direction.

Good weather forecasting is really quite useful.

NASA's InSight doomed as Mars dust coats solar panels


Big Fan

If only there was a little helicopter available to blow the dust off...

Microsoft fixes Point of Sale bug that delayed Windows 11 startup for 40 minutes


Re: P.O.S.

I worked for a company that repaired McDonald's tills and petrol pump printers and can say, with hand on heart, that you are not wrong.

Buying a USB adapter: Pennies. Knowing where to stick it: Priceless


Re: Seems ok

The client / friend agreed to the fee and shouldn't moan about it later.

50 lines of Bash to bring a Wordle fan out of their shell


@ Ben

It depends where you shove it.

Epoch-alypse now: BBC iPlayer flaunts 2038 cutoff date, gives infrastructure game away


Deluded Fools

I love how optimistic people are that we will actually get to 2038.

UK's newly merged Foreign Office puts £40m on table for hardware, software, services


I'll do it

Here's my business plan:

Take out a loan.

Donate to the Tory Party.

'Win' the contract.

Supply two Raspberry Pis.

Repay the loan.

Buy a chuffing big house in the country with the change.

Why two Raspberry Pis? Hey, I'm taking this contract seriously, right?

NHS Digital exposes hundreds of email addresses after BCC blunder copies in entire invite list to 'Let's talk cyber' event


Surely it can't be too difficult to come up with an email client that only has a bcc field to fill in.

Years of development, millions of lines of code, and Android can't even run a toilet


Add some sensors to track the stream of piss and use the data as a game controller - I don't know, maybe a Fireman Sam game?

The more you play, the harder it gets...

RIP Sir Clive Sinclair: British home computer trailblazer dies aged 81



His divorced wife has published a short obituary.

Dead ex, 81.

You can 'go your own way' over GDPR, says UK's new Information Commissioner


Re: the "United Kingdom is entitled to take Fleetwood Mac's advice and 'Go your Own Way'

That tweet is a bit of an Albatross around his neck. He says he's Never Going Back Again to his old ways, and is Mystified why it upset big tech.

Oh Well, he's A Man of the World and has seen enough Monday Mornings to know that a few Little Lies can lead to a Landslide victory.

No doubt he believes that he keeps the World Turning but I reckon he is Hypnotized by his own Dreams. Everywhere he goes, Storms follow, let's hope he breaks The Chain of incompetence that this government has brought forth.


Go Your Own Way

That tweet is a bit of an Albatross around his neck. He says he's Never Going Back Again to his old ways, and is Mystified why it upset big tech.

Oh Well, he's A Man of the World and has seen enough Monday Mornings to know that a few Little Lies can lead to a Landslide victory.

No doubt he believes that he keeps the World Turning but I reckon he is Hypnotized by his own Dreams. Everywhere he goes, Storms follow, let's hope he breaks The Chain of incompetence that this government has brought forth.

Boston Dynamics spends months training its Atlas robots to perform one minute of parkour almost perfectly



Bloopers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EezdinoG4mk

THX Onyx: A do-it-all DAC for the travelling audiophile


Wow! (and flutter)

Nice review. I must upgrade my Grundig TK35 with a USB C socket, I love 32 bit hiss.

11-year-old graduate announces plans to achieve immortality by 'replacing body parts with mechanical parts'


When I was 11...

...I was playing with Lego.

I'm 54 now and still playing with Lego.

Audacity users stick the knife – and fork – in to strip audio editor of unwanted features


Re: Audiance

How very dare you to take this seriously.

The server is down, money is not being made, and you want me to fix what?


I can't fix that.

Rather unrelated but amusing.

My boss, who was a very decent bloke, wandered into the workshop of the hospital I worked at and asked me "Do you fix TVs?" I said I'd have a look and so during a busy working day he took me back to his house. His TV was a massive old school CRT job that took both of us to lift into the back of his car to bring back to the workshop.

When we arrived, he opened the tail gate of his car and we watched as the TV, slowly and majestically, rolled over and fell screen first onto the tarmac. Amazingly, it didn't shatter everywhere and his only comment was "Do you think I'll be able to claim on my insurance?"

How we laughed...

Brit watchdog shows some teeth over McAfee antivirus auto-renewals


Pretty much the first thing I do when setting up a new computer for my clients is remove McAfee.

I have also lost count of the number of times laptops come in with McAfee and a second AV program running at the same time. As soon as McAfee asks for money, people download a freebie.

Leave.EU takes back control – and shifts its domain name to be inside the European Union


They are not eligible for .eu anyway

Section 3.2 of EURid's Terms and Conditions of use of a .eu domain name state:

"To use the Domain Name in such a way that does not violate any third-party rights, applicable laws, or regulations, including discrimination on the basis of race, language, sex, religion, or political view;"

Leave.eu is run by a bunch of racists and they broke laws regarding the running of their leave campaign.

Section 3.3 states:

"Not to use the Domain Name (i) in bad faith or (ii) for any unlawful purpose."

The site is full of lies and misrepresentations.

Section 4.3: "the Domain Name registration is made in good faith, for a lawful purpose, and does not infringe the rights of any third party;"

Section 4.4: "the Domain Name is not contrary to public policy or morality (e.g. is not obscene or offensive), and is not unlawful;"

Plenty of grounds for their domain name being revoked.

Samsung snafu grounds blue Galaxy S III


Re: I have invented the 'Jobsian Number'...

Holy shit, no way. That would require me to get off my fat arse and stop reading The Reg.


I have invented the 'Jobsian Number'...

This is a measure of the intelligence of forum posters.

You calculate it by looking at the first 20 comments and counting how many of them mention Apple, their products or Steve Jobs etc. Both praising and slagging off are counted but please note: Jobsian Numbers can only be applied to NON Apple related articles.

I have limited the count to the first 20 as I don't have the patience to read any more comments when they are littered by people thinking they are being funny / controversial / edgy / trolls.

This article has a Jobsian Number of 3. I don't know how it compares with other stories but have a feeling that it is on the low side.

And yes, I had a bad nights sleep and feel very grumpy.

Woz warns that patent palaver will stifle startups


Naive and wishful thinking....

Here's an idea: All the companies should donate their existing patents to a holding company. All the donors then get to use those patents in their own devices for a very small fee per patent per device. All profits of the holding company go to charity or medical research etc.

When a company comes up with something new, they can use it exclusively for 12 months before it gets put into the pool. If a company infringes on the new idea before it is in the pool, the price they have to pay for any patent goes up permanently.

Small start-ups will be able to afford the low patent fees to get into the markets and will have a 12 month head start on new ideas they introduce.

Companies will be forced to innovate so that their products can be differentiated from all the similar ones created as a result of all others sharing the existing patents.

Smoked by Android: Microsoft coughs up free laptop


Listen to you lot...

...all talking about Windows Phones. I guess the ad campaign worked then.

Bristol boffins bring qubit computing a tiny step closer


Did. Not. Understand. A. Word.

As above.

Web czar: 'Drag your nan online'


A Waste of Time

Just leave it a few years - they'll be dead soon.

Steve Jobs' last words: 'OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.'


Mrs Beeton's last words:

I think I'm nearly done now....

Spanish unfurl Benny 16 banana bog roll


Shit on it - then throw it

That is all.

Mink coat thief conceals booty down knickers


Cave Rescue

An officer did a cavity search but hasn't been seen since.